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When I need clarity and a sense of peace surrounding tough decisions to be made or decisions others have made that leave me feeling helpless, I turn to Nancy.
With utmost respect and a command for astrology and as a clear channel, she provides gentle messages and direction that I might not otherwise be privy to.
I cannot say enough about Nancy's help and guidance, but I will say I refer to her as " the intuitive's intuitive."
Caroline Zani 

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I will continue sharing you and your amazing work !!!!

Blessings,Love & Graditude,

Cynthia B.


"Thank you so much as you are such a blessing". Tricia O.


"Tom was my psychic and he used a personal item to connect and did Tarot as well. Although a believer, I was skeptical at first. It started off a little odd, but then there were things I was so shocked to hear. You know you have a good psychic when they tell you the emotions you suppress the most. I was really impressed, and would definitely go see Tom again".
Audrey C.
Melrose, MA