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Planet Flash week of 10/26/2020

By Nancy Foley

I feel like its midday and time for the soap operas; you know as the world turns or the days of our life! Sure seems like we have some checking in to do with our personal feelings, partnerships, and current tastes or values for most of this week.

Monday 10/26/2020

The image for today is the lookout. We are riding the emotional waters throughout the week while attempting to discern where we are heading next. The moon is currently in Pisces so we may be drawn toward something on a subtle level over the next several days. Assumptions could have us muddled or confused until the fog burns off with the Aries moon on Wednesday.

Tuesday 10/27/2020

Today Moon and Neptune join up around 5:40 AM; this is the second to last time they will meet up while Neptune is retrograde this year. Neptune turns direct on 11/28/20. So before it does we have these two more chances to tap into our hidden dreams or illusion; today and again on 11/23. What do you dream about these days? It might be worth trying to write down your impressions for future consideration.

In the evening Mercury retrogrades back to Libra at 9:33 PM while Venus moves forward into Libra at 9:41 PM. Great conversations might help balance out our lives in the days and weeks ahead. Favorable reviews or positive connections could help us get our lives and relationships back on track. We are accepting what guidance or support comes our way a bit more comfortably now.

Wednesday 10/28/2020

Maybe it’s the moon shifting into Aries today, around 4:45 AM, or the turning of the tides but whatever is causing it some contention surrounds us now. It seems like some folks are invested in bucking the popular opinion and taking things on themselves at this time. What happened to that harmonious vibe from yesterday? Don’t worry it will come back around after the full moon on Saturday.

Thursday 10/29/2020

Moon and Mars meet up around 2:33 PM. This might be the time where frustration or anger takes hold. We increasingly feel the need to get things done now but things are just taking too long to reach completion. Where have you grown impatient with progress? Perhaps there is some insight or guidance that can appear if you reflect on the pathway to progress via the steps required to get you there. There could seem to be a lot of red tape that is inconsequential and driven by bureaucracy. Where can you really go it alone or do your own thing; the reality might be very few places!

Friday 10/30/2020

The Aries moon challenges big government or big business today. Seems the little guy is trying to find his way around the obstacle or roadblocks but with no clear pathway to get there it might be it’s all for naught. Our best hope is that when the moon and Mercury oppose each other (12:12 PM) we can find some guidance and support to deal with the problems at hand. It’s time to negotiate or talk it out if at all possible today.

Moon shifts into Taurus around 5:19 PM bringing us a step closer to tomorrow’s full moon (and blue moon). The last time we had a full moon on Halloween was 1944. That was a difficult time for trick or treaters as candles, paper, and fabrics were going to the war effort not costumes. Ironically masks were hard to come by at that time!

Saturday 10/31/2020

The full moon is exact at 10:49 AM at 8-9 degrees Taurus. While this moon is ruled by Venus (now in Libra) it’s getting a lot of pressure from Uranus which is right next to it. In fact, Moon and Uranus are in conjunction at 10:55 AM. So what has been hidden around our material needs or resources resurfaces now in shocking or unexpected ways. Expect themes from the Taurus new moon of 4/22/2020 to reemerge as well.

The fears around our “lively hood” could cause some temporary panic; life is surely serving up its own tricks and treats this weekend. I am concerned there could be an uprising this weekend which takes things into a place of panic or fear due to the increased need for security or safety that Taurus craves. A certain jealousy or possessiveness could be triggered as everyone fears losing what they have been holding to or building up over the past several years.

Sun and Uranus oppose each other at 11:53 AM time to see where spirit has power over the material world. We can only hold on to something for so long before it drags us back down or keeps us in a rut that isn’t really comfortable or beneficial for long term growth.

 We are preparing for the expansion phase of life that comes in December. If we can’t step away from the tried and true we will have a difficult adjustment period in the Solar Eclipse energy of Sagittarius (12/14/20). Sagittarius reminds us we don’t like our spirit broken nor to be fenced in. We will want to kick up our heels before giving into some kind of “taming cycle” ahead.   

Sunday 11/1/2020

We have an extra hour added to our day as the time changes back to standard time for many. Time may feel a bit hard to adjust to as Mercury and Saturn square off around 2:06 PM. What standards we have set in our work life or even our relationships might be tested now. Mercury goes direct on 11/3 (Election Day) so what comes across our radar or our desks might be dealt with at that time not so much today.  

We have a lot of important decisions to make and a lot to process. Let’s not be too hasty in determining outcomes or settling negotiations. It feels like one more critical piece of information could still be heading our way.

Pay attention to what you are seeing around you and take notes. Pressure and temperatures will be building in the first few weeks of November as Jupiter and Pluto (power grab) energy increases while they prepare to meet up for the third time on 11/12 and Mars goes direct on 11/13. Who or what is directing the charge will be clearer at that time. Don’t get swept up in something that is a deliberate trap set to take you down or undermine your efforts. There is another way even it takes a bit of determined effort and cool headedness to find it!

Put a pin in 11/3/2020 around our current president. Something public and life defining might be coming his way. Remember warm hearts and cool minds will prevail over cold hearts and hot heads in the long term. That which has been overblown eventually meets its limits and gets puts back in the proper perspective and put in its proper space; the pendulum always swings back when its swung too far in either direction.

Our contact number is 781-447-3993. If you are feeling swept up in this energy this is a great time to have a reading or cast your chart to see how things will play out.

Planet Flash week of 10/19/2020

By Nancy Foley

The guides say we should start the week looking up the term “braggadocios” something we might need to define or redefine in the week ahead. The term stands for boastful or arrogant behavior. So where and how would that apply at this time? Perhaps as the fundamentals truths parade themselves in front of us and we seek to bring some kind of order to the chaos around us we might eliminate the braggadocios rhetoric that’s been standing guard.

The key now is looking at what fuels bravery vs. bravado; as this period has us facing our deepest pain and greatest longing. How will we reclaim our power through this pivotal time in life? This isn’t just about an election now it’s about where we feel empowered or left vulnerable because of outside as well as inside circumstances.

We know the way, my guides say, but it doesn’t come from any place other than your own inner spirit. The divine resides within you and it’s there you will find the tools you seek. As we learn to summon power rather than grab power we come to see the programming we need is there, already there, just waiting to be acknowledged. The messaging to be heard is as old as time and contained within the Universal laws or precepts that help carry us along.

Monday 10/19/2020

Moon arrives in Sagittarius around 12:43 AM; optimism returns over the next several days. During the early morning Mars squares up with Jupiter reminding us what we have to work with and how to further our ambitions; a step at a time. In some ways we see where “to give it the gas requires the necessity of a good set of brakes”.

Venus and Mars are at cross purposes around 3:03 AM causing us to see where failure or insecurity can cut us off at the knees (if we let it). We only hobble around for a short bit though as Venus and Jupiter take us back on a positive course around 3:35 AM. Perhaps we feel that it’s time to consider our part in creating opportunity for self and others now.

Today as we reflect upon our part or contribution in the partnerships around us we see how the equation determines the outcome. Equitability comes from adjusting to all factors and not just one variable or determinate factor. The power we create in our lives comes from being factored into the equation; not cut out!

Mercury and Uranus stand at opposition around 10:53 PM. Seeing a better way might require tipping somethings in the opposition direction or completely upside down. A new perspective helps clear the cobwebs away.

Tuesday 10/20/2020

The moon challenges our faith and desires today so be prepared to ask yourself what it is you really believe about these two subjects. The South Node at 22 Sagittarius asks us to transition from one set of beliefs to another as we meet with unfamiliar or perhaps shocking experiences. We may find that we suffer a loss of faith in something or someone we believed in strongly but have now outgrown. Consider the disheartening moment when a childhood myth’s truth came to light; it could be that kind of time again.

 As we stand apart from past illusions or prior judgments perhaps we can adjust to what really brings encouragement in our life. The North Node sits close to two fixed stars El Nath and Phact which bring some positive energy into the equation. The Sabian symbol around this energy suggests that “the ambitious mass protests of aroused and largely blind desires should be transmuted through harmonization with natural drives and in terms of spontaneous responses attuned to the phases of natural evolution”. *excerpt from An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar.

So it appears that to find our truth we must release old illusions and in some way step apart from the crowd as the first quarter moon on Friday requires us to. Find more on that below.

Wednesday 10/21/2020

Moon shifts into Capricorn at 2:44 AM. Now our beliefs will be organized or codified in some way. Whose got the master plan and how do they propose to us it in order to gain control?

Around 5:42 PM Venus and Pluto help to create a linkage between our values and power structures. At this time we may find a way to manifest an outcome to a situation that has left us feeling impoverished or lacking. The haves vs. the have nots need to work together if they can.

Thursday 10/22/2020

There is a change in the air that signals we are at a transition point. The transitional point for today comes when the Sun changes signs at 7:30 PM. The intensity grows as the unseen forces call to us during the time of Scorpio (10/23-11/21); the period where we confront the reality of death and the promise of rebirth in the spring.

For most of today we attempt to cling to what we have control or certainty over even if it feels unfulfilling at times. We keep saying it’s better than the unknown….but is it? Take it away and what do you have? Hmmm perhaps tomorrow’s first quarter moon can reveal the answer.

Friday 10/23/2020

I am shown the image of a cauldron simmering today. First the moon changes signs around 8:17 AM to Aquarius causing us to stand back and observe our deeper feelings. Then it squares off with the Sun around 9:23 AM.

The challenge to be free and face the release of our own will to something greater than self is daunting. Yet in order to move ahead we must see that something must be sacrificed or transformed in ourselves. Will it be our values or our goals for the future? How will we integrate our freedom with the powerful forces around us that seem to control what lies ahead? It’s a week from now that we will see our way through the maze. Today we just see that our path ahead is challenged by the unforeseeable future combined with our will to survive. Only by envisioning our future can we get beyond today!

Saturday 10/24/2020

Today Mercury retrogrades back to the place it held on 10/1/20. Will this bring the October surprise? It should bring some additional insight or hidden information on things that took place back then.

The Moon squares Uranus quite early around 1:02 AM. Expect some kind of impulse to break free from old financial issues or traditional values. What matters now mattered much differently just two years ago. We may be asked to “summon some of our forces” to move past an issue long held but currently lacking in value.

Venus and Saturn harmonize around 11:41 AM reminding us of what is worth holding on to. Self-love and commitment come from understanding the impression we make and others make on this world. Our essence and the impact we have on others is truly our way of measuring our time on earth. Those who are long remembered contribute to our personal and collective history through triumph or tragedy.

Now is the time to reposition ourselves in the grounding of certain standards or relevant relationships that don’t cost our truth. This is how we can rekindle our flame and reset our lives for the month ahead (and beyond).  

Sunday 10/25/2020

We have arrived at the half way point of the Mercury retrograde (interior conjunction) at 2:23 PM. In many ways this retrograde has been rekindling the flames of our pain and the issues that result when we can’t communicate well because of it. On 4/15/2020 we were asked to speak about our pain, so we could confront it directly and heal from it. Were you successful in doing so at that time? If not, now is the time to put a name to the pain and deal with it so you find your way back to the community that surrounds you. We all need to be heard and listened to but with our own pain denied we tend to blame others and shift the conversation to suit our needs.

Perhaps now is the time to find your own words and use them for your benefit (and the benefit of all). To be free we must BE and to really BE we must know who we ARE separate and apart from outside influences. Only then can we come together once again.

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     Planet Flash week of 10/12/2020

By Nancy Foley


This week I am shown the image of the head of a family beginning to take their “ship” into deeper waters. On each side is someone who is helping to keep the boat balanced while this is all taking place. The New Moon in Libra is all about balance in our relationships while the Capricorn trio of planets (Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn) are all about who is in charge. In many ways this week will reveal who is “in step” and who is “out of line” as we indeed push off into deeper waters.

Monday 10/12/2020

The disenfranchised and those who offer them assistance or support will be a theme starting now and throughout the week ahead. Jupiter and Neptune are in a cooperative aspect that wants to improve conditions for those who are suffering or falling through the social safety net. This aspect is quite early in the morning, around 3:06 AM, but will certainly be felt throughout the day.

There could also be talk of corruption within social programs or concerns around funding that makes the news. It seems that some things have been glossed over up till now but something or someone decides today is the day for the big reveal. As I was working on this paragraph I heard “the fix is in” and though I don’t know yet what that means I feel it will be made clear when Mercury (retrograde) meets up with Uranus on 11/17/20….so stay tuned!

Speaking of Mercury, it will go retrograde on Tuesday so the important last aspect it makes today is something worth noting. Around 12:39 PM Mercury and Venus shake hands or join up to bring something valuable to our lives. I see the image of heavy doors opening and interpret this as some closed door session bringing positive results.

Tuesday 10/13/2020

As I begin to write this day’s message I am shown the image of a tailor taking a final measure of his work. It turns out there is a miscalculation and some alterations might have to take place to achieve the right look or right fit. There could be a problem with yesterday’s positive results that will require some reworking over the next 10 days.

The moon moves into precise and particular Virgo around 12:56 PM. This will help us in whatever alterations are required at this time. We may find that complaining starts the process but results will be forthcoming once we know what’s misaligned.

Sun and Mars oppose each other around 7:26 PM the blame game could begin especially when it comes to who holds the purse strings in the relationship. Fiscal responsibility and budgetary concerns are the issues that create the battle zone around us.  I would say it’s important to pay attention to who gets heated up as the day develops because they are the ones who see money as the measure of their own self-worth! Good time to remember that you have more to work with on a creative level than just what is around you now. Try developing your talents or resources rather than depending on another for support and show others how to do the same. Have you forgotten all that you have in your tool kit? We are walking the fine line between self-reliance and social support today.

Mercury goes retrograde at 9:05 PM for the next three weeks (10/13-11/2) taking us back over the ground covered from 9/24 through today. It is quite possible that we will rethink some financial or relationship issues that were around us in 2018 when Venus was retrograde in Libra and Scorpio (like Mercury is now). The Venus retrograde period was 10/5/18-11/17/18.

Wednesday 10/14/2020

Today the moon holds court with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. There could be some important adjustments to our current government or corporate policies as the public opinions weigh in. I hear “battle cry” but I would expect it’s more complaining or criticism of certain situations that get the ear or eye of those in charge. The night before at 10:55 Moon and Venus weighed in on a situation that caused a gut reaction on our part but it took a day for something to be changed. Something unhealthy needs to be addressed and altered for our wellbeing.

Thursday 10/15/2020

The moon is in Libra as of 1:54 AM and just a day away from the New Moon! At this point it’s best to hold off on new partnerships or making decisions as nothing is all that clear right now. Finding balance and letting others do the same is key to your peace of mind today.

Though this might be easier said than done as Sun and Pluto square up around 6:15 AM bringing a clash of wills. Relationships could reach a boiling point as things intensify leaving little room for compromise. It might be easier to just take a step back and allow each other some room or a cooling off point before proceeding ahead. Since we are in the dark of the moon at this time nothing much will come of this exchange it’s most likely just about blowing off steam. Take note if you press too hard today things could break down or push you off track so tread lightly if you can.

Friday 10/16/2020

Today’s New Moon is at 3:30 PM at 23-24 degrees Libra. It is joining forces with the fixed star Spica. I heard the grudge match is over and it does feel like a more beneficial pattern can be set in our relationships at this time. Spica is a good star energy that brings connection rather than contention with Venus and Mars energy. It is said to bestow riches, remove scarcity or mischief and rules emerald, sage, trefoil, periwinkle, mug wort, and mandrake.

I see this energy as a wonderful segue to the upcoming Lunar and Solar eclipses of November and December.  During this period we can begin to learn new things from our partnerships and step back from old judgments or prejudices. We can surround the “captain of the ship” knowing that his or her journey is our journey as well; we are all in this together.

The Sabian symbol for this energy is Distinctiveness; that thing that sets us apart from others and gives us our own special quality or value. So even though we are all in this together each of us brings a little something different to the situation or cause. The way to embrace our difference is by not rejecting what doesn’t measure up to others standards of perfection or the “norm” but seeing the unique quality we alone can bring.

With Venus ruling this new moon we have some challenges around how we approach our talents or assets around 10/19/2020. We also have challenges around our outlook on life (critic vs. idealist) and the demands our partners make on our values, assets, and time.  You could easily be overworked and underappreciated by others around you. So ask yourself what’s worth it and worthwhile in any partnership involvement; not just the ones around you now but the ones where changes or challenges came up summer to fall of 2018.

Consider for a moment how you spent your money then and who or what were you spending it on? What relationships were being supported or supporting you? Who or what were you depending on to help you navigate your life; captain your ship.

Saturday 10/17/2020

The moon moves into Scorpio around 1:05 AM; now we are heading into those deeper waters. Moon joins with Mercury retrograde and things begin to emerge from the depths. Secrets may be revealed or toxic situations may cause further harm.

Moon and Uranus oppose each other bringing a shift in the tide. We can feel what pulls us together and what pulls apart on a very deep level. Attempting to get power over another’s assets or values may bring an uncertain future. The time has come to consider once again where our vulnerabilities, wounds, or passions get the upper hand in our relationships due to things from the past.

Sunday 10/18/2020

Today Sun and Saturn square off around 9:58 AM. This is a challenge to our own inner security and personal boundaries. They must find a way to balance their combined energies to bring justice and fairness to society. Yet who decides what’s just and fair? That’s what Monday 10/19 is all about as Mars squares Jupiter around 1:38 AM! How we pursue justice is the challenge for this time and some part of that decision will be weighed in on today even before that time as the transiting North Node meets up with the US Mars at 21 Gemini 22. This could be a time where the nation pushes forward to leave old judgments behind as the collective shifts to a new way of seeing their relationships with various members of the community. How we think and talk about each other matters now.

Consider this week how mutual support brings greater rewards. It not only allows us friendly neighbors and allies it also gives us room to go ahead in the dark waters without fear of the unknown or unseen. I would like to say United States, you’ve got this….let’s hope I am right!!!

Our contact phone number is 781-447-3993. So please call or text us there to set your next appointment. All the best to you….Nancy and Tom. 

Planet Flash week of 10/5/2020

By Nancy Foley

We move forward this week knowing that power granted to us is uncertain or conditional at best. Now that Pluto is direct once again we see that situations around us from 4/25/20 till now have reached a final conclusion. There is no going back to the past and what we once thought could never happen most likely has, as destiny takes hold once again.

It seems to me the old fable about the grasshopper and ant has bearing on us all at this week. The tension between idleness and industriousness over the past several months now seeks a balance of some sort. This is the time where we must be realistic and see where ignoring a certain reality doesn’t make it go away; we must take control of our own lives or personal circumstances as we anticipate the future.

Pluto at 23 Capricorn demands that we stand up for our beliefs and not allow those who are reckless to trample over our rights. The braggart or fool that perpetuates rumors or false truths serves no one but himself. Those who are resourceful and are willing to do something useful wield the true power at this time. It really does come down to adding to the problem or finding a solution!

 Monday 10/05/2020

The pied piper energy that began around the Solar Eclipse of 3/9/2016 is now beginning to dissolve. As Neptune reached this point on 3/22/20 and again today we are shown a new hope rather than one that is false or self-defeating. Salvation comes from within and there is no messiah who can save or heal us; we must do this for ourselves by taking care of our bodies, mind, and spirit.

Moon in Taurus today reminds of us own values and worth as it harmonizes with the COVID trio (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) which are now all direct once again. Time to invest our energy into getting this virus under control best we can. Perhaps with our masks on we can learn to shut our mouths and open our eyes to the situation around us!

Tuesday 10/6/2020

Moon shifts to Gemini around 12:03 am bringing our need to talk things out or sweep them under the rug in full focus. Just because it’s been voiced out loud doesn’t mean it’s true; time to do some personal fact checking around things that matter.

Wednesday 10/7/2020

Mercury and Uranus create some static in our relationships today around 4:55 PM. No one wants to “go there” but yet we must. The question is which approach will be used? Is it going to be a passive aggressive type of exchange or will we finally confront and reveal the secrets that others hoped would stay hidden for a while longer? With Mars still retrograde perhaps the approach is shifting finally letting the “cat out of the bag” so to speak.

Thursday 10/8/2020

Moon moves into Cancer around 11:45 AM. Our moods can undergo great changes over the next several days especially as we head toward the last quarter moon in Cancer tomorrow. What feels familiar may be comforting but also set us up against accepting the reality of where things are now.

Pluto, now direct, keeps directing us ahead and away from what is no longer sustainable at this time. We have outgrown our old sense of certainty or constructs as we watched systems fail or structures break down in the spring and summer and yes, now the fall. This allows us to see what is really broken and in needs repair or replacement if we want to prosper in the future.

Friday 10/9/2020

In some way we have all been waiting for this day to arrive as Mars and Pluto square off around 9:09 AM. This is the second round of a three round title match. The first time they met up was 8/13/2020 and the last time they will meet up is 12/23/2020 for this particular challenge.

In one corner we have the individual interests (Mars in Aries) and in the other the institutions, corporations, and government (Pluto in Capricorn). Those things that are too big to fail are challenging the individuals who are being left behind or find they are too insignificant to matter (or so it seems). The irony is the institutions are manned by individuals so how does any of this really make sense?

 Aren’t we a government by the people, for the people, of the people? Perhaps….perhaps not; Abe Lincoln seemed to think this shouldn’t perish from earth back when he made this statement at Gettysburg. Do you?

How we see our role in the situation might be a key to the answer. Do we see ourselves as investors or consumers; i.e. how much do we put into the institutions around us and how much do we take out? If we don’t have a personal stake in them what can we claim as ours? The biggest issue on our collective plates at this time has to do with who we are holding responsible for our support. Is a self-made person even a thing anymore or do we expect to be taken care of by the powers that be?

Much of the emphasis over this past year has had to do with governmental control and personal responsibility. Some would say our freedoms were taken away when the quarantine came. Some would say our freedoms were taken away after that when a policy of divide and conquer over took wearing a mask to keep each other safe.

Well folks, it doesn’t matter now what you say BUT rather what you do as we head into the fall and winter of 2020. We are all in this together and as the last quarter moon arrives around 8:40 PM we are reminded that living in isolation is too high a price to pay for our freedom. We are being reminded that united we stand divided we fall.

Isn’t interesting that in the last big crisis period of 2001 we all pulled together but in this crisis we seem to be collectively pulling apart? Perhaps the division we feel now came from political shifts created at the midpoint between one decade and another? Perhaps it’s time to consider who or what stands to lose the most if we come back from the divide! I will give you a clue it’s not the people.

Saturday 10/10/ 2020

Venus and Uranus harmonize around 7:08 PM bringing new excitement to our current standards. We have found a way to get things to pay off that once just offered promise. We can see enhanced potential in our work, health or service; the things that matter most to us now.

Moon shifts to Leo around 8:24 PM we are drawn to our tribe at this time. We are encouraged and supported by those who see our creative or dramatic attributes. Sharing the love and trusting those by our side we are ready to change the world or at least our little corner of the world for now.

Sunday 10/11/2020

Sun and Jupiter square off around 9:34 AM. This is the time where we consider who is there to support us and where we are better off supporting ourselves. If we are leaning too heavily on something outside of ourselves (like a title or ambition) it will be hard to maintain our balance in the days and weeks ahead. This year we will find true rewards come from personal accountability or self-control while still maintaining good partnerships and important commitments.

Sun and Neptune challenge each other around 11:31 AM. Are we losing steam at this point in our lives? This could be a time where we must reunite with our inner spirit before going ahead. Issues around hope or faith could have us feeling a little lost or confused for a time. This could be the low energy point for the year as our “fallen idols” are paraded in front of us in some way.

Moon squares off with both Uranus and Jupiter today causing us to question our values and our ambitions. We most likely will find that happiness is hard to maintain but eventually returns as Jupiter and Neptune combine efforts to support our ideals around 3:06 AM on the 12th.

I feel as we end the week some followers may feel the loss of leadership but could also be awakening from the enchantment that blinded them from the truth. Something feels to be no longer the same for any of us at this time as we head towards the harsh realities of life. Don’t despair we are ready for this and we will be found stronger and more resilient than we were last spring. We are committed to doing the hard work that guarantees us more freedom in the future!

All the best to you! We are doing phone readings and very limited in person readings at this time. Please call or text us at 781-447-3993 to set your appointment with Tom, Nancy or both of us.