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Planet Flash week of 4/6/2020

By Nancy Foley


For the first 9 months of our gestation period we breathe in water. At the moment of our birth we breathe in air. The planetary influences that link to breath and breathing are Mercury and the sign of Gemini. Lung troubles correlate with these influences as well. So is it surprising that this year 2020 Mercury got “hung up” in Pisces and an epidemic that affects the lungs and our ability to breathe came to light?

Mercury spent about two months in the water sign of Pisces (2/3-3/4 and 3/16-4/11). The New moon which began on 3/24/2020 had both Mercury and Neptune in the first house profiling this energy in some way. The new moon was supposed to be about the resurrection and the light but with so many planets in earth (5) everything got held back and tamped down. In fact only one planet was in the air element (Saturn).

Technology was needed to help many people breathe and relate to others in their world. Worlds like ventilator and respirator both became part of our everyday vernacular. Technology like Zoom and other online communication platforms took the lead in keeping us all together. Both Uranus and Aquarius relate to advances in science and technology!

It’s important to note that the air (element) is returning to our lives in a greater degree as the Saturn in Aquarius (3/21) is joined by Mars in Aquarius (3/30) and last week Venus in Gemini (4/3-8/7). Things will begin to circulate once again and we will be able to take a next breath a bit easier in the weeks to come. Two very hopeful dates are 4/7 and 4/11 this week as Mercury still in Pisces has positive interactions with both Pluto (virus) and Jupiter (congestion) and then later in the week moves into a fire sign (Aries).

I do believe things are heading toward a peak at this time. I also feel that with all of the energies around us we are moving into a significant shift where new ground will be broken from 4/26/20-7/4/20 and again from 9/28/20-4/18/21. When Uranus moves into the 9 degree energy of Taurus (during that time) we will find some opportunities to heal the physical body as well as the earth plane. Don’t ever think this virus wasn’t showing us lessons about the healing of the earth as well as those who dwell upon it. The earth vibration has shifted during this time, the pollution was less for a time, and native animals came back to the quiet places in urban or suburban areas reminding us that it is because of us they have had to seek refuge in other parts.     

Mars the ruler of Aries is about to make an important final phase to its 2 year transit with Uranus. Mars and Uranus joined forces on 2/13/19 at 29 degrees Aries 13 minutes heralding a time where new and exciting possibilities were projected to come our way. During the past year or so we’ve been shown where our competitive urges or impulses can bring unseen or unexpected consequences over time. Sometimes going it alone can be a good thing and sometimes we need to have something to show for our effort that anchors us to this earth.  Uranus took leave of the sign of Aries on 3/16/19 and though we make look back to that time it will not. Uranus is about what needs to change for the future and help us to break away from the past. At times we resent the intrusion until we understand the benefit that awaits us when we are ready to open to what is ahead. Uranus in Taurus wants us to make things stand for something worthwhile and stable; the Universe awakens to the master builder.

After Mars and Uranus joined up in February they crossed paths again on 7/11/19 in the signs of Leo (Mars) and Taurus (Uranus) here energy was contentious and caused difficulties around who got the better stuff. Leo likes dominance while Taurus likes the predictable or the sure thing. Issues around environmental concerns were part of this energy but also other things like what goodies we have to work with or even call our own. It represented the struggle between intrinsic value and perceived value in the world at large!

On 11/24/19 Mars and Uranus, now in Scorpio and Taurus respectively, faced off at the fulfillment curve of this cycle. Uranus was retrograde at the time (3 degrees 32 minutes). It had hit this degree once before on 5/10/19 and would hit this point again on 2/27/2020!!! So the opposition phase on 11/24 had implications for all, before and after that time. What was this energy about? Secrets coming to light and scary noises in the background that needed to be listened to. Always remember that Pluto (virus) is the ruler of Scorpio (secrets and hidden mysteries). On 11/17/19 Hubei province in China reported a case of what is now called COVID-19 in a 55 year old individual according to the South Morning China Post.

Now fast forward to this week and Mars squares up with Uranus for the last time until they meet again on 1/21/2021. I suspect at that time we won’t have all the answers around this current crisis but will by January of 2021. For now Mars and Uranus, in the last quarter phase of a two year cycle, will only point us in the right direction. We are beginning to see where the path ahead is forever altered and the only way to get there requires being awake and aware.

Pent up frustrations will go somewhere over the next day or two so prepare for something unexpected to transpire over the next 48 hours. Uranus will take the lead on this one since Mars is in Aquarius (the sign Uranus rules). We may see a rebellious energy come from the most low key people; the ones we would never expect to do that sort of thing as they abhor disruptions in the force field.

This week:

Monday 4/6/20 moon has been in the healing energy of Virgo over the past several days. Many of us have been learning to make do with what we have. In the morning hours moon has been opposing both Neptune and Mercury bringing a feeling of improvement to whatever has us feeling lost or disappointed. We are more likely to try to fix problems at this time even if we aren’t sure what direction to take. Do something rather than nothing is a motivating force!

We move into a more productive energy a bit later in the morning when moon flows toward both Pluto and Jupiter. We are looking to solve problems and expand outreach at this time.

Around 5:16 PM moon shifts into Libra and we look to find a certain balance or inner harmony in our life. During the evening the moon will move into harmonious influences with both Saturn and Venus. These three air planets might just be our saving grace. They are getting us to move off certain topics and subjects on to the things that really matter at this time. Teamwork is the call to action at this time.

Tuesday 4/7/20 today we are reminded what we do for one we do for all. There is no I in team they say and it becomes clear as we head towards the full moon that we all need someone to be on our side. Mars and Uranus square off today around 3:27 PM challenging us to strike out on our own against who or what challenges our sense of peace or order. This is a day where crisis overrides certainty and we look to the golden rule for some kind of guidance or support. If we can’t be a helping hand or lending hand to others what good are we to ourselves? Those who have opted to ignore or avoid the consequences of their actions might be shown the door. We have learned some lessons since early 2019 and the social order has changed. Me first is been overplayed and it’s time to see where being gracious has its benefits as we address life on its terms.

Wednesday 4/8/20 today mars and Chiron agree to take things on. We will have to tough it out for a day or two but the healing is about to begin. We are faced with an enormity of circumstances that has all standing in place waiting for the tide to recede. It’s a better, now than then, kind of attitude that surrounds us.

Moon shifts to Scorpio around 4:17 PM heightening not only our sense of vulnerability but also our personal power. We begin to feel a force from within that wants to transcend the darker energies that have been around us.

Thursday 4/9/20 we stand in silence and wait to hear the all clear siren that offers solace at the end. I feel like there could be some good news around 4-6 PM on this day. I also feel a rapid escalation in addressing a situation comes as a result.

Friday 4/10/20 Venus and Uranus find a little spark of connection around 2:48 AM. These two planets are in neighboring signs (Taurus and Gemini) so they have a bit of energy to share with each other as friends. Venus wants Uranus to see new value and a variety of choices in any connections to be made.

Moon shifts into Sagittarius around 4:35 PM which helps Sun in Aries get things going once again. We may find that a certain initiative is drawing interest and support for almost everyone now. Somebody really did know best and they are willing to share their information with others from tomorrow and onward.

Saturday 4/11/20 I hear you may not be right but you may not be wrong. Ideas come easily now as Mercury shifts into Aries around 12:48 AM. Mercury will be in this sign from (4/11-4/27) and help us all clear our lungs. The water we have “breathing” for so long through Mercury now shifts into a new elemental influence. Mercury will be able to navigate through the situation with the help of Saturn tonight at 7:58 PM. We start to feel a surge of excitement for fresh starts or new beginnings that can be actualized in the time ahead.

Sunday 4/12/20 the moon moves to Capricorn around 8:05 PM. Any lack of cooperation that took place earlier in the month is now brought back into focus. We start to establish new guidelines to bring order and security back into our lives. Do you have a grasp on what will come next with any sense of certainty? If not now is the time to rough out an outline and make a to-do list for when the world opens back up again.

On this Easter day we are all beginning to understand what death and resurrection mean on an individual and collective basis. We are all in this together and what we do for or against one another impacts us all. Perhaps in the face of death we have all been given a new reason to live.

Blessings to you! We are open for readings and just a phone call away 781-447-3993

Planet Flash week of 3/30/2020

By Nancy Foley

This week we are all being pushed to the dividing line and then over the edge we go. What do I mean by this? Over the past several years, while Saturn was in Capricorn, we were all seeking boundaries or perhaps just confronted by the line that divides; the capitalist from the socialist, the government from the people, the pragmatist from the idealist, the white collar from the blue collar; and the have’s vs. the have nots. These are the titles and labels we put on ourselves or others that helps us measure our progress and sense of personal worth or gain.

 It’s a new day and a time where for some everything is falling apart while for others everything is falling into place. Our ability to entertain new options and see new potentials during a time of crisis determines where we go from here. It’s interesting because in times of crisis a new leader emerges for it seems that whoever takes us into a crisis is rarely the one who gets us through the crisis. It’s very simple really for the thinking that creates the problem can’t see beyond; the problem has swallowed them up and they are in reactive mode. Solution mode requires objectivity over reaction and the ability to see beyond what’s happening now. The futurist is required when Aquarius energy takes hold as it is doing now in both Saturn (for the next several months) and Mars (in the next several weeks).

I keep hearing the song Turn the Page by Bob Seger, a song that talks about isolation and adoration. You have to be willing to be yourself even when at times it makes you feel like you are being roughed up by the life you have chosen to live. A visionary can’t let ego get in his way he has to be wiling at times to be on the fringe and live on that very edge of the dividing line. He has to realize he can’t go back to the way things were but only to go ahead to the promise of a brighter or better future. Though it isn’t there yet and many can’t see it, it’s there, believe me it’s there. I see on my desk a quote that speaks to the underlying pulse of this time. The quote by Alana Fairchild states, “your power comes from aligning your outward self with your inner truth, not with the general consensus”. Ironically the energy of Aquarius which alludes to group support and group speak is being told to calm the heck down. You’ve got to listen to your conscience and the Universal voice that guides us in times like this.

Now I hear the song Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty playing on the turntable in my mind. The lyrics are timely and powerful. Baker Street"

Winding your way down on Baker Street
Light in your head and dead on your feet
Well, another crazy day
You'll drink the night away
And forget about everything
This city desert makes you feel so cold
It's got so many people, but it's got no soul
And it's taken you so long
To find out you were wrong
When you thought it held everything

You used to think that it was so easy
You used to say that it was so easy
But you're trying, you're trying now
Another year and then you'd be happy
Just one more year and then you'd be happy
But you're crying, you're crying now

Way down the street there's a light in his place
He opens the door, he's got that look on his face
And he asks you where you've been
You tell him who you've seen
And you talk about anything
He's got this dream about buying some land
He's gonna give up the booze and the one-night stands
And then he'll settle down
In some quiet little town
And forget about everything

But you know he'll always keep moving
You know he's never gonna stop moving
'Cause he's rolling, he's the rolling stone
And when you wake up, it's a new morning
The sun is shining, it's a new morning
And you're going, you're going home



What does this song have to do with now you might ask? I feel this is all about the reality of Aquarius and the need to be psychologically free; free to roam, free to dream, and most importantly free to wake up in a new day or new tomorrow. If we give into depression and the pull to keep things status quo we will be buried in the rubble from the structures that are being torn down under the weight of reality.

If we agree to cross the divide, acknowledge we are all in this together we have a chance to move beyond the crisis and close up the divide. There are too many of us on this planet to think we can go it alone or climb the ladder to the top without owing anything to others.  

It strikes me as so prescient that speakers for the cause; ecology, social parity, human rights, scientists have been speaking to those who not only wouldn’t listen but failed to act and only now are having their messages understood. It’s hard to be a happy visionary when the writing is already on the wall. They were the first wave of Uranus in Taurus (5/16/18-11/6/18). Greta Thunberg who has both Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius was trying to wake us up. Her and her generation is here to help us cross the divide and they will in the next several years as Saturn and Jupiter set a new focus by year’s end (12/21/2020). For now we must see that truth tellers and visionaries can’t be ignored for they ARE the voice of the future.  As we head towards the Easter period that speaks of both resurrection and the light of the world perhaps it’s time to consider that a savior comes in many forms  to deliver many messages because most people don’t get it the first time around.

  The coronavirus has many lessons to teach us but the one I would focus on now and the week ahead is living in perpetual isolation is no way to live. As the first quarter moon arrives on Wednesday 4/1/2020 we are reminded that we need community, room to move about, and the ability to share air with others without fear of death or contamination.

The pollution that we have talked about for so long is about to take some hits with government rollbacks as our attention is drawn to this virus. If we don’t see how everything is part of the matrix we won’t be any better after the virus than we are now. Saturn in Aquarius says that the only way to be free is to come up with new solutions to our current problems. We can’t stay safe psychologically or emotionally by walling ourselves off.

I remember when people were building bomb shelters back in the 50’s and 60’s. There was a family I knew who actually built one at their house. This was during the period of 1962-1964, another Saturn in Aquarius period! It occurred to me even though I was young, that it wasn’t going to make much sense because eventually those folks would have to come out of the shelter and deal with the aftermath they were sheltering from.  

There is a wonderful poem that is entitled No Man Is An Island by John Dunne. Here it is for your reading and reflection:

No man is an island,

Entire of itself;

Every man is a piece of the continent, 

A part of the main.

If a clod be washed away by the sea,

Europe is the less,

As well as if a promontory were:

As well as if a manor of thy friend's

Or of thine own were.

Any man's death diminishes me,

Because I am involved in mankind.

And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;

It tolls for thee.


Please let us head his warning and guidance written back in a time before our country was even established.

The week ahead:

Monday 3/30/2020. The energy is highly charged today as Mars moves into Aquarius around 3:43 PM. The call for freedom is felt as well as heard. Moon in Gemini today wants to get the message out. We want to be heard and feel that we can change the circumstances around us. Mars in Aquarius will be put under the microscope tomorrow but for today it’s more like the cattle prod that is shocking us to move forward or fall inline. All week tensions rise and fall as Mars moves into a square (challenge energy) with Uranus. The energy will be exact on 4/7/2020, until that time we will be asked what price we put on our freedom. Is saving a life worth it, is giving a life worth it, how do we realistically overcome these limitations that nature has put in our place?

Tuesday 3/31/2020 we run head on into the roadblocks that keep us held in place as Saturn and Mars meet up around 2:31 PM. We need to structure our release from the prison of our own making. It’s time to strategize and invent new options to solve the crisis around us. This is a time where theories need to work and experimental testing may pay off.

Moon is in Cancer from 7:43 AM today through 2:26 PM on 4/2/2020. This is a time where the public is very involved in whatever is happening around us. I get an image of people feel gated in looking to open the gates through shear frustration or an underlying sense of oppression. Be careful as to what energies you incite today because they could take on a life of their own. I am being shown an old flashback of a WHO concert in Cincinnati 12/3/1979. Eleven people died that day trying to break down the door. Let us not repeat that mistake as we try to extricate ourselves from the current  situation. By the way it’s not lost on me that WHO is also the acronym for the World Health Organization so I expect this has some linkage to the coronavirus testing or the rush to get ahead of this virus.

Wednesday 4/1/2020 we are in the energy of the first quarter moon in Cancer (12 Cancer 09) at 6:21 AM. I hear it’s “right on time”, making me feel that we need to have some insights around what direction we are heading next.  My guides put the song Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues by Danny O’Keefe on the mental turntable.

Here are the lyrics for you reflection and guidance.

Everybody's goin' away
Said they're movin' to LA
There's not a soul I know around
Everybody's leavin' town

Some caught a freight, some caught a plane
Find the sunshine, leave the rain
They said this town's a waste of time
I guess they're right, it's wastin' mine

Some gotta win, some gotta lose
Good time Charlie's got the blues
Good time Charlie's got the blues

Ya know my heart keeps tellin' me
"You're not a kid at thirty-three"
"Ya play around, ya lose your wife"
"Ya play too long, you lose your life"

I got my pills to ease the pain
Can't find a thing to ease the rain
I'd love to try and settle down
But everybody's leavin' town

Some gotta win, some gotta lose
Good time Charlie's got the blues
Good time Charlie's got the blues
Good time Charlie's got the blues

I feel with the first quarter moon we have to learn how to be good losers and now is the time to understand what we have gained and what we have lost over the past week or two.  Did we sell out in some way because we forgot how to make it on our own? Did we forget that we each have something to offer that has nothing to do with good times but rather about service in the times of sacrifice? Today and all week through we are being asked to actualize our potential in service to others. Find the hidden promise you have within and realize you wouldn’t be here now if you didn’t have something worthwhile to contribute.

Today we are being tasked with creating a new memory that will carry us forward and perhaps be part of our legacy in time. We are in a period of upheaval and revaluation not for what was but for what will be when this trial is over. Do not let this period pit us against each other but drive us forward based on our (individually and collectively) soul path.

Thursday 4/2/2020 moon will get us to reflect on Jupiter (lesson from the experience) and Pluto (power structure) while in Cancer. Then at 2:26 PM the moon will shift into Leo opposing both Saturn (isolation) and Mars (catharsis). We look for a new direction either by innovation or running for the doors.

Friday 4/3/2020 Venus moves into Gemini around 1:10 PM. It will be out of bounds till the end of the month though. Expect to find resources or relationships outside your normal circles. I hear “United Nations” and feel this energy could bring connections from all corners of the earth; I am shown the image of the Native American medicine wheel at this time. 

Mercury and Neptune join up around 9:15 PM. If ever there was a time to invoke prayer now is the time. Someone working on the virus could be given an answer through the divine. We are carried along by hope and inspiration or misguided by confusion or despair; as always the choice is ours.

Saturday 4/4/2020 a major aspect between Jupiter and Pluto is set in motion around 10:45 PM. This can be a period where things go too far and someone looks to grab power and control.  When Jupiter and Pluto join up every 12 years or so like in 2007 we look for too much of what we perceive to be as a good thing. Back then both planets were in Sagittarius and we had a financial crisis waiting in the wings once Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008.

So what will it be this time? I suspect it will take a few more years until Pluto changes signs for us to see the full picture (3/23/2023). For now we could be looking at corporate or political power brokers setting up in their various arenas as the “titans” battle it out for dominance and control. Power expansion could heighten security measures or create new rules. Don’t give your power away too quickly now because it’s not likely you get it back anytime soon. In some way we all have a date with destiny on 4/4, 6/30, and 11/12 this year!

 The Sabian symbol for our “first date” this evening is “consignment”.  This perhaps confusing term is referring to our true “market value” while operating under current conditions. What we are experiencing helps us to develop competency and find our true grit. Most importantly do not comprise your integrity just to get by or sell-out. I hear “fist full of dollars” and feel like we have to look at real worth and intrinsic value rather than immediate gratification.

Earlier in the day we may get a quick heads up on this matter as Venus and Saturn align around 1:09 PM. We have to establish our value based on the current reality and also the future ahead. With the moon arriving in Virgo around 5:18 PM we may find practical matters draw us back to current problems to be solved. We may assess our most critical needs at this time and look at ways to improve our life or others in our care. We are not quite living in the future yet so we must be here now!!!

Sunday 4/5/2020 moon and Uranus align quite early in the morning at 2:06 AM. We have the opportunity to evaluate our current state of affairs and come up with unique solutions. We may find some kind of medical breakthrough is moving from the trial stage to a practical application. We have advanced a step forward toward a realistic solution to a healing crisis. The implementation or the cost structure involved will be up for some kind of announcement on Monday.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Be well and know that we are all in this together. You are encouraged to either call or text us at 781-447-3993 to schedule a reading with either of us or both!

Planet Flash Week of 3/23/2020

By Nancy Foley

Much has been written by astrologers regarding the Saturn Pluto conjunction which occurred on January 12, 2020. This initiation phase of a 36 year cycle took place at 22 Capricorn 45 minutes and held certain significance for each person regardless of where it was in their chart. For most of us it got us looking at where our relationship patterns were changing (ending a dependency cycle) and where we now had to focus on our ethics and integrity in business and/or personal commitments; what we are willing to sign up for and take on the responsibility.  Some people may have felt a need to tighten their belts while others may have looked to climb the ladder or establish themselves in their professional or personal lives. Whatever direction we undertook at that time will be evaluated and perhaps challenged in the upcoming Aries New Moon this Tuesday at 5:28 AM.

I think one big question might be what does playing by the rules get you in life, at this time? We are currently in the midst of a crisis that shows multiple system issues and perhaps even a breakdown, which of course Saturn and Pluto (together) have been emphasizing for the past several months. The Sabian symbol for their meet up was 23 Capricorn “Good Conduct”. It refers to a sober outlook that produces tangible results in a time of crisis. We are encouraged to honor commitments and defend principles rather than boast and act with reckless disregard of the obvious. This degree of Capricorn is related to the idea of social order, chain of command, and the individual self.  

It is another opportunity to look at how dependent and independent alliances are created. Last year Pluto was at this exact degree on 3/15, 6/6, and this year on 1/12/20. Did you find yourself needing to restructure or reestablish important connections during the June period last year? If so, are you aware of where your resources or allies have been shifted as a result? Who took up the slack or stepped up to manage the situation; who or what made a difference in your life at that time?

A system breaking down, under the weight of mismanagement or corruption or strained resources, was also part of the eye opening reveal over the past several months. Sometimes things fall apart when we rely too heavily on others or our self to accomplish the big stuff or even the little stuff. Did your reach exceed your capacity to honor your commitments or defend your principles? If so, limits will be tested and projections made based on what is about to implode or explode as a result of the pressures being brought to bear on us now.  I hear the words critical mass and get this as two things; the obvious meaning and a pun relating to the power of prayer.

There is another Pluto that we must also consider beyond the one in our chart or the transiting planet. This Pluto is our country’s which is determined by the date of 7/4/1776. Our nation’s Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn at 27 degrees 33 minutes. This means all the heavy Capricorn energy from Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto is bringing back the nation’s karma! We have already experienced a Mars and Pluto conjunction (we have one of those every 2 years). The next one will be this Friday 3/27/20!

We are experiencing a Jupiter US Pluto conjunction on 4/4/20 ( 12 year cycle) and we just recently experienced a Saturn US Pluto conjunction on 2/23/20 (first time in 28.5 years). All of these conjunctions have been experienced before if you are older than thirty. The one conjunction unique to us is a Pluto return which is set to occur on 2/22/2022. Pluto returns tend to excavate things from the past so they can be transformed into a new form or function; a time to confront our destiny. There will be no going back to the past once we move past our Pluto return. What’s most interesting about any Pluto transit is typically about 18 months before its exact something significant transpires giving us a preview of coming attractions. This year on 8/22/2020 will be that time; a date with destiny.  So mark your date book and pay attention to what is happening around you and our country during that period.

 Many younger people have been referring to this period as comparable to the movie The Purge. I would say that are on to something as Pluto energy does like to purge what stands in our way of spiritual growth and merging with a higher energy pattern. We must address the problem before we can bring a new resolution and move ahead.

The week ahead:

Monday 3/23/2020 we are in the dark of the moon phase with moon shifting from Pisces to Aries tonight at 8:58 PM. It’s a lay your burdens down kind of day even though we are feeling a certain pressure to get things done.

Mars and Pluto are conjunct at 1:21 PM. This could be the day where the pressure is more than we could bear and things could either implode or explode. I hear someone saying “how much moxie has you got”? It’s going to take some self-control to get you through this day as challenges are meant to be confronted.

The Sun is squaring up with the North node in Cancer and the South node in Capricorn creating what we call a moon wobble. This is kind of like a retrograde period where things are off kilter and out of whack. Along with the Sun squaring the Nodes Chiron the wounded healer is as well. We really have to consider what’s in our self- interest but also in the national interest of support and personal initiatives.

Looking back I see that where the nodes are now (by sign and degree) is also where they were during 911. So it’s interesting that we are once again in a national crisis of great proportions. As then like now we didn’t see it coming. Our heroes are coming from a slightly different place this time as the first responders at present are the doctors and scientists; the people at the front lines. What is also interesting, as it was then, is who rises up to take on the role of leadership and community support. In times of crisis heroes are born; a man or woman of the times.

As the moon remains in Pisces it has an uplifting and supportive effect on all the Capricorn energy around us. I keep seeing a lift carrying us up rather than bringing us down. May your Spirit lead the way!

 Tuesday 3/24/2020 the New Moon in Aries arrives at 5:28 AM and though it may take the next four weeks to see our way out of this crisis we will start to make strides. As the panic begins to abate a sense of self determinism arises and our better self takes hold. We begin to get a handle on this strange period if only to know that certain things are still there. Small rituals or habits may start to determine our lives once again like exercising, or walking our dog, or making meals or getting the mail. What might be of interest, will be the new rituals or routines that evolve during this period as the old patterns lose some significance. With the new moon in Aries energy has to GO somewhere. We won’t want to waste time or energy dwelling on the past.

Its full speed ahead my friends even it takes a few weeks to get there.  Around 7:44 PM we have a bit of a shock or inspiration that helps us to factor what we have for available resources and opportunities; seed capitol if you will. This capitol is coming from our own source, our creative nature and ability to compete or get ahead when times are uncertain. We can make a new path for ourselves if we are willing to think outside the box.

Wednesday 3/25/2020 the guides are singing to me. Their song is One Toke Over the Line by Brewer and Shipley. Lyrics include: “Waiting for the train that goes home, sweet Mary/ Hoping that the train is on time. Sitting downtown in a railway station/One toke over the line

Who do you love, I hope it's me/I've been changing, as you can plainly see

I felt the joy and I learned about the pain/That my momma said
If I should choose to make a part of me/Would surely strike me dead”

I had to do some research on this but in doing so found out this is a song about pot (toke) and excess. The energy of today has moon squaring up with both Jupiter at 8:43 PM and Pluto at 11:03 PM.  I suspect the subject of excess and the effects from it could be part of today’s energy. We may see where once you go down a certain path it’s hard to get back home (our deeper nature). Everything in my being suggests we are being asked to take our self seriously and put our energy in a good place.


Thursday 3/26/2020 Moon in Taurus around 9:37 AM has us slowing down a bit and taking time to look at what is around us. We go from trying to figure out who we are to what we want over the next couple of days.   Before then Moon will square Mars very early in the morning (around 3:16) an impulsive or reactive pattern could create tension at that time.

After that, around 10:15 AM, it will have its first challenging aspect with Saturn (now in Aquarius). We will be looking at where we do or don’t have support for our talents or resources in the days ahead.  This could trigger further layoffs or a time table for unemployment or other bailout programs. We really want to know how we can materialize or fund our future goals or visions. I suspect cooperatives or guilds or communal support could be part of the basis for growth.

Around 7:29 PM the moon meets up with Uranus perhaps bringing surprising or progressive information or answers to our prior observations. We are tasked with making a crisis work for us and not against us. Scientific research could pay off or get additional funding as well.


Friday 3/27/2020 Today Mars joins up with the US Pluto. It takes the personal experience on Monday and makes it more national. We may also find that what was taking place around 2/23/2020 now hits home. We could be looking at what direction those in power are taking or taking us towards. We could be looking at things breaking down under the pressure but also openings that could be leading to breakthroughs. What was previously being held down or held back may be released now. I see this as a possible time where we could cut through red tape!


Saturday 3/28/2020 most of the day moon will still be in Taurus. We have some very positive aspects throughout the day and into the evening. Perhaps we are feeling less pressure or turmoil. Very early in the morning around 12:24 AM Venus and Jupiter bring good wishes, good will, and small gifts or favors.

Around 10:20 AM moon and Venus join up bringing a sense of wellbeing and a time to enjoy or treasure what’s right here at home.

The moon will move to Gemini around 9:38 PM creating some variety and change into our lives. We may begin to contemplate and question our next steps. Then around 10:57 PM Venus and Pluto begin to influence our deeper desires to get comfortable and happy; we want to satisfy our lusts and fulfill the desire for a good life. With the moon and Sun in Air though we may talk about what keeps us in the game or has us wanting to cash in our chips to start over. Perhaps now is not the time to make those changes but it sure could be the time to plan those changes. I see someone using word tiles to form new thoughts or initiates. They keep changing the order until they get it right.


The influence of Taurus in the US chart is all about creating worth and value. Perhaps in the current crisis those ideals have taken on a new meaning as we realize what we own ultimately comes to define our lives and own us as well. It reminds me of the Neale Donald Walsh writings in Conversations with God. “We are not are hat, we are not are car, we are not….well you fill in the blank!   


Sunday 3/29/2020 I hear the guides saying to all “make up your minds….oh there you go again”. Feels like we are caught in our own maze or trap today especially late in the evening when the Gemini Moon squares up with Mercury in Pisces.  This is important moon phase will help us assess what the prior Mercury cycle was about as Mercury moves into the same degree on Monday that it was back on 2/16/2020 when it went retrograde. We aren’t out of the woods yet they tell me, something could be coming back around. There is some kind of proposal (governmental) that could be up for grabs but we might want to think about it before agreeing. Seems to me it could limit our rights or affect us in a way that brings short term gains only.

Something to be aware of now is Jupiter and Pluto currently positioning to join forces on 4/4/20. The signature of this aspect is a grab for power or extremist behavior as a result of social inequality. We can’t jump on a quick fix without knowing all its ramifications later on. We are asked to face a harsh reality and understand the consequences of our decisions; to man up (so to speak).


We can’t expect someone else to do our bidding for us so spend some time researching any bail outs or proposals that might come your way before the options are off the table.  Vulnerabilities and assets might be looked at differently as a result of the prior Mercury retrograde. The retrograde took us back to a time where suffering brought saviors. During the President’s day period we all had a chance to watch the three part series on Washington on the history channel. There was a reason that appeared when it did! 

Well that’s it for the week ahead. 

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