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 Week of 4/21/19

By Nancy Foley 


As I take my place in front of the computer to begin this week’s missive an image presents itself. I see a woman running through a darkened stone cathedral with her hands raised upward. The room is cast in shadow but there is some light from the Gothic windows. Everything looks gray. She feels like she is alarmed but moving towards something rather than running away as she moves into the cathedral not out the door. I thought this might actually be a card from the Symbolon Deck but I couldn’t find one that matches the image. It also felt to me that it could somehow relate to the fire last week in Paris yet it felt more pervasive than specific to one current event.

The image feels to be giving us some connection to our guiding principles and where we meet our deeper selves in some kind of existential crisis this week. Knowing that Pluto is preparing to go retrograde on Wednesday the 24th this is a foreshadowing of what the next several days can bring. What exactly will that be? I suspect it will be a time where we decompress and retreat from the discord or cacophony brought by the outer world.

This week we may look for solace or comfort as we consider where we have been led astray by the trappings of the outer world. There does seem to be many messages coming through about corruption and moral compass at this time.

 Certainly we have the Mueller report to read and react to but we also have our own calling to consider over the next six months. The Pluto retrograde is a great time to go deep within and see how our personal structure is doing. Do we have a place of rot or decay issue or we all solid and up to code? Whose code you may ask? Why our own I would answer.  The moral code we live by is a great determining factor in our character building experiences brought through plutonian moments of our times.

Last night I had a chance to watch The Experimenter the story of Stanley Milgram. The cover states…”illusion sets the stage, deception reveals the truth”. Without giving the story away may I say its chilling based on what it reveals about group think and the human psyche; a movie to be watched in today’s social climate especially as it relates to the agentic state. The experiments he conducted during the 60’s were his way of  attempting to understand the horrific events of Nazi Germany as it centered on the individual will and obedience to a higher authority.

So as we enter this week’s energy field we may find ourselves questioning what we would do or have done when presented with misuses of authority. Where or when have we felt so powerless that we have gone along with something or someone that has wounded our spirit in some way? Perhaps the woman I saw at this beginning of this week’s flash has the answer for us all.

Sunday 4/21/19 moon enters Sagittarius around 11:01 AM our need to be right and knowledgeable is around us. We may take worship or be of good faith as we connect with our spiritual beliefs during this religious celebration. In some way we can all be resurrected at this time provided we follow our own inner spirit.

During the day we may experience some challenge to our own sense of values. Take time to consider what this means to you now. Do you define your life by how you measure up to other’s standards or your own?

Monday 4/22/19 both Venus and Sun weigh in on what holds meaning for us now. Perhaps we come to see that we have been holding on to for so long is actually weighing us down. Remember when we are weighed down it’s more difficult to rise to the occasion. Today’s message is all about the journey ahead and where opportunity is awaiting us. We all have a chance for something bigger or better but we may be trapped by illusion or mislead by deception; only the truth can set you free!

Tuesday 4/23/19 it’s time to allow inner spirit to guide you now. The world seems to be daunting and filled with unscrupulous characters who only desire is to better themselves. All is not lost though if you remember who you are and why you are here. So today focus on what is within and travel by your moral compass. This might be easier once moon shifts to Capricorn around 5:52PM. We may have to balance between our ambitions and our feelings as we recalibrate this evening. The past may serve as a reminder where the need for comfort is connected to the need for security.

Wednesday 4/24/19 I hear clear the decks. I see someone clearing everything off their desk as the authority looks for a new plan of action or to wipe the slate clean. Now who is the authority in this image? Is it you or someone else?

These questions may be posing many different answers over the next six months as Pluto stations retrograde today around 1:47 PM. It will stay in the retrograde energy until 10/3/19. Remember that the day before and after a retrograde are usually very connected to the retrograde theme.

Thursday 4/25/19 we may try to seize control as we experience some kind of inner rumblings or stirrings from within. The irony is the kind of control we are seeking has more to do with our inner security than our outer security. The thing we fear the most now is happening from our sense of powerlessness and perhaps loss of purpose. Keep reminding yourself if it matters to you it matters don’t talk yourself out of what you are feeling.

Friday 4/26/19 the moon moves into Aquarius around 4:29 AM and I am hearing it’s about time. I feel like the detachment from our feelings is critical at this time. Perhaps we can let go of some fear or remorsefulness as we consider our decisions from the past. Hey it’s always up to us to do better but usually we are doing the best we can. The harsh critic can be detrimental when it cuts too deep and damages our self-esteem.

The last quarter moon arrives at 5:20 PM. If we are not finding value in our dreams of the future perhaps it’s time to consider what’s the next step ahead. Have we been holding on to some kind of blueprint that is no longer worth our time or efforts? Do we have the support for this next step? We are reminded we can’t do it all alone.

Saturday 4/27/19 I see the director’s clapper board and hear “cut”. Today may be the time to take a break from the action. New diversions or interests may take you off your schedule but could also bring some interesting new insights or ideas. Just watch out for getting led astray but someone’s false hopes or empty promises. This is the day where the edit or reshoot might be necessary to keep the continuity; remember all is well that ends well.

Sunday 4/28/19 moon enters Pisces around 5:12PM bringing a sense of peace and rest to the beginning of the day. Strangely enough I am hearing the song “ Oh Holy Night” playing now. Why this Christmas song now you ask? I am not quite sure but looking at the lyrics the following jumps out at me: “truly he taught us to love one another, his law is love and his gospel is peace. Chains he shall break for the slave is our brother and in his name all oppression shall cease”.

On that note I leave you with great hopes for the future and better building blocks to make your path safe.

Happy Easter and Passover and Earth Day to you,

Nancy and Tom



  Week of 4/14/19

By Nancy Foley


This week as I begin to write I am presented with the image of a contestant from the studio audience being called down to the stage. Is this a reference to being singled out and called for the Price is Right; most likely. I think both Mercury and Venus while in Pisces would love to see this fantasy play out with opportunities for great abundance and happiness that is until Mercury moves out of Pisces into Aries on the 17th then the view changes.

4/14/19 Sunday we start the day with an upbeat outlook and a sense of possibility. Perhaps that is why we agree to buckle down and get things done at least until the early evening. Too much of a good thing begins to take a turn for impatient or impulsive output around 5:07 PM. That might be the time to pack away your tools and focus on your own internal version of Price Is Right. What is the REAL value or price of the experience you are living at this time?  Do your current perceptions synch up with the facts as they are shown to you? This is turning out to be a good night to look at your hidden desires and deeper motivations.

4/15/19 Monday moon moves into practical and prudent Virgo around 5:15 AM. Over the next couple of days work and health issues may surface. Pay attention to your gut reactions during this time.

We may be struggling with an over indulgent energy this evening. Self-indulgent and self-righteous energy squares up around 6:16 PM. Self-control is tested or challenged at this time as we discover what is good for one may not be good for all. What we have come to see as becoming too much in our lives can now be edited or altered.

4/16/19 Tuesday the Virgo moon is seeking to improve your life at this time. It might seem like a day where problems bring important answers. We may look to rein what has been over expanding during the past several months.

4/17/19 Wednesday Mercury shifts to Aries around 1:01 AM. Our point of view is less nebulous and more immediate at this time. Getting to the point and realizing our goals leaves us with little patience but increasing amounts of spirited energy. If we butt heads with other so be it, debate isn’t our forte at this time.

Moon shifts to Libra around 6:23 AM and this might be just what is needed to get some balance in our lives. Ok, perhaps two heads are better than one if we can find some compromise.

4/18/19 Thursday the day starts out pretty well, seems we have made some good adjustments to the energy at hand. Tension begins to creep around mid-afternoon as rule breakers face off with rule makers. Getting along is increasingly becoming a challenge as those who look for reciprocity and fairness are confronted with resistance and power imbalances.

This will not be the time to get what you want but you will find where your current needs no longer work in the outer world. What price are you willing to pay to win this game? For some the price is right but for others the price is wrong. We may experience a tug of war that might be brought to a truce around 9:17 PM with some innovative or creative solutions. The lesson for now is without struggle there is no victory. Facing reality we have a much better chance of claiming our prize it just requires taking off those rose colored glasses. I hear “fair game” and feel this is a play on words in a way. The game isn’t always fair but in thinking it should be we become game for the players.

4/19/19 Friday if you find yourself tossing and turning this morning you know you are in synch with the energy at play.  This restless energy stays with us right up to the full moon at 6:12 AM. With moon and sun at 29 degrees Libra and Aries it’s imperative that we find balance between our needs and the needs of others. This is the energy of mediation and meditation for no one person can do it all on their own. We must find alignment with self and other.

Moon shifts to Scorpio around 7:42 AM and by 11:36 a passive aggressive vibe enters our lives. Issues around power and resources will certainly come up at this time. It’s a time where what is hurting us could result in us hurting others. What price is too big to pay now and is anything or anyone worth what it will cost us? Today may be the kind of day where we need to find those answers.

4/20/19 Sun moves to Taurus around 3:56 AM. The pace gets a bit slower now and the focus turns to our values, assets, and sense of worth. Now we get to see what’s worth holding on to and later in the month when moon returns to Scorpio what is ready to be purged.

Venus moves into Aries at 11:11 AM now we are more concerned with immediacy and impulse than devotion and compassion. New creative ventures and love affairs could be the currency we trade in this week. If we did our work at the full moon we are now ready to go for what works for us especially on Sunday around early evening!

4/21/19 we want to touch the earth, smell the flowers, and do what comes naturally today as we celebrate the earth this weekend and into Monday (earth day). Let’s all touch the earth and get reconnected.

Moon shifts to Sagittarius around 11:01 AM great day to take a walk and see what’s up ahead. We need to feel inspired and go beyond the inner limits over the next several days.

It doesn’t take long with this energy though to overstep our boundaries and by midday we may done just that! Most of the afternoon we may encounter some kind of friction in our lives based on missteps or misjudgment. The good news is things get rebalanced around 5:19 PM as we seek peace, ease and comfort as our main priorities.

This week we are adjusting to several planetary shifts as Venus, Mercury and Sun change signs. We are beginning to internalize our Jupiter experiences since it shifted retrograde on the 10th and we are preparing for Pluto to go retrograde next week on the 24th. So this week is pretty busy in getting us prepped for the changing times.

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