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Planet Flash Week of 10/14/19

By Nancy Foley

Yesterday I had a wonderful experience of being around Moms who had a day out in celebration of another Mom to be. What struck me was though these Moms were enjoying their independence at that moment they were all talking about their children. Experiences such as these beg the question where am I without You?

It seems that which surrounds us in the outside world at some point exists even deeper in our inside world. Though we can physical distance ourselves from others at times we can’t seem to fully detach from certain links. Certainly the bond of Mother and Child is deep but what about the other bonds in our life?

This week we are asked to take a look at what separates us from what once was. We are being reminded of the impermanence of all material and social bonds. Places, in our lives, that had us think of forever or always now seem to be shifting before our very eyes. There is something important that comes through a period of extinction or evolution and that is the awareness of what is yet to be. A time of impermanence is a time where self-renewal is called for; a period of personal redefinition.

If you or another around you has suffered a recent loss you will be in period of mourning. However after the mourning comes a new kind of morning bringing with it a new day. This new day speaks to a deliverance from the sorrow into the hope of the future. This transitional period may have us damning the heavens and counting our blessings all at the same time.

With Jupiter moving into the last 10 degrees of Sagittarius we are reminded of our life mission and the road ahead; we awaken the spiritual warrior once again. This is the period where we realize what no longer holds the same meaning or value as it once did. We are tasked with removing the pressure we had been dealing with while releasing the great expectations we once held for this period of our life. We have tried as hard as we could to measure up but our efforts have overtaken our lives in some way and we long to once again be free. In writing this the image of George Jetson on the conveyor belt walking the dog comes to mind. “Jane turn off this crazy thing”, he yells in a call for deliverance from things speeding out of control.

Have you been feeling like life has been coming at you too fast or with too much? If so over the next couple of months you will be reexamining your current expectations and priorities. If you are feeling you have no time to lose in the examination process you would be correct as both Saturn and Pluto are moving towards the end goal for the upcoming reunion cycle which happens every 36 years. We are at point where the lines are being drawn and the commitment levels are increasing. Whoever or whatever isn’t up for the journey ahead is being relinquished or surrendered because we can only carry so much with us.

This week is an important time to test the ties that bind us. We must consider whether those ties are keeping us together or binding us too tightly and in effect cutting us off from what we need most in our life. Last night’s full moon in Aries may have brought the tools necessary to cut those bindings that needed to be released and strengthened those ties that needed to be formed to keep us closer to what matters most.

10/14/19 Monday moon moves to Taurus at 12:24 PM causing us to reflect on whether our rigid perspective is worth holding on to anymore. All the chaos around us has us considering who or what can truly be our safety net in a time of crisis; our real assets in life.

 Today we celebrate the worth of old friends who can grow alongside you throughout your life. They bring support and comfort in good and bad times because they don’t resist your growth but rather encourage it.

The Sun and Pluto square up today bringing a lesson learned moment from what began around 1/11/19. The theme then was the same as it is now; honor your commitments and defend your principles. You have an obligation to the reality in which you reside and the way you develop competency is to meet the challenges of everyday living. I am hearing, “ain’t no one gonna take care of you better than you can take care of yourself…so why you trying to find someone else to hand that burden over to”?  

I have to say that for all of us this day speaks to making important decisions for ourselves based on what we have been shown, taught, or encountered over the last 10 months. We might consider where personal service has been taken over by corporate interests leaving us questioning the idea of health care and self-care.

The other important aspect of today involves Jupiter and Uranus showing us important change emanates from the results of our past experiences. What we didn’t know then but do know now helps us make the right choices to prioritize our life.  Something that once cost a lot may indeed be a small price to pay for having what is necessary or beneficial at this time. Conversely that which we thought was a great deal this year may have turned out to be a costly mistake. Whichever way things turned out it’s important for you to see the value of the experience and make note of the changes you made as a result; you are on to something now!!!

10/15/19 Tuesday we are feeling the effects of empathetic insight and guidance today. This may be the day where we are able to easily connect to source through meditation, music, prayer, or intuitive messages.

What you perceive is only limited by your ability to tune in. Prayers could be answered and dreams could come true as you draw others toward your vision or concepts; you have only to say the word.

10/16/19 Wednesday moon shifts to Gemini around 10:30 PM. The moon will be in a disseminating phase over the next couple of days, a time where we teach, share ideas, or express what we are feeling at this time.

Venus will be travelling into the second 10 degrees of Scorpio. During this period we may desire to regain a deeper connection with others and feel supported rather than detached or withdrawn. We all need to feel some part of our past returning to us. Perhaps it will be time for a family reunion or celebration of those we hold dear. We seek to wade in familiar waters!

10/17/19 Thursday we may feel a need to speak out and retaliate against old wounds. It is quite possible that we aren’t as willing to forgive and forget as we once thought we were. I think this will be about what prior belief or experience is still controlling some aspect of our life. In the beginning of this week’s flash I mentioned the mother child bond. I feel like today’s energy is linked to that very bond. Perhaps what we naturally feel around those closest to us isn’t meshing with our current reality and we are having a hard time adjusting.

10/18/19 Friday if you aren’t already in therapy today may put you there. The ways we need to be heard and the reactions to our feelings aren’t as comforting or supportive as we hoped. Perhaps the bitterness is overshadowing the bluff. The little white lies we told ourselves are getting too heavy to carry around anymore. It is time to look at the reality of where we are now and what needs to be discussed through and dealt with.

Venus trines the North Node today which helps bring some resolution to the troubles of the day. We are drawn to those relationships that can help us heal. Some karmic connections could be maintained or established with this energy. The old family issues might be drawn out into the light and begin to be released at this time.   

10/19/19 Saturday the moon shifts into sensitive Cancer around 6:43 AM. We are finding answers to old problems as some secrets are shared. We have a greater sense of insight and understanding through the positive encounter of Mercury and Pluto around 6:21PM.

10/20/19 Sunday we just might “egg someone on” because we wanted to see the final outcome. We want to get our point across no matter what method it takes to get there.

The good news is whatever happens earlier in the day will be resolved later on. We can work it out and that feels good.

10/21/19 Monday we are at the last quarter moon phase of the month at 8:39 AM. The moon at 27+ Cancer has us looking at what the past has now left us with; past is prologue. We find it’s time to see where our prior needs and imagination have caused us to tip the scale in our favor. Perhaps now we can let go and release what we have been holding on to for so long. If we honor our own needs we will no longer feel needy or hold anyone responsible for own happiness effectively putting our life back in balance.

If you feel like you have been going through this several times this year, you have. The North Node in Cancer has been leading us to take care of ourselves, listen to our feelings, and use our emotions for guidance. We have to be free to feel what we are feeling and not get bogged down in the past! It is time to unclog our emotional filter!

Venus and Neptune are bringing a lovely desire for unity today. Perhaps we will feel the peace of the Universe through our loving exchanges. At the baser level we might feel drawn to play savior to our darker forces. I will leave you to imagine what that looks like.

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Planet Flash week of 10/7/19

By Nancy Foley

 As I begin to assemble the information for this week’s flash I am hearing a song playing in my head. It’s “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealers Wheel. There is a refrain that goes…”clowns to left of me, jokers to the right and here I am stuck in the middle with you”.

As we come into the middle degrees of various planets in the cardinal signs we come to terms with what we have started (at various times of this year) and now look to finish. All throughout the week we look at the unfinished business in our life as we take up the torch or the appropriate tools so we can complete our mission.

From now until Sunday we are truly stuck in the middle; the middle degrees of Libra. This is where we are called upon to be decisive and take our finger off the balance scale. Each of the next several days causes us to get more attuned to the higher mind via our interpersonal relationships. We may find we are more focused on the future rather than the past during Monday and Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday we may pulled into the past and perhaps even feel like we drowning in old feelings we thought we had released or worked through. Keep in mind the full moon on Sunday may bring us a life preserver just at the right time. Stay tuned for more on that further in this post.

10/7/19 Monday we will experience some unexpected changes in our conversations or communications as Mercury and Uranus face off early in the morning. Make sure to back up your data as updates may alter or disrupt what you are seeing today. Pay attention while driving and watch what is going on around you as this is a day for shocks and surprises; what you least expect to happen could easily occur now.

Sun squares up with Saturn around 3:07 PM. We are tired of the current system of justice or fair play. We want to reconsider what the rules are and who gets ultimate control in the game. The game I reference actually started back on January (1/2/19) of this year.

 Now we look at how much needs to be altered or changed before we take the next step. We are seeing where we have been ruled and schooled by other’s sense of values since that time. What we thought was important back in January may now be left in the dust as we look to recover our sense of balance or inner harmony. We don’t want to fall in line at this moment but rather stand aside as we weigh out the pros and cons of the situation. Today is the day where it’s ok to say, let me get back to you, rather than making a quick decision. What takes space in our head can be entirely up to us if we do this instead of continuing following the current narrative.

10/8/19 Tuesday the energy of our attractions and desires shifts from Libra to Scorpio at 1:06 PM. It’s of interest to me that last year around this time we were in the Venus retrograde cycle (10/5/18-11/16/18). Is there any unfinished business from that period that needs to be finished up, now will be the time to find out. Passion, privacy, power, and purpose will be buzz words as our secrets are about to be told. Since the themes of repetition and congruity are around us today we get to see who or what really has a strong hold on us still.

10/9/19 Wednesday this is the time where we may feel like we are drowning and wondering if we really have a lifeguard within our current relationships. Patterns related to enabling or dependency might surface or suffer at this time. I get the feeling that someone could use your own sensitive nature against you if it gets you to do what they want. How truly weak we can feel when we find our sympathies played upon or used against us! And yet….who really is to blame when this happens? If you find yourself once again in the same deep seated emotional patterns around family or familiar situations in your life it’s time to call a stop to it NOW!

We have a gibbous moon in Pisces at 2:27 PM a time to see what is beginning to develop in our inner spiritual journey. With this energy we can more easily detect the risk or potential dangers around us in our relationships over the next several days. It’s going to be a period where we determine who we leave out and who we let into our inner sanctum. Ghosts of the pasts could haunt us as much as those who try to overstep our healthy boundaries. Self-denial is an escape route but not one that is necessarily good for the soul. If that is a route you often take you might find that way isn’t an option anymore.

Today is about trusting your natural instincts so you can see where your true power is located. Self- preservation is ours to use at our discretion and doesn’t require the assistance from an outside source it just requires us tuning in and paying attention to our true feelings.

10/10/19 Thursday is a good day to mellow out and reflect on life. If we have been honoring our own instincts and working with a unity consciousness it’s a great day to settle in to the flow. If you have been swimming against the stream you may find the current is stronger than you anticipated and it might be time to give in.  As the song goes “turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream it is not dying”. * Beatles, “Tomorrow Never Knows”.  Surrender is not death is it about returning to the flow, the river of life, and self-acceptance; if you fight the tide too long you might drown.

10/11/19 Friday we are entering the Mercury pre-retrograde shadow phase. So what’s up with you today? Any conversations might be food for thought between now and 10/31/19 (the first day of the retrograde); after all we have to have something to discuss with our therapist! With Mercury in Scorpio the topics are apt to reveal hidden taboos or deeper subjects. We all have secrets that need to be released during this period.

Take a look back at what came up for you earlier this week, Monday, when Mercury and Uranus opposed each other. Could there be something tied to early May that needs to be discussed now? Mercury was joined with Uranus on 5/08/19 of this year so that could have been a time where valuable information was received. Was the Universe reading your mind and granting your wishes then? As we go back track to that period via the upcoming Mercury retrograde we may now shed a new light on that subject and time.

Starting today we could find our unanswered prayers were actually blessings in disguise. A certain instant karma surrounds the day and we can easily see various things in a very different light.

10/12/19 Saturday we move into the last decan or last ten degrees of the Libra sun. These last 10 days will bring us to a time where we can thrash out our ideas while we gather in the fruits of our labors for the year. We are in the harvest period, it’s time to share our thoughts and ideas with others; support and guide our friends or allies in the days ahead.

Tension will build around how far to push things with those who appear inflexible or determined to maintain their power base. There is a sense that compromise is the only option available and yet??? It’s time to set our priorities in our relationships and make sure we are adhering to our own ethics and moral standards. We can’t always be the excuse for someone’s bad choices or wrong actions, at some time they have to acknowledge their own personal responsibility and accept consequences for their actions. Alignment and realignment is a theme for now and tomorrow as we attempt to become a clear mirror for self and others.

10/13/19 Sunday the pendulum in life swings back to center with a dull thud as time resets once again. The full moon arrives around 5:08 PM at 20 Aries 14. This is the hour where we are called upon to stand up for ourselves. It’s time for us to exert our will and work for positive change in our lives. For some this might come across as a defensive stand or battle of wills. For others it will take you where your heart leads you. For all of us it’s about self-confidence, inner strength, and the ability to be who we really are in any and all relationships. Love and authenticity are the keys for this full moon; no one can keep you from being you unless you let them take you away from yourself!

As we come to love ourselves and let our light shine others support us. If we seek to stand in their light rather than our own we are doomed to live in our own inner darkness or shadow self.

10/14/19 Monday a new work week begins and we are cautious around our judgments. Something is not proving to be the big bargain we were hoping for. It’s time to go back over our plans and see where they can be edited or revised. Looking back to 1/11/19 when the Sun and Pluto joined forces we may see what needs to be discontinued now. Are you the one holding the situation together while others have already disconnected? If so consider whether this is really your role for the days and months ahead.

Relax your hold on the situation and see where things go from here. A natural balance needs to be struck rather than an artificial sense of harmony maintained. I keep seeing yes men around a situation where the only way to get things back on track is to stand up and say NO. If one bad apple is threatening to spoil the situation now is the time to eliminate the source of the contamination before it can spread. We really do need to attend to the current problem at hand to prevent potential loss in the future.

This feels to me to be the day where the Mercury retrograde message is taking hold. Nothing good will come from ignoring a situation that has gone on too long. It’s time to root out the decay and clean out the rot so we can have something healthy to build on in time. For that reason I feel the upcoming Mercury retrograde is vital to our wellbeing and psychological conditioning.

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Thank you, as always, for your interest and support.

 Planet Flash week of 9/30/19

By Nancy Foley

As I begin to write this week’s flash I am being shown two friends on a tennis court. As they take a moment to hydrate and catch their breath one says to the other that was my match. The other turns astonished saying, “I didn’t think we were keeping score”.

In that moment each knows where the other stands; it seems assumptions and suppositions have given way to a new reality! Now the competition begins and the friendship takes a backseat as one becomes the opponent to the other.  A silence follows but one could imagine a spectator to the scene saying, “all’s fair in love and war”.

 All this week we go back to what justice and fairness really means. Standards shift, allegiances change, and perhaps we recognize that line that isn’t meant to be crossed was only temporary at best. If you have a deal breaker/deal maker experience during this period know it’s all about showing you were you really stand. In knowing where we stand we redefine ourselves in relationship to other and offer insights into our own direction ahead.

9/30/19 Monday opens with moon shifting into Scorpio around 5:42 am. We may experience some instinctual feelings around a situation where we felt sabotaged or assaulted by others. Revenge and retribution could be themes now. A sense of strength and weakness are a two edged sword that could come between us and another party. We may need to be cautious or vigilant as we move ahead so as not to be taken advantage of or over play our part.

10/1/19 Tuesday requires a price to be paid. We are caught in a trap around dedication and the real cost of the deal being made. A certain intensity or extremism pushes or pulls in a certain direction throughout the day.

10/2/19 Wednesday moon shifts to Sagittarius around 7:44 am. A certain need to be in the know could ultimately lead to a sense of self-righteousness during the day.  You may pride yourself on clever solutions around lunch time; it’s good to see your mind work! The more you can assess, analyze, and integrate yourself into a situation the better you will feel.

10/3/19 Thursday there is a shift in the energy; a ripple in the fabric of time. Pluto is direct once again as of 2:39 am today. Then Mercury moves into Scorpio around 4:14am. In some way we want to regain our position of power and maintain a certain hold on our life. Yet we see that the “game” has taken on a serious note. This isn’t a friendly place for those who are unsure of where they stand. Those who are insecure within themselves may become vindictive or seek vindication over time.  Watch out for those who want to take a swipe at you; anticipate their actions as you make your approach.

10/4/19 Friday mars has moved into Libra as of 12:22 am this morning. We are looking towards team work and rebalancing extremes over the next couple of weeks. The focus will be on reclaiming your direction and not sacrificing yourself to keep things on an even keel.

We can start to focus on our place in any relationships and practice staying in our lane rather than getting pulled off course.

10/5/19 Saturday we are set up for the first quarter moon (challenge round of the month) at 12:47 pm. The sun in Libra and moon in Capricorn has us pulled between fresh starts and traditional patterns.  Perhaps we are required to reconsider what allies or allegiances belong in the past and where we go in the present or future.

The more solid you are within yourself (inner security) the less likely you are to be destabilized by your interactions with others.  With moon and Saturn joining up around 4:40pm we are finding our emotional anchors. Today we may find ourselves looking for deeper answers and solutions around that time as we feel that we are on solid ground in our key relationship (the one with our self).

10/6/19 Sunday the Sun squares up with the North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn creating what is known as a moon wobble. It’s a wonky energy that spans out in our life for days before and after this time. We are like inclinometers, an instrument used for measuring angles of slope (or tilt), elevation, or depression of an object with respect to gravity's direction, trying to resynch or recalibrate at this time. In other words what’s up and what’s down might be the topic of discussion for days to come.

Moon shifts into Aquarius around 11:42pm giving us rise; a new incline. We might find that we have moved up to the crest of the hill or peak of the mountain with a new view from this height. The question is whether to look up or look down from this new position!

10/7/19 Monday we recover our balance from our peak experience yesterday or very early today. Can we go there, can we stay there, or will we never go there again? I guess it all depends on our fear of heights. Can we elevate ourselves beyond our current limits we might just have an answer around 3:07pm when Sun and Saturn square off. This is the time where we complete a cycle that began around January 2, 2019 this year. Who really is in control and in charge? I see a summons being served and feel that in some way certain people will be called on to justify their position or even their moral or ethical standards.

What begins now may be the subject for review during the Mercury retrograde that begins at the end of this month. Think long and hard on what are really matters of principle and not pride.

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