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Planet Flash week of 1/25/21

By Nancy Foley


This week we are at the half way mark for the first New Moon in January (1/13/21). Where last week brought challenges this week may bring new or unexpected feelings about our self-confidence, trust, and will power. We are weighing in on what this “future world” is all about for us personally. Is technology or unexpected change your friend or foe; only time and the experiences of this week will tell.

Monday 1/25/21

We start the week with the curious Gemini moon conversing with Mercury in Aquarius early this morning (2:17 AM). Expect some new ideas to pop up in your dreams or early waking hours. Then the moon confronts Pluto at 4:12 AM before going void of course until 1:52 PM. This period is a good time to reflect on what messages cut to the root of the situation. Perhaps we now see where we need to buckle down and finish what we started earlier in the month. Don’t let excuses or distractions take over as you feel your power being overshadowed by deeper thoughts or darker forces for a time.

Sun and Chiron are helping us to build strength as they cooperate with each other around 5:29 AM. Perhaps there is a new or different way for us to heal the wound that keeps us from getting our needs met. The rebellious nature we have recently been witnessing in the world at large could now come back as a quest for authenticity rather than acting out or platform for tribal behavior.

Moon shifts into Cancer at 1:52 PM shifting the mood around us and heightening our sympathetic or patriotic urges. We want to protect those we care about and yet with the Sun in Aquarius the closer we get to them the more distant they might become. No one wants a smother mother this week.

Tuesday 1/26/21

So as I began to write this I heard lines from the Rolling Stones song entitled Get Off My Cloud. “Hey you get off of my cloud; don’t hang around cause two’s a crowd on my cloud”. Sometimes the best thing we can do today is give each other some space.

Last Wednesday Mars triggered Uranus and today we have the Sun doing the same thing. Perhaps clarity comes through this exchange of energy between air (technology) and earth (material resources) or some dirt begins to get stirred up that stands in the way of progress. One thing to consider from today’s experience is the current revival and consequences of technocracy.

We are coming to a place in our society where expertise only gets you so far if you don’t have the right platform or connection. I imagine it’s like my router that provides so much bandwidth and connection as long as it is working correctly. Once it’s broken or disabled I have nothing to work with and no quick answer on how to make it work again; only the expert knows and he or she may be very hard to find. Those who hold the knowledge (technocrats) are the key to our future and if we can’t gain access to that knowledge we are left out in the cold prevented from fully integrating or connecting to the process that carries us forward. We saw this with Twitter or Facebook bans but also with selective news and reporting. Most people aren’t stupid but rather left with a shadow of doubt or misinformed. While Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn are all in Aquarius for the next month let’s focus on what the Universe can tell or show us over the small minded one directional rhetoric. We have instant access to Universal knowledge at this time and can transcend the usual middle man we call upon.

Wednesday 1/27/21

The moon in Cancer highlights our sense of familiarity and emotional needs in our various relationships today. The most challenging energy comes in the early afternoon when Moon opposes Pluto taking us on an emotional roller coaster ride for a couple of hours. Then Moon and Mercury create some concerns for our future based on fear of what we don’t yet know or haven’t really been able to see until know. Perhaps we are ready to consider what’s relevant for our own family or mankind based not on our past but with an eye towards moving past the status quo or comfortable rut we cling to out of need or habit.

The moon moves into Leo around 9:54 PM bringing some fire back into our life. We need to express our creative energy over the next several days and have some fun.

Thursday 1/28/21

In order to feel happy during a period of isolation we may need to focus on our inner world over the outer world today. This morning rather than feeling cut off from the world we can feel encouraged to do things that make us feel alive and heart centered.  

Being focused on what makes life great we can begin to re-assert ourselves into those corners of life that we previously disconnected from or temporarily abandoned. Get out your purple crayon like Harold and draw in what you need to get reconnected to your own best day. Avoid dramatic flare-ups or outbursts by honoring yourself rather than demanding attention from others.

Venus and Pluto join up around 11:18 highlighting resources in relationships. We may experience an obsession around security and authority at this time. I hear the “bill has come due” but it might also be possible the debt has been paid. We are empowered by what we hold dear to us and feel very jealous or disturbed if someone threatens to take it away by force or manipulation. Some kind of cost accounting is apt to be part of what we are wrestling with around midmorning as relationships in the business world feel the pressure to measure up to a certain standard.

The full moon in Leo takes place at 2:16 PM and within a half hour the Moon opposes Jupiter as well as the Sun. We are looking for underlying conditions that have caused us to be too wrapped up in our ego and not connected enough to the outside world. Our true happiness now comes from acknowledging the needs of those we love along with ourselves. Changes that came up in August of last year now are reworked or reconciled with our sense of will and pride.  Did we learn to trust ourselves when it came to dealing with others or did we deny their love or help out of false sense of pride? Now is time to redefine ourselves based upon what others ask of us and how our ego handles the challenge. How much we trust others is going to be based on how much we trust ourselves. Jupiter in Aquarius will reinforce the theme of brotherhood and equality.

The Sun and Jupiter join up at 8:40 PM. I keep thinking about those concepts and beliefs of universal harmony; we see it come to life at times of crisis in the world. Now could be one of those times where we are given the message regarding universality through the news of the day. In looking up the definition one particular line caught my eye, it was “the quality of being true in or appropriate for all situations”. This isn’t about political correctness; it’s about the golden rules!!!

Friday 1/29/21

Today the moon is very active and creating certain turf wars or shoving matches as we try to dominate what is around us. We crave excitement and attention to the point that we might just demand the spotlight and take center stage. We backslide a bit from we are the world to I am the world at moments throughout the day.

This is the last day before Mercury goes retrograde, pay close attention to what messages are coming through. The links that keep us connected may break down or need upgrades. Back up your computers, check your electrical appliances, and pay attention to what is or isn’t in circulating well right now. Circuits could break, things could fry, and too much energy could leave you frazzled if you can’t step back to process what’s happening. Don’t over react; it’s easy to do now. Wait to see what comes from any unexpected or chaotic moments you experience over the next several days.

Moon is in a challenging aspect with Venus at 9:39 PM before going void of course. This is the time you discover how much you need to trust the Universe and feel that love is yours. The more you encourage others and support their efforts the more you will find the kind of generosity Leo can bestow upon all.  

Saturday 1/30/21

Moon moves to Virgo at 3:02 AM. It may bring a certain static energy into your life over the next several days. Changes that are happening around you may leave you questioning what you can do to improve your life or keep ahead of the confusion. The pace may feel just a bit too quick now for you to feel comfortable in your work or routines. The learning curve is almost nonexistent at this time and you must learn as you go over the next several days.

 Of course with this you might acknowledge your own inner MacGyver and ability to think on your feet. Turns out you are a lot more adaptable and inventive than you gave yourself credit for!!!! While Mercury is retrograde it takes us back from 26 Aquarius through 11 Aquarius. The theme for this journey is if we are properly anchored during crisis we can see opportunity over chaos. Those who are walking their path may need to reach out to their fellow man to lend them a helping hand; we are all in this together.

Mercury is officially retrograde at 10:52 AM. We will be reinventing ourselves through our work or ideals over the next 3 three weeks. Any ideas whose time has come may swirl around us just waiting for us to tune in and acknowledge their relevance as we pluck them out of thin air. Thoughts around the future may be criticized and analyzed for workability throughout the day.   

By day’s end we may come to see where profit and profitability come from fine tuning our talents and skills. The upgrade we seek comes from seeing what is prudent and purposeful; the simple things in life are valued more than ever tonight.

  Sunday 1/31/21

The moon in Virgo takes us from disappointments in our relationships to a new sense of purpose all within the next 24 hours. We are seeing where our insecurities and anxieties are a force field that can oppose our own progress. Mental health and a healthy outlook on life are part of today’s wellness message.

The key to handling today’s energy is to try things out. Test your theories and see what can be improved upon and what just is deadwood standing in your way. Not everything is meant to go the distance somethings are just temporary solutions; often failure is the first step to success. We aren’t here to be perfect rather it’s to seek to perfect that which we can and allow the rest to be what it is.  

We are available by text or phone at 781-447-3993. Mercury retrograde periods in Aquarius are a perfect time to review your chart and set your goals for the future.

Planet Flash week of 1/18/21

By Nancy Foley

Everyone is a bit concerned about this week because of two important astrological patterns on inauguration day. They certainly have reason to be concerned because it feels like pit bull energy dominates the week. Now I know many of you will say wait a minute pit bulls don’t deserve a bad rap and I am actually agreeing with you in choosing this reference.

Monday 1/18/21

Moon arrives in Aries around 2:07 AM bringing a competitive mood into the energy of the day. The moon joins up with Chiron around 12:49 PM where the pit bull reference above plays out. Pit bulls aren’t bad dogs per say but if they are subjected to constant abuse, forced to fight, or their energy is manipulated for another’s benefit they will exhibit a particular type of fighting spirt. It’s their tenacity and willingness to hold on to the bitter end that I am talking about here.

This week we are meeting up with political or social pit bulls that for their own reason can’t release what they are holding on to. They are lock-jawed and nothing or no one is going to get them to give up their dogged persistence to an old way of life. They can’t let go of what they view as theirs because there is nothing better available to them or so it seems. The promise of a good life seems to no longer exist in their world and they blame the powers that be. Anger is boiling over and there seems to be a need to take things into their own hands.

Tuesday 1/19/21

The Moon in Aries is in a compatible energy with Mercury today around 12:54 PM. It will be a busy time for many as we heed the call. Unexpected news may be well received or fire up some to do something about what is happening at this time.

Sun moves into Aquarius around 3:40PM awakening us to a new vision and sense of authenticity. The division between the conservatives and progressives widens. A shift from establishing rules and order to following a universal ordering system starts to emerge. The maverick, rebel, anarchist all emerge at this time. We are looking to fly solo with a little help from our friends.

Wednesday 1/20/21

This is the day where a new president is inaugurated at 12 Noon in Washington D.C. It’s also the day where Mars joins with Uranus (in early degrees Taurus) for the first time since 4/7/1936! It’s also the day of the first quarter moon, which challenges and determines our reaction to last week’s New Moon (1/13/21). So needless to say we have a lot going on.

Moon and Pluto square off at 3:29AM bringing an oppressive mood to the day. I hear “battle lines are being drawn” as feelings once suppressed now begin to surface. For those willing to acknowledge what is going on within they can use this energy to purge the past. For those who are lock-jawed they will never give up the fight or see they are part of the problem; they prefer to battle the system or entrench themselves in the system that is benefiting a choice few. It seems in some ways the outliers and the establishment are fighting for primacy just on opposite sides of the fence.

The moon void of course is in effect until 1:56 PM, almost two hours after the swearing in. I don’t see this as a particularly auspicious time for an inauguration to occur; moon void of course periods are considered energetic dead zones astrologically. This may suggest that this administration may have a lot of clean up before their new platforms can be put in place.

Because the moon void of course is in Aries I could see one saving grace which is those who want to continue to burn down the system may lose their passion or fight. Typically a moon void of course in Aries is a call to back off the aggressive stance vs. taking it to a new level. I guess we will have to see how the day goes especially at the time Mars (ruler of Aries) meets up with Uranus at 3:38 PM!

The moon moves into Taurus at 1:56 PM bringing a mood shift from one of frustration or domination to one of comfort and security. Now is a time to see what can be made real and substantial from the day. A touch of class could return and the agenda focuses on the real value of today’s experience.

At 3:38 PM Mars and Uranus meet up in Taurus for the first time in (the first decan of Taurus) since 4/7/1936. They will break up patterns that began at that time; interestingly enough that previous energy brought the dirty 30’s; the great migration from the middle of the country to the west coast. Have you noticed that the pattern is now going in the opposite direction as the great migration returns people to the middle of the country once again? Keep watching as you will see more indications of how the pendulum that swung one way then swings back now.

Many people have been concerned this Mars Uranus meet up may create a scorched earth moment courtesy of tyrants that stirred unrest ; selling a paradise that they couldn’t deliver. This aspect certainly suggests a “terrible two’s” kind of period where everyone wants to hold on to or have what they consider MINE. Any mob violence seen today relates to our view of “our America” and the American dream.

At 4:02 PM we experience the first quarter moon in 1-2 degrees Taurus. The chart for this event has the Sun in the 7th house and the Moon in the 10th making this a more public event than a private one. It suggests a power struggle between the public and the authority figures in our lives. The need to establish our values and be acknowledged for our worth is part of this energy. We may not be able to return to normalcy but perhaps we can return to a level of decency as we acknowledge everyone’s right to a good life. The haves and have-nots are really all asking for the same thing; to be given the chance to build upon their future. Perhaps those who have held on so tenaciously can begin to release their hold on what was (the comfortable rut) with a new view of what tomorrow could bring.

Ironically this period could bring some kind of restructuring through a weather event that comes on unexpectedly. It would be in the realm of possibilities that an earthquake or tornado could arrive at the time Mars and Uranus join forces today. They have the ability to make the earth move in more ways than one.

 Thursday 1/21/21

Moon and Uranus join up around 3:37 AM bringing some irrational feelings to the forefront. We may feel itchy or edging toward complete change, even if we don’t really know what kind of change we need or seek. Good time to keep your distant rather overreact.

Moon then joins with Mars at 4:08 AM, here we are apt to be driven by a possessive or greedy energy that doesn’t want to give up what we hold near or dear. The problem is we begin to objectify that which we adore rather than appreciate it for its own merits. Need and greed are driving forces in the morning.

At 5:15 AM Moon and Jupiter square off; I hear extenuating circumstances around this. It might be time to consider how far we are willing to go to make others comfortable or extend our support.

Friday 1/22/21

Moon trines Venus around 12:28 AM this earthy energy flows out through our contribution to the cause. We may be drawn to those people or situations that guarantee certain outcomes or enhance our ambitions.

Moon then squares up with Mercury at 8:59 AM and things could be easily misconstrued as our feelings over shadow our thoughts. We don’t so much hear what people say as feel the emotion behind it.

The Moon and Pluto find a certain harmony around 4:28 PM before going void of course. Take the time over the next 14 hours to do some soul searching. It’s time to count your blessings and be grateful for what you have. We all have enough though at times we may not be able to see that if we are always on the hunt for the next acquisition.

Saturday 1/23/21    

Moon moves into Gemini around 2:43 AM. We need to listen to what we are feeling as well as share our needs with others. Important messages might come through the early morning dreams or musings.

Mars and Jupiter square off around 2:49 AM. It would be very easy to push things too far as we approach life from a stubborn or possessive perspective. This could bring a flash in the pan kind of experience as we encounter unusual or cathartic messengers along the path today. I got the vision of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland with this aspect: might need to wait and see whether this one is crazy or brilliant!

Venus and Neptune find mutual support and encouragement for our desires around 2:49 PM. We might have moments of grace or euphoria as the veil between this world and the next momentarily parts. We are in touch with something or someone heavenly but it can leave us longing for more over the next day.

Sunday 1/24/21

The moon squares up with Neptune around 4:36 PM. I feel we could be going through a mourning period for something that is passing out of our life at this time. An elderly statesperson could be eulogized or remarked upon as his or her tenure is over.

We could be called to sacrifice something now for a greater experience later on. Tomorrow’s Moon trine Mercury could bring an instant answer or quick response to what we have been questioning around our work or options for the future. Perhaps we will come to see what new choices the future holds that previously were ignored or unknowable until now. All the Taurus energy wants us to doubt what we can’t see in 3 D but the Aquarius energy keeps our eyes on the future and what hasn’t even been conceived up till now! If you can loosen up your grip on what you already possess or wish to possess you just might find the Universe is trying to upgrade your options.

We are booking appointments for the week of 1/25/21 and after so please contact us now if you would like a reading then. Our number is 781-447-3993 (text or voicemail) and we will get back to you within the day to answer questions or schedule appointments.

Planet Flash week of 1/10/21

By Nancy Foley


Though my job is to interpret and analyze the astrological energies around us this week I feel a bit challenged by the Eris/Chiron experience. Chiron I get, it’s the wounded healer and while in Aries (2018-2027 and also 1968-1977) it’s all about claiming self or owning your right to exist. I will speak more about that in the fourth paragraph. It’s Eris that I am finding a bit hard to comprehend.

This slow moving dwarf planet has been around in Aries since 1926 and will stay in that sign until 2048, so why in 2005 and beyond has it taken hold? Perhaps it had to do with Pluto in the highest degrees in Sagittarius reaching the galactic center bringing new knowledge of hidden forces? Perhaps it’s because Eris finally hit her stride in the last decan (20+ degrees) of Aries. Though I don’t really know I suspect it might have had something to do with a Venus energy that turned it up a notch. During 2005 we did experience a Venus retrograde Aquarius-Capricorn (1/24/05-2/3/06) and a Mars retrograde in Taurus (10/1/05-12/10/05).

Whatever brought her out of the shadows what we have come to see is the Goddess of Discord doesn’t take injustice or rejection lightly. She craves a sort of rough justice or vindication when things are out of balance and she has a boiling point that at times can make Pluto look puny! She was watching intently when Saturn and Pluto joined up last year on 1/12/2020 ready to challenge what happened then. Now she is watching again anticipating this week’s new moon in a similar degree Capricorn. Is Nancy Pelosi the avatar of Eris now as she seemed to be then; it seems possible.

Now as I get ready to lay out the aspects for you let me first get back to Chiron in Aries, which is still in the first decan of Aries (until mid- April). Here we have the spark of life flickering at times as Mars and Uranus want to ground it out or substantiate its life purpose. To keep things going we have to invest in our future and be willing to make changes.

Chiron in Aries has several ways it comes to us and works through us. It reveals where we chose to appease others to stay out of the angry zone. It indicates where we tempered our fire before we even knew what we had to offer others or ourselves. We suppressed our natural instincts by pacifying others rather than speaking up on our behalf because we believed we would eventually get our just reward. In the dance of relationship we picked partners who stepped on our feet or stood in our way. Ironically the Venus retrograde of April-June 2020 may have been the first time some of those born during 1968-1977 learned to speak up on their own behalf! Continue to read below to find out the importance of this week.

Monday 1/11/21

This week the Sun is moving through the last decan of Capricorn (22-28 degrees). In doing so it lays down the tracks for the Moon in Capricorn (8:30 AM). This moon helps us reflect on what happened last year while Saturn and Jupiter were in the high degrees Capricorn. It’s also the first time the Capricorn moon has lagged behind the energy of Saturn now in Aquarius. We will find that re-establishing control and security after last week’s turbulence will be a big theme. I see the image of someone attempting to pick up the pieces and put them back in place. Yet waiting in the wings is the one who can’t wait to bring chaos to order.

Moon and Mars bring some energy into protecting the values or desires we hold at this time. We want the rules set back in place so we can feel better, safer, and more grateful for what life has to offer. Then Mercury and Jupiter join up bringing new guidance or insight as to what lies ahead. With Mercury and Jupiter both in Aquarius we may be singing the praises of the (techno-verse) for some period of time. Free speech and the web are sure to be mentioned quite a lot in the news over the next week or so.

I do find it interesting that the business end of technology has shut down certain platforms during this political climate rather than the government. It seems that in other hot spots throughout the world it’s been the government who decided when enough was enough. Perhaps some new guidelines will be set forth as a result of what is happening now.

Both Mercury and Jupiter sextile Chiron this afternoon around 12:23-12:48 PM. No one’s spark is being put out now rather it’s being given some extra oxygen to flame up or grow brighter. By the way, Mercury is a key player when the Sun is in the last decan of Capricorn, so everything Mercury has bigger import this week.

Tuesday 1/12/21

Today we have Mercury square Uranus around 10 AM. This may be about trying to outwit the system or find a loop hole in the way things are being handled. I would not be surprised to see the President try to go at those who seek to silence him in strange or unusual ways. This is all about thinking outside the box.

Around 4:04 PM Venus squares Chiron which I think might be the most important aspect for today and a lead-in to tomorrow’s New Moon. I just heard psychically “we didn’t go far enough before”. This might indicate that a fail-safe kind of measure be put into any proposal so that compromises aren’t possible or viable. One thing Chiron reminds us is that if you are dealing with Aries energy kindness only gets you so far. You have to be in the game, feeling worthy and not looking hat in hand for acceptance or support. Venus in Capricorn is about what contacts can further our ambitions or social standing while Chiron in Aries is about weakness and strength. This could boil down to who has the best twitter feed or rolodex when it comes to gaining ground.

I do have to say that an old quip comes to mind with this energy. It has to do with the story of a powerful executive who fired his attorney. When asked why he fired his old friend in this way he replied he was never my friend he was just my attorney. It’s a cautionary tale around transactional or corporate connections…it’s always business no matter how nice someone seems.

You may find a new perspective on business or governmental relationships which where highlighted in the Solar Eclipse of 12/26/19. In review of that period of time a different tack or approach is now called for based on what transpired during the first months of 2020. I feel like we are being given a do-over because we have seen where old outmoded beliefs held us back or kept us to certain guidelines that were already corrupted or too loosely applied. I did just hear “tables are turned and now her turn to cry” from All Over Now by the Rolling Stones.

Wednesday 1/13/21

The New Moon arrives at 12 AM with both the Sun and Moon triggering the Saturn Pluto conjunct (consolidation of power, restructuring of power) of 1/12/20. The bullying of 2020 meets up with a new chapter today. The theme of this event was introduced by Pluto in 2019. This is about a turning point where we can hit the retreat or reset button. It’s time to meet life on its own terms and confront your current reality not by avoiding it but by rededicating yourself to a truer life purpose. Eris is challenging us at this time.

The Capricorn moon joins up with Pluto at 2:22 AM and then goes void of course until 11:44 AM. This signals a time of getting your house in order and recommitment to your principles in the face of the inevitable reality that surrounds you.

I liked to say this sane and sober time applies to all but given that Mars and Saturn square up around 6:02 AM some people will resist that urge. I suspect this challenging energy will bring up provocation or fights around the big tech giants. My sense is money and freedom will be the tension point today for those who feel inhibited or ostracized.

Moon shifts into Aquarius at 11:44 AM and then meets up with Saturn at 5:11 PM. I hear “I’ll take another run at this; I’ll take another stab at that”. At 5:30 PM when the Moon squares Mars this might be the time where the tyrant wants to destroy that which it can’t control. It seems those who need to control never come up with good exit strategies when confronted with an untenable outcome.

Venus trines Uranus around 7:22 PM. This may be the time where the financial arrangements or financial backers in your life give you the green light to make it happen. You could find that coupled with the energy of the New Moon you are able to achieve a certain level of success that previously wasn’t available.

Thursday 1/14/21

Uranus is now preparing to move in a forward motion once again after being retrograde since 8/15/20. Those internal shifts we made in the fall prepare us to now progress or make the necessary changes to our lifestyle or sense of wellbeing. What we now deem worthy or worthwhile we can pursue with the help of Mars in the same sign (Taurus). In fact Mars and Uranus will meet up for the first time in Taurus on 1/20/21. Over the past 10 years they have been meeting up in Aries (2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019). They may work hard to accomplish whatever new initiatives you started during the period of 2011-2013.

I do want to say that Mar and Uranus in Taurus could move the earth under our feet or incite a riot so the potential for harm is there as well. Mars was retrograde in Taurus during the period 2/14/19-3/31/19 and attempted to clear the path for what was standing in our way. However if we opted to maintain the status quo we might find that this next ten day period is disruptive but also necessary for eventual change.

The sun highlights the energy of Pluto around 9:19 AM. This is a time where self-restraint, self-empowerment, and ethical certainty are called upon to help determine our life purpose. The chickens come home to roost at this time and destiny awaits us. The Sabian symbol for today is about “man’s obligation to the reality in which he lives”. We mature by accepting our chosen tasks or karma in this lifetime. This makes me think of the quote by Edith Hamilton, “When the freedom they wished for most was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free and was never free again”.

I am reminded of the old Fram oil filter ad of the 70’s “you can pay me now or pay me later”. Even though Jupiter and Saturn have moved into Aquarius remember the co-ruler of this sign Saturn reminds us personal responsibility is required for individuation to take place. It also suggests that giving up your freedom to group think may require a heavy price be paid at some later date. Get carried along with the crowd can push us well past our personal moral or ethical limits if we don’t remain self- aware.

Friday 1/15/21

This is the period of the week where the moon is most pronounced even though the moon is void of course from 4:28 AM on Thursday until 5:17 PM today. Take the day to observe your feelings and see where detaching from the strain or static helps. This is a good day to take a mental break or unplug if you can as your mood can be quite mercurial and restless. You want to act out or break the rules just because you can so avoid damaging things that are beyond your ability to fix later on.

I am being shown someone being carried off in a strait jacket; symbolic of someone who can’t easily cope with reality at this time. I keep seeing them pulling against the restraints getting their hands free so they can do harm to self or others.

Saturday 1/16/21

The moon in Pisces brings some subtly to a very difficult time. We have beneficial aspects throughout the day to Mars, Uranus, and Venus. However it may not be enough to wash away the sins of those who seek to cause unrest or disturb your present state of mind.

I find with the Moon in this sign some quiet time to rest and relax does a world of good. We need to align with the spiritual side of life so we can feel the unity that resides within. Good time to reacquaint yourself with the divine and hook up with your inner muse to avoid feeling disillusioned or lost.

Sunday 1/17/21

Moon sextiles with Pluto bringing some support and faith back to our lives around 3:55 PM. We feel embolden by our feelings and dreams. Drink in the power of the sublime for you might need that kind of backing or reinforcement when Jupiter and Uranus square off around 5:50 PM. With this energy you might feel that all bets are off.

This is the first time Uranus, now direct, gets to show us how we have changed since late April of last year. We have come out of one kind of crisis to now see where the next change or crisis could develop in 2021. We have seen a certain situation change or pass from our lives during the spring of 2020 now we move forward.

If you have any planets in the degrees of 6-10 Taurus these next several months will have you readjusting your beliefs based on what came to you unexpectedly during 2020. Janice Joplin once sang “freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to to lose” in the song Me and Bobby McGee. Today we see where freedom does take something away but with Uranus we find that’s because something else is on its way. We are always required to change in some way when Uranus arrives. Makes me think of the quote “be the change you wish to see in the world” by Mahata Gandhi and with that I say why not! Maybe what you have to lose now is some kind of outdated concept of your life.

The last aspect of the day is Moon Pisces sextile Sun Capricorn around 10:44 PM. Then the moon is void of course until 1/18/21 at 11:07 PM. I hear the song I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2 (1987). This feels like the anthem for divine discontent or a midlife crisis that occurs around the age of 42; interesting that the last group of Chiron in Aries folks went through that in 2020 and may still be feeling its affects. Along with this group there is the generation who experienced their Saturn Neptune conjunction over the past several years (Neptune in Capricorn generation was 1984-1998).

Ironically the U2 song was written for them or at least originated during the time of the first of their generation being born! Add to this the influence of  Mars retrograde in Aries period this past year (9/9-11/13) triggering the last Mars in Aries retrograde of 1988 (8/26-10/28). Also those born in 1941 who have mars retrograde in Aries natally (9/6-11/10). You can see a whole lot of things being triggered all at once !

The Mars in Aries retrograde of 1988 links to a theme this year when Saturn and Uranus square up 3 times. This 45 year Saturn Uranus conjunction cycle began in 1988-1989 (cultural revolution) then had its first quarter phase square in 1999-2001  (dot com bubble and 911), then its full moon phase 4/26/10-7/26/10, and now it’s last quarter phase this year. This heralds a learning curve between the status quo or authoritarian leaders and the reformist or progressives who look toward the future. Science, finance,  and technology will be leading us toward the future but at what cost and to whom; this is the question.     

The prior last quarter square back in 1974-78 may hold some clues for us, especially if we were born during that time. Some of the themes that came up in my web search were Khymer Rouge (killing fields), first soft landing on Mars, and air plane disasters.

For those born during this four year period I suspect you have always faced a challenge between authority and freedom. Interestingly enough you who are born in 1974-1978 will be edging towards your own Chiron return (48-50). Perhaps you are the ones who can help us navigate this energy this by showing us how to manage change and find our own identity.

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