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Planet Flash week of 7/6/2020

By Nancy Foley


As I begin to write this week’s flash I get an image of a volcano beginning to come to life. There are deep sub terrain influences which are pulling at the core of this energy. The earth is moving and giving way to a seething energy that will seek release by week’s end. Much of the week ahead is interpreted through under the surface or hidden influences that are pushing us to take action and DO something; though at present no one knows what that means for sure.

Monday 7/6/2020 Moon and Saturn joined up around 5:35 am before the void of course cycle began. The taskmaster is suggesting it’s time to get it all together so we can move into new territory at 6:08 AM and after as moon shifts into detachment oriented Aquarius. We need some emotional distance and breathing room after all the past month brought upon us.

It’s good to take some time to sit back and observe what is going on around us now. We can start thinking about what’s ahead rather than behind us over the next couple of days. Emotional cues or hot buttons might not get the usual quick response they have over the past several weeks as we can step away from it all for now.

Tuesday 7/7/2020 the sun is in the middle decanate of Cancer this week until Saturday giving us a need to keep some of our feelings hidden. We are more inclined to focus on our own plans or schemes and less on what others are doing around us. While the moon is in Aquarius, today and into tomorrow morning, we may find that we are looking at where our standards are changing. We may not be ready to admit it to anyone else but we are bored.

Wednesday 7/8/2020 early in the day (around 12:31 AM) we may dream about moving or making unexpected changes in our lives. Moon and Uranus square up at that time; our inner gypsy has been awakened and she is restless to the say the least!!!

Mercury and Mars square up around 6:42 AM and a crisis oriented mentality pushes against our instinctual urge to act immediately. The volcano beneath us is beginning to be felt on a subliminal level making it easy to feel the urge to flee without a clear plan for the future. The moon is void of course at this time and Mercury is still retrograde suggesting this isn’t really the best time to run away. Rather it is a good time to consider what others have to say about things or consider contingency plans for the future. IF and WHEN are the two goal posts that should be our focus at this time.

Moon moves into Pisces around 2:13 PM this could restore some peace of mind. It is a good time to reflect on what you are feeling while allowing yourself some time to calm back down. I see someone smoothing out the wrinkles as they recline upon their bed. Right now it’s all about one day at a time.

Thursday 7/9/2020 today feels to be about salvation from the past. We are experiencing a certain guilty feeling that comes from any misdeeds or bad intentions during the April-June time frame when Venus was a little more aggressive than usual. We may be stepping away from certain people who for a time caused us to forget ourselves or lose sight of who we really are.

 Venus in Gemini was drawing us to flirtations and momentary distractions that now in retrospect just don’t make sense. Anything that happened during 4/1-6/1 was in the Venus out –of-bounds period when relationship rules were put aside or just not considered at all.  

Friday 7/10/2020   most of today’s energy is processed through our subtle awareness of the current heavy planets in Capricorn. We are tasked with forgiving the past in order to make peace with the present. I hear “don’t let it slip away” so be mindful of what you chose to ignore rather than deal with at this time. With the Sun in Cancer moving from the private phase of middle Cancer to the enigmatic phase of later Cancer we are in all in danger of becoming as elusive as a dream. It will be hard to tell what is really bothering someone for they are apt to pretend things are ok even when they are not.

 Saturday 7/11/2020 I hear “didn’t see that coming” and yet in some way didn’t you already really know? Moon moves into Aries around 1:06 AM. Then Mercury goes direct at 4:26 AM. Around 12:09 Moon and Mercury square off allowing someone to finally say what they mean. However there is some kind of anger or pain at the bottom of those words.

By 5:09 PM Chiron (the wounded healer) goes retrograde in Aries and the lashing out for now may come in the form of misplaced anger or hidden rage. Watch out for angry reactions that come out of the blue around 5:18 PM when Moon and Mars are together. File away what happens today and prepare to add to what you’ve experience already with what happen s on 7/14 when Mars and Chiron meet up. The theme for that is “cause and effect”.

Sunday 7/12/2020 today starts out quite well but we will come to see it was the calm before the storm.  Around 7:28 PM we experience the last quarter moon at 21-22 Aries. The rallying cry is heard and suddenly things could easily get out of hand. Who or what has control of the crowd we wonder. Those on stage feel the earth shake. Whether it’s an actual earthquake or just a metaphoric one the ground is shifting under our feet.

It’s as if the Genie has gotten out of the bottle and no one can figure out how to get him back in. A Jinn or Genie can be a good or evil spirit that uses wind and fire to its benefit. They thrive in places of mass hysteria; getting things whipped up into a sudden frenzy. Pay attention to what is going on around you and if you feel that things are getting out of control seek safer ground. This is the day to do your own thinking and practice self-restraint not rely on others to protect you.

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Planet Flash week of 6/29/20

By Nancy Foley

This week’s energy is all about what holds us down and what sets us back. We must see that in order to close a door we can’t have our foot in the way. We must also see that we aren’t going to be treated well if we don’t find some kind of common ground or muster up some team spirit. The hard times ahead are going to be much harder than the hard times behind us if we can’t communicate with each other in some form of sympathetic outreach. This week I hear you needs to be translated into I feel you to successfully bridge the intellectual energy to the emotional plane.  

Have you ever noticed that change tends to only happen when our thoughts become feelings? Emotional pushes and pulls very often are the determining factor in getting something done. Some of the tension we will feel this week has to do with our action or reaction to how our thoughts are making us feel at this time. Mercury in Cancer is bringing up a lot of thoughts of the past (while in retrograde) as well as feelings we hadn’t thought about for some time. We are more than likely going to find that emotions will cloud our thinking and with Mars in challenging aspect to Mercury this week you could find those clouds can trip you up or worse yet be the excuse for angry exchanges at the most inappropriate times.  

There is a lot to we need to understand and focus on when it comes to making our way in this world especially in the week ahead. The final summer eclipse (Lunar) on 7/5/20 is asking us to set the record straight which may not be quite as easy as we hoped it would be. Seems like our maturity level is being tested and only “the adults” in the room will be granted access to the front of the room; all others will be held back or pushed aside.

Monday 6/29/2020 around 9:02 am moon and Jupiter will square off creating a need to satisfy your cravings and adjust to your current moods. This is time where the moon is void of course (dead zone) until 6:48 pm. Good way to use this void of course moon in Libra is to seek peace and wait out making decisions until the moon moves into Scorpio.

Moon shifts to Scorpio around 6:48 PM and the intensity is heightened. We need to solve the mystery or understand what is making us feel suspicious or fearful. Your emotions are taking a deep dive into any current issues that are yet to be resolved.

Around 7:01 pm the moon squares up with Saturn this may turn over some important ground so we can see what was hiding below the surface. Pay attention to what comes up now because it may be valuable in the future. Saturn is just days away from returning to Capricorn and helping us to re-establish some control over our life.

Tuesday 6/30/2020… speaking about control, Jupiter and Pluto are joining forces for the second time this year (other dates 4/4/20 and 11/12/20). This is a second period where powerful forces seek to take control and further their ambitions or expand their influence. Power grabs are likely as well as expanding a base of power through authoritarian or constitutional measures. One current example would be President Putin’s rewrite of the constitution so that his term ends in 2036 instead of 2024; indicating that with the right power or influence you can change the rules to suit your needs. The vote on this reform takes place on 7/1/20 directly connecting to the Jupiter Pluto aspect at this time.

Mercury and Uranus are in a cooperative mood around 6:12pm. During this period we may find a way to make our memories pay off for us. The answers for the future could actually come from the past while old issues could find a new kind of awareness or understanding.

Sun and Mercury experience the interior conjunction around 10:53PM. This is usually the midpoint of the mercury retrograde cycle where we come to terms with things that have been happening just prior to the retrograde period. This is a good time to reconsider what you were feeling around family matters from 6/5-6/18 and the prior Lunar Eclipse of 6/8/20. If this period was difficult in the areas of communication now is the time you might be able to see things from a new point of view. Sympathy or renewed sensitivity may come through “walking a mile in another person’s shoes”.

Wednesday July 1, 2020 Sun and Uranus are supporting each other around 2:07 AM. What this means for us is a time where we can see the benefits in change and personal evolution. We can always be better if we allow new people or new things to come our way. It’s time to change it up and see what other talents or values we have to work with. The hardest challenge we have today is to stay the course because Uranus loves to get us off track.

At 7:39 PM Saturn moves back into Capricorn for the last 5 months of a 2.5 year cycle. At this time Saturn says it’s time to take responsibility for yourself if you haven’t done so already. You will be a success if you can get organized, accept your current reality, deal with frustrations, acknowledge your ambitions, be patience, and play by the rules. You had an option over the past 2 years now you only have a deadline! We are coming to the end of the road and if we are going to build a new road to the future (12/21/20) we must start working on that NOW. Saturn isn’t playing around; we are now faced with personal accountability and our own maturation process.

The Scorpio moon strikes a cooperative moment with Saturn at 9:20 PM. I see this is as the inevitable sinking in. Then a minute later Moon is in Sagittarius (9:21 PM) for the next several days.

Thursday July 2, 2020 looks like the most difficult day for this week. The Sagittarius moon is pushing us against our friends or workmates, our changing world, and our own sense of self. We are a raging bull that can’t settle down and can’t be held back. Yet every time we charge we wound ourselves or wound others. The best we can do is find a worthwhile diversion or distraction that causes no further harm.

This is not a good day to rant, rave, or otherwise tell others what to do. It is a good day to walk away from the problem and spend time trying to understand where you are heading in the days and weeks ahead. Is your truth still your truth? Good day for a philosophical or spiritual check in.

Friday July 3, 2020 when the Moon and Neptune square off around 9:06 AM you may begin to realize the significance of yesterday’s experience. Faith and Hope are the anchors to life in unsettled times. Inner convictions and self-reliance can be marvelous tools to work with provided you have a connection to the divine. Otherwise you can be pulled into converting others to see life from your eyes only. We all belong in the community of the divine. If you feel like you or others don’t really belong look to your own disconnect or discontent first, perhaps you have something to learn rather than teach.

Saturday July 4, 2020 the moon shifts into Capricorn around 12:48 AM and we begin to attune to the Lunar Eclipse energy of tomorrow. Around 7:28 AM Moon and Mars square off creating a reaction pattern that will take us all the way into Sunday. Mars just arrived in Aries on the 27th so this is the first time the Capricorn moon has crossed its path. Though there will now be meet ups like this for the rest of the year I suspect this first one might be most significant and key to tomorrow’s lunar eclipse.

Your anger or sudden impulses could work against you today or tomorrow as they come on unexpectedly or without your awareness as to the root cause. A competitive, stubborn, selfish side of you could be triggered by someone who wants to determine the outcome or control you. Be careful driving and obey the law because this energy is just ripe for a traffic ticket or altercation with an authority figure. Emotional triggers are the theme of the day.

Sunday July 5, 2020 early this morning at 12:44 AM we have the last summer eclipse. It is a lunar eclipse at 13 Capricorn 38 minutes. The Sabian symbol for this event is “an ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long-forgotten culture”. The keynote: “the will to unearth, in our culture as well as in any culture, what has permanent value, and to let go of nonessentials”.

Later in the day the moon will conjunct Jupiter and then Pluto. I suspect that will see who or what we can count on in the present day and the changing times ahead. Some things endure over time and some things are cast aside always with the sense of time. The historical perspective can help us remember what matters most and will always stand for who we are and who we want to be. The lunar eclipse has helped us to see the character building moments in our life (past and present). It also reveals the wisdom of the ages still holds truth over time. This is the time to be guided by the timelessness of the golden rules all the while having faith that we can be that person.

Happy Fourth of July weekend to all, may you celebrate your freedom as well as the freedom of others. May you find wisdom as you face the tough challenges in the week ahead and know that this too shall pass once you have mastered this current lesson!

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 Planet Flash week of 6/21/2020

By Nancy Foley


We are now in the second of the three eclipses of this summer. This Solar Eclipse is potent and powerful causing us to travel back in time before moving ahead. We are tasked with facing what stands in our way in the emotional realms of life. Emotional patterns, family dynamics, and our true sense of need must be chased down and confronted in the weeks ahead.

Sunday 6/21/20 the Solar Eclipse energy is exact at 2:41 AM. The theme for this eclipse is working through the hard stuff that keeps us tied to the past. I see an image of dust coverings being removed from furniture as we prepare to inhabit a place we once left and now have returned to at this time. We will definitely have to air out the environment and refresh the energy so we can reconnect with our surroundings.

Do they hold good or bad memories at this point? Do they still support us as we prepare to move ahead? It’s been said you can never go home again and it’s true you can’t return to where you once were; however it can be good to vacation there or temporarily return to home base now. 

The Sun and Saturn are in a difficult place with each other around 10:14 AM. Interesting that on Father’s day we would be looking at the psychological darkness that lives within. Our relationship with our Father impacts and impacted our sense of self in the formative years. Now we can decide what we are going to do to help ourselves grow out of the past and liberate our ego from any negative self-talk or worse yet, self-hatred. The eclipse reminds us that what is hidden or repressed must eventually move into the light.

Monday 6/22/20 Mercury went retrograde on 6/18 and today the moon steps forward to help us sort out our feelings. Though we don’t have all the answers we may find that we can now feel different about our current state of mind.

Tuesday 6/23/20 Neptune stations retrograde at 12:32 AM. It will take us back into our soul currents. We will feel drawn or led toward a place that calls us like the Sirens in Greek mythology. We must be wary of their enchantments so we don’t lose our way and crash against the rocks. Pray that you don’t get confused by what is really waiting for you on your spiritual path. The lesson for us all is to see that though we are each unique we are in some way all the same. Like so many fish swimming in formation (school) it’s time to see how our differences can unite us and not divide us.

The moon shifts into Leo around 8:33 AM. Perhaps now you can hear my roar. The will is strong and in the right light we can create happiness in our life. Make peace with yourself and look at all the things in life that make you happy. Can we use today’s energy to focus our best self (the Solar influence)?

Wednesday 6/24/20 we swim with the tide today or tire ourselves out by attempting to swim against. Change is happening whether we like it or not. The best use of today’s energy might just be to celebrate our unique differences and find new platforms for self-expression.  

Thursday 6/25/20 Venus is direct once again as of 2:48 AM. Now we begin to see where our current desires present us with diverse interests or connections. We have been discovering the blessings of friendship and the importance of community over the past several weeks. Venus also has taken us into a place where we were potentially flirting with disaster thinking that we could tell ourselves or others something that would be enough. Today Venus draws us toward what attitude helps us to achieve altitude. We must be willing to not let life defeat us before the battle begins. We are made stronger when we move through crisis rather than away from it. It is in these moments we learn to face ourselves and look beyond our short comings.

Speaking of short comings the moon moves into Virgo at 1:05 PM. The efficiency expert might become the deficiency expert for some part of the day. Move past that energy and find what can be adjusted or improved upon rather than making us insecure or cranky.

Friday 6/26/20 some sense of support and encouragement could bring us a bit of happiness today. We are learning to look past what we once thought was the requirement to fit in the group or the crowd. It’s this simple if you embrace yourself others will embrace you as well; for that which you are seeking (truly seeking) is seeking you.

Saturday 6/27/20 the moon shifts into Libra around 4:16 PM. We are reaching a point of rebalancing our feelings and patterns. This might be challenging because who or what we depend on may no longer be there. Perhaps it’s time to stand on our own or welcome new people into our life.

Mars shifts into Aries around 9:45 PM. We are back in the driver’s seat and may be hasty or impulsive in our desire to get where we are going. This energy is taking on a much bigger place in our lives because of the upcoming retrograde this fall (9/9-11/13).

 As I am writing I hear the lyrics from the song East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed. “East bound and down, loaded up and truckin’; Oh, we gonna do what they say can’t be done; We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there: I’m east bound, just watch ol’ Bandit  run”.

The pace in all of our lives will quicken as the temperature (outside and inside) begin to rise. The thing to remember is a rush ahead may in some ways make for a jerky start. If at first you don’t get what you are after the Mars retrograde might give you the opportunity to back up and turn around. Time can be your ally if you are willing to take a second look at things or change your current approach.

Sunday 6/28/20 we enter the first quarter moon at 4:16 AM; a challenge phase which segues into the lunar eclipse next week (7/5).  Its message for us is who you can turn to at a critical phase of life. Mars will square the Solar Eclipse degree at 4:59 AM bringing a new challenge to our needs and foundational support. The tension of the prior several weeks is looking for release and pressures are mounting.

Then at 6:59 AM Mars and Saturn bring a cooperative influence where everyone can pitch in and help. It’s a good time to work hard and accomplish what is necessary to set yourself free. You can’t expect others to do the work for you but you might find they are willing to do the work with you. Now is the time to honor those important challenges that help you to find your way.

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 Planet Flash Week of 6/8/2020

By Nancy Foley 

The new beginnings of last week brought on by Venus Sun conjunction on 6/3/2020 may be stalling out this week as Mars and Neptune join up on 6/13/2020. The tight wire that we have been navigating for a few days is getting extra flex and perhaps not in a good way. We need firm ground under our feet and by the first of July it will be there once again as Saturn returns to Capricorn for a few months.

As we attempt to resume the pattern of our old lives (pre-Covid) we find the pattern has taken on a new shape and form. We have so much more to navigate through than we did back in March. It’s no longer about stocking up and emergency preparedness it’s about entering the reality of a new era. We are faced with the masked encounter and the eyes have it. Never before has “here’s looking at you kid” taken on such a new perspective.

Getting back to work isn’t about the chance encounter any more. It’s about reuniting with the people who in many ways represent our other family; our work mates, our clients, the people who are part of our daily life. We are tasked with taking a closer look at what they have to say because some of the filter we use to communicate (facial expressions) is blurred out. We are experiencing a sort of face blindness (prosopagnosia) adding to the disorientation of normalcy in order to protect self and others around us. It lends a certain irony to the statement “we wear different faces to protect each other”.

Face it; the reality of this period is daunting for most of us and this week we’ve seen it all! The pressure of altering our lives for the common good has caused many of us to question who or what is as invested in our wellbeing? In some way we have each sacrificed our life for others and we wonder if those others are now there for us in the way we were for them. Mutuality brings support while divisiveness breeds contempt as a more serious tone surges through America. Those who govern forget perhaps that the “war we were fighting” was very personal to all of us and still (of course) is. You can’t treat people like props after what they have just been through.

Monday 6/8/2020 while the moon is in Capricorn it touches base with Pluto and Jupiter grounding us like a surge protector. We look at who governs us and protect us in uncertain times. For many this is just one more reason to question who is really in charge. The transactional nature of Capricorn wants to know that if we invest our energy in a person or situation we can count on it to be there when needed or necessary.

Moon shifts to Aquarius around 8:54 PM calling us to step away from the crowd now and do things on our own terms. We may find that the only way to move beyond chaos is to look towards the future rather than the past. What unique opportunities are waiting ahead?

Tuesday 6/9/2020 moon and Uranus have us turning toward our seed capital. What is going to keep us safe and free as we move ahead? Do we stay with what is familiar or look towards new frontiers in the days or weeks ahead? I hear “try it you’ll like it” and perhaps we will. The necessity for variety and change is challenging but clearly necessary as we look to engage with the world once again. We are being shown there is no there without our own sense of immersion. Still we face this time with new eyes and new knowledge of what we just went through. The thought that hangs over us all like the Sword of Damocles is what’s coming next!

My guides say “adapt, adjust, move on” and perhaps that’s what working with today’s energy will bring. We are only victim to circumstances when we refuse to take back control. Now is the time to get organized and reassert ourselves into our world at large and not leave our decisions up to others; it’s a time of reentry into orbit!

Wednesday 6/10/2020 Today Mars currently in Pisces stimulates the energy of a Solar Eclipse which occurred on 3/9/2016. What themes seem to resurface from that time? Doing a quick headline scan I see primary wins and losses, health concerns were about Zika and concerns about Theranos Inc. What was happening for you?

Today we look at the concept of assimilation and discrimination. We see that just because we want something to be good for us doesn’t mean it will be. Life isn’t a one size fits all situation. We can offer guidelines or regulations but from there we have to customize each person and introduce the variables.

 In this year of change it may be hard at times to know where you fit. The more you know who you are and what you are about (discriminate) the more you will be able to fit in (assimilate). So many times we see discrimination as the unjust or prejudicial treatment of another and there is that!

 However there is another meaning I am alluding to now. Discriminate is also the recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another and the use of good judgment or discernment when rendering a decision or making a choice.  We are all part of the same world bringing our own special qualities with us.

Thursday 6/11/2020 moon shifts to Pisces around 5:32 AM and sets a certain tone of confusion for part of the day. It may help us alter our perspective by highlighting how prior illusions now stand in our way. The need to set free those who have been enslaved to the past or by the past is a moral imperative.

The Sun and Neptune square off around 5:37 AM. I hear someone doesn’t want you to see what’s going on now and if they can slip in by the back door they will do so. The smoke may be clearing but the dust hasn’t settled quite yet. As the sun touches on the fixed star Bellatrix we could run into those who think talking masks their sins. However this could be the day where sudden dishonor befalls someone because they couldn’t see it coming (they thought they had outsmarted everyone). I see the image of a mask slipping and a true face being shown.

Friday 6/12/2020 much is going on below the surface and it may be hard to grasp the true meaning of our encounters. We are dubious as what to claim for our own or surrender; it seems we aren’t quite ready to let go and move on. However moving on is the only way to honor our experience and find relevancy in the day to day.

Saturday 6/13/2020 we enter the territory of the last quarter Moon in Pisces (22 degrees 42 minutes) at 2:23 AM. We have to face our assumptions and our losses at this time. We may experience regret but with some soul searching we may also experience a renewal of faith. In times of uncertainty a ray of hope can light the way. Perhaps what we have been protesting will now be examined under a new microscope to find a way to heal the wounds; perhaps not a cure but a remedy.

Mars and Neptune come to a point of connection that could start the rebuilding process out of the past pain and suffering. The key will be to lift up the energy and not bring others down by ignoring what has recently come to light. I hear the Poltergeist “run into the light, run as fast as you can”. Don’t let this period escape back into the darkness seize the moment to pull the spirit through the mist.

Moon shifts to Aries around 5:03 PM we want immediate release and relief for what has been dragging us down. We are ready to take aim and get what we need from life. Please God let that aim be from a creative energy and not a destructive urge. Let us find the gift in the experience as we who were once wounded can become healers; anger can be a weapon or a creative tool the choice is ours.

Sunday 6/14/2020 this has been a star studded week as the sun has gone over several fixed stars in the star nursery. Today the sun highlights Al Hecka considered a fortunate star with ties to honors, wealth, power, greed and male aggression. Its vibe is more “To the victors belong the spoils energy”, rather than a job well done though.

Today is Flag Day and also the current president’s birthday so I am sure we will be shown the influence of Al Hecka throughout the day. Much of today’s message centers on the past several weeks. At this time we see man’s triumph over entropy or oppression  as the Sun and Pluto reach a point of needed adjustment around 9:58 PM followed by Moon and Mercury square around 10:07 PM.

Tough talk only gets you so far and can inflame a situation if you are fearful or insensitive to others. You must feel the words impact before speaking them if you want to create a favorable impression. This week we started out striving to find the true value of the experience. We saw where hate is an infringement to all freedoms. We saw where back stabbers can leave us with open wounds that others can see before we can.

By the end of this week we see how the spell is broken when mind control is gone. For we are no longer mesmerized by the American dream but awaken to the American way of life. What is seen cannot be unseen, what is done cannot be undone; this is the rip in the fabric that allows for change and repair.

Let us take a moment to catch our breath; from here until the 20th we welcome a new way by allowing the end to a cycle. Let us use our optimism to say “Yes we Can” once again with intent and real commitment.

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