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Planet Flash week of 1/20/2020

By Nancy Foley


As I begin to write I am given the image of a parent (decades ago) telling their child to “be a good soldier” and the adult version of the child now saying what does that even mean? Relevancy and relatability might have us casting off old roles, old references, and other illogical constructs that don’t really serve us anymore. We have outgrown the old mandates or dictates or have we?

By the way, in searching the origins of to” be a good soldier” I came up with a literary reference, biblical references, and military references. It seems soldiering is a term that can be applied anywhere you are called upon to adhere to a certain code of conduct and willingness to follow orders. The deference to the chain of command probably most closely aligns with the parent’s message from above; this way the one who issues the orders gets to determine the outcome.

This week we start to see a shift from being a good soldier to being a good strategist or one who can mastermind the operations. We are required to know the rules but then see where quick thinking or innovation solutions might save the day in a time of crisis or uncertainty. Personal will shifts from a strong sense of duty and a predetermined code of conduct to doing your own thing in your own unique way.

Monday 1/20/20 sun moves to Aquarius at 9:55 AM. A new path or sense of the future grabs our focus over the next several days. Uranus in Taurus will cause us to consider our future values and assets based on the materials we have to work with at this time. If we can’t let go of something or someone who is standing in our way we may be forced to let go of their hold on us or our hold over them. We are reminded that nothing “solid” remains solid indefinitely.

Around 2:47 PM moon still in Sagittarius meets up with Mars prompting us to go the distance and take a chance. Yet with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn we might be a bit concerned with the outcome or how this could distract us from our current focus. Proving ourselves right and others wrong might provide a slight friction today.

Tuesday 1/21/20 tensions could build as we look to eliminate what is standing in our way of progress. Just remember with all the heavy earth energy around us we don’t have the traction to leap over the obstacles in our path we must move through them a step at a time.

Wednesday 1/22/20 moon shifts to Capricorn around 12:00 AM bringing to a close the more restless or impetuous energy from earlier this week. We are coming to see that endings are beginnings and we open to the lure of change and other possibilities. Around 9:45 PM moon and Jupiter join up and we can feel support for our ambitions. We receive benefits for the hard work we have been doing over the past 2.5 years; seems the hard work was worth it after all. From the trial and testing we are now self-empowered and have mastered the experience.

Thursday 1/23/20 the Sun and Uranus square up around 1:54 AM bringing closure to challenges from last 4/22/19. We take with us what matters and most likely leave the rest behind. We understand the value of change and the need for a good financial base as we shifted our behaviors in these areas. Changes brought to us from April to August last year had us tuning into new approaches or frequencies from August 2019 to January 2020. Now we go from here into a next step or stage of building up our lives.

Around 8:07 AM small gifts and rewards could come from our admirers or supporters. This is a great boost to our attitude and helps give us a better grasp on what still needs to be completed before we move ahead. Finishing up the task at hand is driven home when moon meets up with both Pluto (at 7:18PM) and Saturn (at 9:18 PM) tonight. The sense of passing the torch could be a theme as well as knowing where you stand at this time.

Friday 1/24/20 the moon moves to idealistic and detached Aquarius at 8:20 AM. Now the moon squares up with Uranus (as the Sun did early yesterday). We need to feel a bit of space between those who are in our emotional space. If you have an Aquarius in your life don’t be surprised if they are a bit distant or detached with this energy pattern today.

Around 4:42 PM we have the New Moon in Aquarius at 4 degrees 21 minutes. This takes us a step ahead from the previous New Moon Solar Eclipse of 12/26/19. During the next four weeks we navigate through ‘future shock” and what is coming ahead for us all. New groups, new causes, or new awareness around the way things should be on a Universal level could be showing you a new path ahead.

One additional thing today Pluto begins to break new ground as it passes beyond the highest degree it held last year. This may be a time where obsessions or power structures end or begin. Pluto in Capricorn is the power broker; the highest link on the chain of command. Now we see what we have up against in our pathway to self-empowerment!

Saturday 1/25/20 begins a New Chinese Year; the year of the white metal rat is now upon us. The last time we had a rat year was 2008. According to what my research found here are some of the takeaways of this sign:

Rats are quick-witted, resourceful, and smart but lack courage. With rich imaginations and sharp observations, they can take advantage of various opportunities well. Rats represent working diligently and thriftiness, so people born in a Rat year are thought to be wealthy and prosperous. *source is

Mercury and Mars help us to work on advances and great solutions to current problems around 12:08 PM. We are highly motivated and quick witted now so interesting ideas may bring new options today or tomorrow.

We also have moon and Mercury joining together at 2:06 PM. We are given exciting new ways to express our feelings and detach from old patterns. We are ready to move on from here.

Sunday 1/26/20 Venus and Mars square off around 8:37 PM this may be a time of sacrificing for the cause. Make sure you are doing what feels right for you and not just what you assume could be beneficial. Your desires can blindside you at this time if you don’t understand the territory around you; there are opportunists just waiting to pounce on those who are naïve.

All of the planets are direct and will be for another couple of weeks. This is a great time to look ahead to what changes can be instrumental in restructuring our future. We all want a rich life experience but what that means and how we get there is still waiting to be seen. For now count your blessings and see how change can be a great opportunity to put down what isn’t working and pick up what is!

We are open for readings throughout the week. Please text or call us at 781-447-3993 to confirm your spot. Themes for this week may range from developing competency, honor your struggle to worth and purpose, knowing how to showcase your talents, and finding the quiet corner in your life.


 Planet Flash Week of 1/13/2020

By Nancy Foley


As this week begins to take shape I am shown a person on stilts walking through the crowd. It seems that he is making his way quickly albeit with a bit different approach than others around him. The concept of elevation speaks to our sense of self, our ego, our will power, and how we chose to navigate this lifetime.

Perhaps with all the heavy energy of last week some are finding themselves moving ahead, rising above what continues to holds others to a lower standard or mundane perspective. Are you stuck in the yolk of the path before you, fighting hard for the past or prior standards of living? Have you come to see that sometimes exploring a different approach or method is the only way to get through the current tests or challenges life is serving up?

With all the Capricorn energy being emphasized at this week we get to see where tenacity works for us and against us now.  Don’t worry if you can’t quite determine where to go next, now is the time to try on those stilts and gain the new perspective. By late March when the energy shows you the road ahead (or the off ramp) you will be ready to go towards the next direction.

For now let’s just see what the week ahead is revealing:

Monday 1/13/20 we start the week with the Sun shining its light on the Saturn Pluto influence around us. The Sun passes over Pluto at 8:21 AM here the personal will begins to resonate with the influence of the power complex around us.

Then the moon shifts from Leo to Virgo at 9:06 AM the need to dominate or dictate is over taken by the need to serve or improve. This may take the pressure down a notch in any personal battles of will and start to fix problems that have begun to surface. I am seeing the image of a mason cementing the cracks in the foundation while a structural engineer determinates whether the structure is up to bearing the weight anymore.

Around 10:15 AM the Sun passes over Saturn. Now we get the report and face the reality, the terms and conditions, the knowledge of how gravity is working for or against us at this time. Some things stand the test of time while other things need to be shored up, replaced, or torn down. We learn with the heavy energy in Capricorn nothing manmade can outlast time eventually it will wear down or give out.

Venus makes its move into Pisces around 1:39 AM bringing with it a desire for unity and call for compassion. This is a period over the next five weeks where we wear our heart on our sleeve. Though facing reality can bring pain and suffering, love and devotion can bring salvation provided we see things for what they are and not what they could be.

Tuesday 1/14/20 today Saturn moves one degree further into Capricorn and helps us to see where self-restraint is needed to keep us from going over the edge or failing to stay on track. If we want to see results we have to stay focused so take the time to plan your work and work your plan. Those who think they can just “wing it” will be sadly disappointed. 

Around 7:48 PM a tension occurs between Mars and Pluto. This could provoke unscrupulous people to act in unpopular ways. It’s a time of saber rattling and false bravado. Those who think they can do anything they want may find backlash and a surprising shut down to their actions or proposals. Somebody needs to back off or be put in their place and those who have the control will most certainly flex their power or authority to maintain their certainty.

Wednesday 1/15/20 at 4:17 AM Mars now confronts Saturn in a tension pattern quite similar to yesterday evening. The difference is rules are being laid down or certain controls are being called upon. An image of a safety net on a flight deck pops up as I write these words. Restraint is about controlling a situation in motion and not about stopping progress. There are no half-way measures it seems, it’s all the way or no way at all. That which cannot restrain itself on its own will face restraints to keep it or others safe; this is about protection coming from those who understand the danger of some powerful force out of control.  

Moon moves from analytic Virgo to team building Libra around 10:43 AM. We can better understand the need for fairness, justice, and weighing both sides of the matter at hand. The balance scale must be free to measure the loss and gain.

Around 6:18 PM Venus and Uranus seek a cooperative relationship. This may be important news brought through our hidden connections. We may find that new support is coming from our valuable connections in unexpected ways. Divine messengers or guides appear from various corners of our life.

Jupiter is moving into the second ten degrees (decan) of Capricorn know and our guiding forces take us into the realm of our resources, self-worth, and values. We come to see that hard work can pay off. We could also see where a certain status consciousness keeps us enslaved to our assets. Over time many things lose their value while many things increase their value it all depends on the relevance of the times.

Thursday 1/16/20 Mercury moves from the conservative influence of Capricorn into progressive energy of Aquarius around 1:31 PM. This could bring a fresh perspective and radical ideas into our conversations and point of view. With an eye on the future we consider alternative plans and look for new groups to follow or lead. We know the black swan theory is waiting to be applied based on the events of this time.    

Look at what is happening on the down low at this time. With moon squaring both Pluto and Saturn today a rational explanation is needed to keep things in balance. How could we let someone get away with grabbing power and taking control? Why it’s one little detail at a time. Now we can loop back and rebalance our position no matter how incredible things have become.

Friday 1/17/20 we are in the energy of the last quarter moon in Libra around 7:58 AM. Time has come to challenge foregone conclusions and look at new evidence on the matter. We are called upon to see for ourselves the hidden motivations behind any peacemaking or deal making now; I see the devil poised with pen in hand waiting for us to sign on the dotted line. This makes me think of the government agreements with the Native Americans back in the 1800’s. Greed and self-interest are the tools the devil uses best the pen is just a nice touch for the flourish at the end.

Moon moves to Scorpio around 1:20 PM. This may be a deeply significant energy to pull us this way or that. The desire for change and the way to work through others to achieve it could bring a passive range to our feelings over the next day or two.

Saturday 1/18/20 with Mercury squaring Uranus (newly direct) around 3:32 AM something could crash into our consciousness. We may wake up with a new perspective that helps us to see what we couldn’t beforehand. What represents freedom and a good life; these aren’t mutually exclusive ideas after all. Now is the time to adjust the framework so you can include the whole picture.

Sunday 1/19/20 Mars and Jupiter help us to understand the rules of the game and the possible outcomes around 7:46 AM. We come to see that we have inner limits that predetermine or define how lucky we can be. If we aren’t open to any number of possible outcomes we tend to see the same results each and every time.

Moon shifts to Sagittarius around 5:41 PM heightening our expectations and our need to be in motion. We want to see the road ahead and find out what’s really on the other side of the fence that’s held us here for so long. A need to test our limits or those limits we have been abiding by for so long (a month or more at least) is today’s mission.

Monday 1/20/20 sun shifts to progressive and idealistic Aquarius at 9:55 AM. It seems apt that we celebrate Martin Luther King on this day since its energy does reflect his energy. This is the time of the maverick and he was certainly that in his time.

Moon and mars join up around 2:47 PM helping us to take things to another level. We all have a mountain to climb and show others a reason to reach up or be inspired. Though we can’t lead them there we can show them what once was considered impossible is now not only possible but being done right here and right now. We all know the way inner truth and self-understanding.

We are open for readings during the week and on Sunday. Please call soon or text us at 781-447-3993 to get your appointment for the week ahead. “Remember life is a self-guided tour, we are all just here to aim you in the right direction from time to time”.     Planet Flash pre-lunar eclipse version and beyond

By Nancy Foley


As an astrologer it strikes me that a major military offense was begun within the first quarter moon. Many times first quarter moons take us in one direction or another as we begin to feel the need to react or take action. First quarter moons always seem to bring challenges into our lives either major or minor.

What is striking is this first quarter moon is the bridge between the Solar Eclipse of 12/26/19 and the Lunar Eclipse of 1/10/20. Lunar Eclipses bring the emotional component of the Eclipse cycle to the surface. Typically Solar Eclipses bring something in and Lunar Eclipses bring something up to be released out or taken away.

 So let’s reflect on this a moment, if the Solar Eclipse was about control, security, authority, and ambition (all things Capricorn) then the Lunar Eclipse should bring about what we NEED to have the  emotional control, homeland security, public authority, and playing it safe(all things Cancer).  The trigger to this polarity was the first quarter moon in Aries the action or reaction to what happened in late December.

Most interesting for all of us is which energy is more apparent in our lives; the Solar or Lunar Eclipse influence? To get the best answer to this question you would need to know if you were born during a New or Full Moon aspect to your chart. For those who were specifically born during an eclipse we would see there is a predictable influence based on the eclipse timing each year. The current president of the US was born during a lunar eclipse and within the shadow of the upcoming lunar eclipse (2 weeks before) has already begun to channel the energy of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse.

The next 7 days we may all begin to see energy this Lunar Eclipse is stirring up within or around us. It’s never a good idea to start new things prior to an eclipse. Pay attention to whatever is happening now but know that something is bound to change between now and the next five weeks. If you are reading this already having made a major change, then I would say see how this all settles in over that period if, you have not made a change wait to see what changes for you on its own; one way or another change is on the horizon. Some will be the agent of change while others will be the recipient of change.

Friday 1/3/20 the moon remains in Aries today bringing more heat into our day. Along with the fire of the moon, Mars (the ruler of Aries) is entering the sign of Sagittarius around 4:37 AM. This is a time where the zealot and missionary pursue their quest for conversion or conquest. We will see much in the news around new pursuits, self-promotion, greater exploration, but also propaganda, political maneuvers, justice, and foreign points of view. What might be our greatest challenge over the next six weeks is staying focused on our own personal goals or sense of mission. We will definitely need to monitor escalations as we can easily push things too far while Mars is in Sagittarius and suffer the consequences once Mars goes into Capricorn. Pay special attention around 1/7/20 when Mars makes a difficult aspect to Uranus causing an eruption in the forces.

Saturday 1/4/20 moon moves into Taurus around 11:15 AM perhaps stabilizing some of the energy around us. This may be a temporary reprieve as moon meets up with Uranus around 4:31 PM. At that time patterns may need to be adjusted or shifts in values might have us breaking new ground. Since Uranus is still retrograde inner shifts may occur throughout the day.

Sunday 1/5/20 is a day to sort things out and look at what has been happening around you so far this year. This relatively quiet day may be a good time to sit back and count your blessings for soon enough things will get fired up once again.

Monday 1/6/20 moon arrives in Gemini around 4:11 pm. Though this is a relatively short two and half day cycle I would pay attention to what is happening in the hot spots worldwide.  Terrorist activities like to flex their influence when Gemini and Sagittarius influences are strong and there is a window around that energy early tomorrow morning or late today. So just be aware of anything different or strange happening around you especially if you are in a new or different neighborhood.

Tuesday 1/7/20 lots of guidance and messages could come through the dream state especially around 1:21 AM. This is a day where we may feel surrounded by spirit forces and tuned in. Around 3:13 AM Mars makes that difficult aspect to Uranus which could cause us to judge our values differently. We may be pulled into someone’s defending their position while causing us grief. This is the signature of being oversold and under satisfied as we see things more clearly now than we did before. If we are aren’t acknowledging our own values don’t expect anyone else will.

Wednesday 1/8/20 Mercury and Neptune join forces around 8:03 AM. In the spirit of friendship and good will we may find a way to get along or at worst go along to keep the peace. Disturbing the peace feels like a big issue today. I see someone sending up trial balloons to see what can fly with the crowd around them.

Thursday 1/9/20 moon moves into Cancer around 3:43 AM. The stage is being set for tomorrow’s lunar eclipse. This may be a very emotional or sensitive day for many people. Playing it safe may be a big draw for many as change is in the air.

Friday 1/10/20 what a day this is! It starts with Sun and Mercury join together shining a light on our current way of thinking at 10:10 AM. It’s a good day to make an informed decision or get agreement for your points of view.

Then around 2:21PM the Lunar Eclipse occurs at 20 Cancer. The focus is on our needs, sense of support, and level of maturity involved in the choices we are called upon to make for ourselves or others around us. The Sabian symbol for this degree speaks of sentiment. I suspect the public sentiment and private sentiment might be at odds but also being rebalanced. We have to live with the decisions we make as well as the ones handed to us. Know what you need at this time and don’t allow yourself to be played by others with guilt, sympathy, or immaturity; we all have a part to play but no one is allowed to be coddled just so they can avoid personal responsibility.

Uranus goes direct at 8:49 PM. This is a shift in direction that allows us to align our internal shifts over the past six months with the current state of affairs. We know our value in a new or different way now. We also know that change is valuable and not to be ignored. Sometimes our happy place is an illusion and actually blocking a better future ahead. We also are beginning to see that in changing times creativity is a more precious resource than material assets or a comfortable rut. We are worth so much more but that more might be better housed in freedom to share our self-worth and talents in new or different ways.

Saturday 1/11/20 moon moves to creative Leo energy around 7:16 AM. If it makes you happy, now is the time to move ahead. Follow your heart and see where it takes you over the next several days.

Sunday 1/12/20 this is the day where we lay all our cards out on the table. We see what we have to work with and reveal our strengths and weaknesses. Towards this end Mercury joins up with Saturn around 4:51 AM. There is no denying what we are seeing now and it might be a bit frustrating or depressing, yet it’s necessary for us to see what we really have to work with at this time.

Mercury meets up with Pluto next around 5:14 AM. We are pulled towards our power center and connected to our deeper motivations. Some may feel this as a gut punch while others see this as the day of greater self-empowerment. Much of what defines us at this time is what burdens we are willing to shoulder and what ones we are willing to relinquish. This is a period of personal accountability and this is what allows us to better understand our self.

A major cycle of breakdown and breakthrough is established now as Saturn and Pluto join forces as they do every 33-36 years. The last time they joined up in Capricorn was 1518 so obviously this doesn’t happen very often in this combination! However every time these planets join forces a significant moment in history is forever recorded and then a new power structure takes hold. The theme of Saturn (control) and Pluto (power) in Capricorn is all about who gets to make the rules and dominant the environment.

Interesting that when Saturn and Pluto were in opposition in 2001 we had 9/11! What pulls us together may just as soon pull us apart and fear works both ways. I get the feeling with the energies around us we are being pulled into a battle between protection and freedom. I do believe what we are being shown is that personal responsibility and self-empowerment are so much better than a military state but that is always the challenge between fear and power.  Isn’t it interesting that in the breakdown of society a new power player comes up to take hold and it’s not always the same player or playing field.

 This period is reflected in the history of prior meet-ups the 20th century 1981-1982, 1947-1948, 1914-1915:

Here are some of the themes 81-82: A major recession in the US. Time Magazine Man of the year was the Computer.

47-48: Major News Stories include Kon-Tiki expedition, Roswell UFO incident, India and Pakistan Become Independent Nations, CIA established. IMF Established, Ferrari begins production of sports cars, Cold War Beginnings between East and West, United Nations votes in favor of the creation of an Independent Jewish State of Israel, Technology includes First "instant camera", "Tubeless Tire", Transistor is invented, Sound Barrier Broken, First Mobile Phone,    

‘14-15: Federal Trade Commission FTC Formed, British Parliament passes Irish Home Rule
Start Of World War I, First US Income Tax, Egypt under protection of the British Crown

Ford announced his $5-per-day program, The Panama Canal Opens

I suspect that much of what happens at this time will be under review or otherwise challenged at the new moon in Aries on 3/24/20; the half-way mark between the first eclipses of the year and the second ones in June.  As the energy of this period moves into spring expect some kind of power grab to take place around 4/7/20. Then take on a new form around 6/30/20, and finish up around 11/12/20. When things seem to happen fast there seems to be someone who jumps into to take the wheel or reach for the brake; time will tell.

So as we head forward let’s not forget we signed up for this mission. We each have a part to play and resisting the urge to run and hide might be the biggest challenge of all as we head toward the crossroad. If you would like help in determining your place in all of this text or call us at 781-447-3993 so we can fulfill our mission and assist you fulfilling yours!!!