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Planet Flash week of 9/14/2020

By Nancy Foley

This week we prepare for a New Moon in Virgo on Thursday. Along with that we have the moon wobble energy strongest on the 16th. This can be an erratic period where first come first served doesn’t necessarily guarantee results. We could find that our anxieties serve to distract us and/or pull us off course. Most of us may doubt our path as our gut instincts leave us uncertain or at the least a bit confused for most of the week ahead.

With Jupiter now direct as of 9/12/2020 it might take us awhile to put things in the right context. Don’t let your greed or ambitions overshadow your empathy for those around you. We need to consider how lonely Ebenezer Scrooge was when he failed to develop a connection with the community inside and right outside his door. We are integral to the workings of this life; cogs in the wheel.

Monday 9/14/2020

Moon and Venus join up in Leo around 2:53 AM reminding us how our current needs and desires bring us joy. As the week progresses Venus might get a little prideful or begin acting out as the inner Diva takes hold. Today acknowledge how great it is to be loved and then prepare to be a bit uncertain as to your role or position in relationships later this week. It sure was good while it lasted.

Sun and Pluto bring a new assessment around our current power or purpose. We find a way to make our ambitions or obsessions work for us a little bit at a time. This aspect is exact at 7:09 PM.

Tuesday 9/15/2020

Venus and Uranus square off around 11:29 AM causing us to act out if things aren’t giving us what we expected. A crisis could produce a dramatic outburst just to capture the attention of those around us. Sometimes things need to get to that point if our demands aren’t being met or at least our ego thinks it does!!! Temper tantrums could cost us though.

Moon moves into Virgo around 2:37 PM. We have just pushed past one obstacle could this moon bring us some other kind of issue to contend with? Most likely the answer is yes and that would be the tension that surrounds Wednesday. What do they say about the pathway to hell being paved by good intentions? I guess we will see if this holds true over the next day or so.

Wednesday 9/16/2020

Today is the day where this month’s moon wobble is the strongest so expect our plans to go a bit awry and our anxieties heightened. We keep trying to tell ourselves this is what we should do but nothing outside of us supports that now. Taking things a moment at a time might be the best use of this energy rather than trying to micromanage the situation. Every little detail contains some of the message that is ours for the taking.

Moon opposes Neptune around 10:03 PM. Relationships might be a little hard to appreciate as we keep letting our assumptions or disappointments override our reality. Take a break from the energy around you by analyzing your current routines and habits. Perhaps there is something else you should be doing now to further your dreams.

Thursday 9/17/2020

Mercury and Jupiter are working to create successful partnerships. First you have to listen to each other and figure out how you can each contribute to your mutual success. Equity and unity are two important factors in any encounter you have this week with your wisdom guides or advisors if you want to secure your status in the relationship.

At 7:00 AM the New Moon at 25 Virgo 01 creates some tensions in our life. What we need at this time is a way of coming together regardless of our weakness or imperfections. One of our mottos for this week is “fall down seven times stand up eight”. Though no one is perfect together we can create a perfect union. We are all disciples on the path here to share our experience and help heal others by healing self. Ever notice how a self-help guru gains a following by acknowledging their problems and how they overcame them to make a better life? The victim becomes the victor not unlike the sinner who becomes a saint! We do this by embracing our imperfections as a temporary condition that upon acceptance can be overcome. The answer comes from the problem it seems !

Sun and Saturn create a period of harmony tonight around 5:36 PM when we get things under control. Self-control and self-reliance help us to feel that we are managing the tedious work.

It’s a good thing because Mars is causing us to get a bit frustrated or impatient throughout the week up against this Virgo new moon. We don’t want to work through the process we just want to get there; as they say the devil is in the details. The reality at this time is the details are critical if you want your future initiatives to actually take place!

Friday 9/18/2020

People pleasing may be a trap for those who are sensitive to others around them. Around 4:05 PM don’t tell others what they want to hear just to make people feel better. You really won’t get away with that for very long as others will start to doubt or mistrust you.

Moon conjunct Mercury around 10:08 PM brings some support around us. We find others are willing to listen to what we have to say without dragging us down.

Saturday 9/19/2020

Moon opposes Mars at 10:29 AM and the battle begins. We may find that playing fair is a bit of a challenge for us or others. Angry or impulsive reactions may require some negotiation or mediation; cooperation is at a premium today. If something sets you off ask yourself what you expected to take place and see if that was a misread on your part or part of a bigger issue. What are your relationship triggers at this time?

Moon moves to Scorpio at 2:33 PM after the earlier Mars confrontation. Deeper motivations and hidden issues could surface at this time. Is there something that you have been pushing down for too long starting to push back?

Sun and Mars create a challenge of wills around 5:55 PM. Your anxieties may be unravelling your approach and your energy is off. Do you continue on or give up? If you feel you are being taken advantage of giving up might seem the right approach. Anger should be the last weapon not the first tool in your toolkit now. Take a moment to consider what you failed to notice before now; the error of your ways could be a blessing in disguise as you analyze the situation.

Sunday 9/20/2020

Moon and Uranus create some static in your feelings this morning or emotional turmoil. You require a change that brings a validation to your sense of worth or purpose. What excites you and makes you feel more alive could create chaos in your more stable relationships. What pent up feelings need to be released in order for you to feel closer to those around you? Can you do this without creating deep wounds or irreconcilable differences; one can only hope!


Thank you for reading this week’s flash. Now it’s time to get the important work done so we can improve our lives and prepare ourselves for the future eclipses in late November and early December. Make the important corrections now.

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 Planet Flash week of 8/31/2020

By Nancy Foley


It feels like the energy is in motion this week but not falling into place until 9/9 or after. Of course because we will experience a Mars retrograde as of 9/9-11/13 it’s quite possible we won’t be happy with the initial outcome or pattern that is first set. More on that later next week but for now pay attention to what direction things are taking and your projection of the possible way things will shape up. You might be quite surprised on the difference of what you are thinking about now and the weekend ahead.

Monday 8/31/2020

The moon is still in objective Aquarius on this last day of August. We are taking a last look at summer as we anticipate what the fall will bring. Technology and technological advances may be our focus as we ready our kids for school in the Covid time. Improvements or retooling might be challenging but necessary as we set our agendas for September and beyond.

We are all looking to be who we need to be in terms of a new reality and unforeseen future. What can we do to advance from the old traditions into a period of personal evolution and self-actualization that meshes with these times? Solutions from simpler times may fail us if we aren’t ready to master the obvious need for change and the learning curve involved; I think that was last week’s lesson.

Tuesday 9/1/2020

Moon shifts into Pisces at 5:34 AM setting the stage for tomorrow’s full moon. Issues or concerns that developed around the New Moon of 2/23/20 might be up for resolution now. Pay attention to any situations or themes from that time that reappear at this time.

Mercury and Pluto are in harmony around 6:42 AM giving us deep awareness and solutions to concerns related to scheduling or implementation of policies or procedures. I hear deep cuts and do feel that major layoffs or restructuring around corporate or governmental agencies could be in the news now. Proficiency and efficiency are hot button issues at this time.

Someone may make a big announcement or go on the record about a situation that could profoundly affect society over the next several months. I feel initially it is well received only to transition into something more difficult by early October as deeper issues surface.

Wednesday 9/2/2020

The full moon at 10-11 Pisces takes places early this morning at 1:22 AM. Here we are finding a place of hope and faith around our current day-to-day reality. A certain loss of faith may be turned around as we open to a new possibility or divine guidance. I see people awakening from the dream state renewed and refreshed.

The Sun is near the fixed star Zosma which links to keen intellect, depression, fearful or unhappy energy due to restrictions or loss in childhood. The rebirthing time could reset this energy if we allow the old wounds to be healed. If your faith has been taken away now is the time to reclaim it by helping others in their time of need or crisis. We are all saints in the making!

Venus opposes Saturn around 8:18 AM bringing restrictions in our relationships or values. What something is worth might be reconsidered at this time based on how much value we give our own self first. Time to reflect on what is near and dear to you at this time.

Sun and Uranus harmonize around 10:09 AM giving us workable situations to current problems. Perhaps we have found an innovative approach to what has been troubling us for far too long. We are ready to improve our lives today and evaluate how far we have come this year.

Moon and Neptune join up around 8:09 PM. Set your intentions for the dream state and be one with spirit overnight.

Thursday 9/3/2020

Mercury and Saturn harmonize around 3:23 AM. This could be a morning that is shaping up to get things done and out of the way before the holiday weekend. We may see plans being set in action or reformatted throughout the day.

Moon opposes Mercury around 8:58 AM bringing some wishful thinking into the current reality. Perhaps we have assumed things to be true that are no producing disappointments or shadows in our life. Whatever happens today remember that we are just testing out theories at present.

Moon shifts into Aries around 4:22 PM. Now we are anxious to do what we set out to do much earlier in the day. The clouds are lifting and we can see our next move.

Friday 9/4/2020

Mercury will change signs tomorrow until it does we may be cranky or nitpicking everything we say or do. Perfectionism is at it’s all time high and empathy or sympathy are at their all-time low. This is period where tests and challenges come at us from all directions.

First our relationships bring challenges around 5:12 AM. Then our work causes us to make adjustments or get thrown off track around 9:15 AM. What pushes our buttons earlier in the day seems to find some kind of workable solution around 4:32 PM when we can iron out agreements or find common ground.

A charismatic influencer could help us get tuned into what is needed most in our life now. We might feel a new sense of direction or a more positive influence helping us to see the way ahead. Positive mental attitude or (PMA) helps us make the necessary adjustments in our life plans over the next several days.



Saturday 9/5/2020

Moon in Aries will square up with all the heavy Capricorn planets today (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) creating some contention as we try to do our own thing. We need to get out in front of the obstacles in our path and yet without a clear sense of direction or a real understanding of our motives we might just get ourselves in needless trouble. All the Capricorn planets want to do is make sure we understand the consequences of our current impulses or reactions and work on self-control.  

  Mercury shifts into Libra around 3:47 PM welcoming others into our thoughts and conversations. We embrace the harmony good friendships bring! We also may need a good referee in any of our current debates or altercations and now we can find one!!!

Sunday 9/6/2020

Venus wants to find love in a dramatic or glamourous way now. LOVE is a block buster production when Venus moves into Leo. Charming others is easy but getting them to trust you might be an interesting experience now.

Moon moves into Taurus around 4:43 AM a good influence for the Labor Day weekend as we look to relax and enjoy life. Taurus enjoys the sweetness of life and all the material things we have acquired through our labors. What a good period to treasure our connections to both the social and material world we encounter now. Two sides of Venus are around us (Taurus and Libra) showing us both sides of what attracts us to a life well lived.

Around 4:52 AM moon and Venus square off creating a challenge between our current needs and desires. We may find there is some kind of price to be paid if we allow ourselves to be caught up in the drama or seduced by a certain image of someone or something. All that glitters is not gold.

Monday 9/7/2020

We find a new sense of understanding about what we need as Moon and Uranus join up around 2:00 AM. The changes we are making now cause us to reevaluate what is and isn’t worth it anymore. We are most likely attracted to different things than earlier this year. Real estate might be looked at differently now and where or how we want to invest our resources.

There is a fixed star that aligns with the energy of today and Tuesday. It is Mizar and is considered an unfortunate star. It holds a connection to fires of a catastrophic extent and/or mass calamities. Today’s news may have us sending out prayers to those who are suffering and have us counting our blessings for what we have. We may be reminded of our responsibility as part of a group or community by pitching in to help where we can.    

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Planet Flash week of 8/24/20

By Nancy Foley

This is one of those weeks that’s energy is quite easy to interpret. I have two voices that sum up the vibrations. The first is Anais Nin in her quote “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”.

The second comes through the lyrics of Ripple by the Grateful Dead. I really feel the entire song has deep significance but one passage really says it all for the week ahead. It says “there is a road, no simple highway…between the dawn and the dark of night…and if you go no one may follow…that path is for your steps alone”. This poignant message reminds us we are all pilgrims on a path that takes us from our heart to our soul.

Monday 8/24/2020

A significant square, first of three, takes place between Mars and Saturn at 2:19 PM. I see this as the first time we confront our sense of failure against a new perspective brought by undaunted faith. Saturn will challenge us to find the path and take the moral high ground. It will test our ability to find the simple highway and not go off course out of fear, anger or frustration. We are all pilgrims on a path not sheep being herded in the wrong direction….aren’t we?

Today’s wisdom and compassion can only come from our moments of suffering and isolation we had to transcend. Any anger that comes up shows us where we have gotten off track and need to readjust our thinking though I understand that is easier said than done.

Tuesday 8/25/2020

Moon shifts to inspirational Sagittarius at 8:49 AM. We all aspire to know what’s right. Just remember what’s right for you may not be right for others at this time. We travel the path but as written above, “no one may follow”. We are all meant to find our own way ahead.

Mercury and Uranus harmonize around 11:18 AM bringing innovation along with inspiration. We see the inner workings of the divine mind now. This is a great lead off to the first quarter moon around 1:57 PM. The challenge is how to make things work for ourselves and each other. The focus and gut reactions that come through this week bring us a clearer delineation between success and failure. What wasn’t meant to be is now seen in a new light as we understand something else was waiting for us a bit further down the road, post the purification process. We had to be made ready for what we are now about to receive as a result of divine intervention.

Venus and Jupiter oppose each other around 6:26 PM getting us to understand where we are willing to accept less for future possibilities. Do we really think that will get us what we want eventually or is it just easier to deny ourselves to further others ambitions? I think about the six of pentacles card with this one that always asks whose need vs. whose greed.

Wednesday 8/26/2020

This is one of the quieter days of the week. Perhaps we need this time to figure out where we belong now. The prejudices we or others around us face now cause us to feel led away from the pack and yet we are all one in the “eyes of God”. Well, that is until those who profess to be most holy start to cast us aside. There is no good explanation nor will there ever be a just cause that furthers man’s inhumanity to man.

Thursday 8/27/2020

Moon moves to stoic Capricorn around 1:37 PM. We want rules and order to help make us feel secure. This is a good day to create systems or routines that help shape our success. We can get down to work now!

Venus and Neptune harmonize around 5:13 PM. We may feel very tuned into those we love and support tonight. It is easy to sacrifice for love but also empathize as well for we are reaching others on a soul level; inspiration is flowing freely. Out of the spiritual mist we energize a new vision that comes forth at this time. I keep hearing Higher Love by Steve Winwood as I am writing. In one fabulous section of the song he says, “I could light the night up with my soul on fire…I could make the sun shine from pure desire….Let me feel that love come over me…Let me feel how strong it could be”.

Tonight you have the chance to not only let those feelings grow but actually manifest into a higher level of consciousness. Bring the image forth and make it shift the vibration around you to energize your path ahead.

Friday 8/28/2020

We sit in the place we sat one year ago though nothing looks or feels quite the same. We see that we have spiraled up and though we face similar experiences to last year we are finding we have new tools to work with. We have achieved some kind of skill or mastery that last year was just a thought or intention. Now how do we make our lives work more efficiently or more appropriately for the times upon us?

Moon and Jupiter join up around 9:56 PM bringing us a good sense of well-being and support for tonight. We can feel a kind of healing presence surrounding us, and for, now life makes sense.

Saturday 8/29/2020

Moon and Pluto join up together around 7:12 AM. This intensifies a need to control the circumstances of our life. We may feel motivated to transform something that stands in our way or take on power so we can further our ambitions.

Around 9:28 AM Mercury and Jupiter harmonize perhaps helping us to solve any issues that cropped up around Tuesday’s first quarter moon. We have more faith that things can be accomplished in time. The words selective and selection come through indicating the value of a discerning eye.

Moon and Saturn join up around 1:18 PM causing us to feel cut off from the support of others. This might be the time to just pull back until moon changes signs around 8:37 PM. Once the moon shifts to Aquarius we could be feeling a little itchy for change or time alone.

Take the period from 1:18PM to 8:37PM to make plans, create lists, and organize your life for the month ahead. Sometimes what we do in our downtime helps enhance our performance in the busier times ahead. Whether we are taking time to practice our talents, define our priorities, or heal our wounds this is a valuable time to “weed our garden” in preparation of the harvest.

Sunday 8/30/2020

Today feels to be a bit of a challenge. Venus and Pluto are in opposition at 8:31 AM creating jealousy, obsessions, or power struggles in our relationships or values. Then Mercury and Neptune oppose each other around 2:44PM causing us to see or hear only what we want to in our conversations with others.

The truth may be distorted intentionally today so we can get what we want out of a situation without being held responsible for the outcome. In this, we are seeing an opening to move past deception (self or other) if we can honor our truth. Will we take the chance? Let’s hope we are ready to do so.

With the sun moving in the energy of the fixed star Thuban we find ourselves caught in a pattern of natural forces over which we have no control and this makes us restless for change. We need to find simple workable solutions to solve our problems but how do we begin? As with most things, it’s one step at a time.

Thuban can also bring death by house fire so for those people in California we send prayers that everyone escapes the fires in time. Take a moment today to send them energy for support and guidance during this difficult time. For everyone everywhere this might be a good time to check your smoke detectors and be cautious of any flammable situations around you.

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 Planet Flash week of 8/17/2020

By Nancy Foley


Monday 8/17/2020

Today confidence is King as Moon is newly installed in Leo as of 1:38 AM. With Mercury and Mars in a harmonious aspect around 1:29 AM the path ahead is being forged in a bold and decisive way. I hear it’s only for the brave and the meek not apply, at least for now.

Sun and Mercury meet up around 11:07 AM setting the stage for the upcoming Mercury retrograde this fall. What will they be discussing? Most likely it will be hinged on the stuff that makes us great after we have played our part in any kind of crisis. The heroes, the humanitarians, and those who run toward the problem rather than away from it understand what makes a person great. It has little to do with what they have in the material plane and much more to do with what they connect with on the spiritual plane. Today we recognize our noble nature not as Kings or Queens but as fellow members of the brotherhood of man.

Tuesday 8/18/2020

Mercury and Saturn call for an adjustment in thinking around 5:17 AM. We may be faced with some kind of shift in perspective related to work or health commitments. I hear “time to rise and shine” suggesting we have a new way to reach a goal or achieve personal greatness.

Venus and Uranus bring some interesting options or unexpected opportunities that we couldn’t quite relate to at other times. Look at surprises to come through partnerships or finances around 3:29 PM today. A realignment of sorts could be happening at this time as we find a new sense of value related to things that happened back in December 2019 and January 2020.

The New Moon in Leo (26 Leo 35) arrives at 10:41 PM.  This is a time to break old patterns so we can create anew. Co-creating with the Universe comes through the heart and sets our hearts afire. We may become encouraged to start life now at a new or higher level of awareness because of what we have experienced this year so far. In May we thought we could hold on and stay contented now we see that we are not really the same anymore; a divine discontent has come upon us. Time has come to be like Harold and get out our purple crayon! We can create a more perfect or beautiful world simply by deeming it so if we work from our heart center and don’t leave our words stuck in our throat this month.    

A Sun and Saturn aspect late in the evening (11:48 PM) causes us to reset our goals or ambitions. We see that limits placed in our path can be there to create order and discipline but also stop us from moving ahead. With two unfortunate fixed stars at this same energy we could find disappointments with love, self-destructive behaviors or running afoul of the law. In dire circumstances sudden deaths from poison or drowning have been linked to the fixed star Alphard (27 Leo 08) and suicides with Adhafera (27 Leo 34).

A third fixed star Al Jabhah (27 Leo 41) is deemed more neutral in nature. Events or energy tied to this star range from wealth, sound judgement, cleverness in the beneficial column. In the more malefic side of the energy output we could experience danger, loss, mutiny, self-seeking people or those prone to violence. Power, how you get it or use it or lose it, is a theme for this area of the constellations. Self-restraint comes with its own lessons and rewards it seems.

Wednesday 8/19/2020

Prior to the sun moving into Virgo on Saturday we have two other planets moving into that sign. First the moon shifts to prudent Virgo around 4:20 AM and then Mercury arrives there at 9:30 PM. Now is the time for critical thinking and gut instincts to take over. We are attuned to making things efficient and ourselves more proficient as we see how everything fits in life and serves a purpose.

Now is a great time to get to work on organizing and purifying your work life or routines. If you have wanted to break old habits or create new ones now is the time to put those ideas in action. Remember it only takes six weeks to make the change. Interestingly enough approximately six weeks from today on 10/2/2020 Venus moves into Virgo around 4:48 PM bringing rewards or attracting the right people to your current ideas and intentions!!!!

Thursday 8/20/2020

Today moon and Mercury join forces around 1:38 AM. Now it’s time to set intentions for self-improvements that can be activated during the new moon. What needs your attention at this time? How can you become more hands on or hands off to see the best results?

The moon faces off with Neptune around 1:15 PM putting a need for discernment around dreams or illusions. Just wanting something to be a certain way does little to shape our reality; best to see what our gut is telling us now in response.

Friday 8/21/2020

This is the last full day of the Sun in Leo. Now is the time to connect with the fixed star Regulus; the Lion’s Heart (29 Leo 53). This fortunate star is considered the most royal star. It vibrates to the energy of ambition, alertness, great power, status, and nobility. Perhaps things begun this week will be rewarded or acknowledged now.

For most of us this is a day where we want the spotlight and not the shadows. The moon in Libra around 5:16 AM will encourage us to share our hearts with others. A generous spirit and desire to be favored by those we do “favors for” will create some lessons in humility no doubt. Though we are encouraged to speak up and speak out today, it does us well to remember the words and ideas coming through are the property of man not the property of self. Everything truly great has already been said before!

Regulus has also had times of recompense or recuperation where sudden downfalls, accidents or violence can create major shifts in leadership. Reminding us at times “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”.

Saturday 8/22/2020

Sun moves to Virgo at 11:45 AM. It meets up with the fixed star Praecipua (0 Virgo 53)at that time. This fixed star is fortunate in nature and helps the “cream rise to the top” so to speak. It has a generous, noble, peaceful and fearless nature granting certain individuals the ability to undertake prominent and responsible positions so the healing can begin.

It will certainly be a day of adjustments or negotiations with moon in Libra making squares with the Capricorn planets (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto). On this day we may see shifts in direction or power positions changing in the relationships around us. I keep hearing “seek and destroy” around the day. Perhaps rather than negotiate some will decide to terminate what situations are outworn or destroyed over time.

Pay attention to what is happening around the country as today Pluto is 18 months away from its Pluto return on 2/22/2022. This could be the day where a cornerstone is created that sets the struggle or shapes the cause we will be fighting for in 2022. Pluto likes to tear down the old and replace it with something new that helps transform the political or corporate climate. Those walls we have building to keep something out won’t hold for much longer.

Sunday 8/23/2020

Moon moves to mysterious and powerful Scorpio around 6:16 AM. This may help propel us further as the wheel prepares to move a quarter turn heading us toward the next quarter beginning in September. In the week ahead we will determine what is meant to go with us into the fall and what will be cast out or left behind. It’s time to purge what hinders us from merging with our life’s greater potential in the days ahead.

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