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Planet Flash week of 8/11/19

By Nancy Foley

Any shocks to our system over the past week have been wake up calls from Uranus. Today it goes retrograde at 10:27 PM causing us to reevaluate some area of our life. What disturbed us in the outer world now reverberates inside each of us. It can bring a revelation around what truly matters for each of us and/or for all.

Literally we are seeing when you “open fire” on any group or person a bullet has no conscience. We are also seeing that anger is very much like a bullet too. I once knew someone who said I never throw things when I am angry because I know I will have to clean it up later. We are living in that place NOW; cleaning up angry people’s stuff!

We are in the aftermath of what anger and divisiveness can do. We have been here before some of us; it was called 9/11/01. Fear and depression were traveling companions throughout this country and perhaps even the world for many years. What became important to our healing process was the uniting for a cause. Yet this time around the cause isn’t so easy to define or defend. The rhetoric related to gun violence has many different factors and factions. The conversation’s focus needs to shift I think. Perhaps if we used a bullet has no conscience as our motto it might help. Perhaps if we had data and significant information on the cost of gun violence in our country it could awaken us all to what we are dealing with for decades to come.

There is a financial cost that includes medical, emergency, and economic hardships like lost wages or medical bills that are beyond our budgets. There is an emotional cost that has an immediate impact and a much longer impact. My grandparent was murdered and though I never knew him everything about his family’s life and as a result my life was impacted. There is a moral cost to our soul as a country and a people.

Then we have the societal impact where we begin to doubt what we stand for or who we stand with. It’s so much easier when the bad guys are not like us but from where I stand the bad guys are too many (because they include organizations, government representatives, and people who make a business from the violence) and the good guys are too few!     

Perhaps what is needed is a revolutionary approach to how we handle the situation. If we taxed every gun and bullet sold with the tax money going to the victims of gun violence and their community’s support programs maybe we could shift the focus. I am sure there are many other unique approaches to the current situation that could be found if we wanted to find them. Hopefully while Uranus is retrograde some new solutions will be brought forth.

Sunday 8/11/19 Jupiter goes direct today at 9:37 AM. Over the past four months we have been given answers to questions we haven’t even asked yet. It is now time to accept our ignorance on certain matters rather than assert our beliefs or assume we know the answers. An open mind is hungry to be filled while a closed mind is on guard for any intrusion or disruption. Our saturation point is being tested on so many levels these days how do we keep ourselves in balance? That is one of the questions that Jupiter and Mars may help us answer in the month of September. For now we are best served by monitoring our energy levels. Take time to consider what brings us down and what brings us up? What do we really need to know and when do we need to know it? Most importantly, where does our sense of knowing come from? With Jupiter in Sagittarius we are reminded that knowing comes from synchronicities and inner truth; what is IS until it isn’t.

Mercury changes into Leo around 3:46 PM and we are less absorbed in our feelings now. We start to feel a bolder sense of self-expression and we are more confident than we previously felt. We want to put our personal signature on life at this time. In the next couple of weeks as Mercury and Jupiter are close in degrees we may find our creative signature is what puts us ahead. We are encouraged to speak up for ourselves and promote our goals for the future.

As I mentioned earlier in this post Uranus is also changing signs today (10:27 PM). During this six month cycle we will take altruism with us on our journey of reorientation and the quest for a good life.

Monday 8/12/19 just because you can’t see doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Today may be a day where doubt and uncertainty overtakes our sense of purpose. We may need to remember that much of what we have recently experienced is yet to be acknowledged. Now that Jupiter is direct we have approximately four months to put all of that into the proper context.

Tuesday 8/13/19 those who have been pushing too hard or too fast will find that they are getting resistance. Something stretched to its limits may indeed snap back.

The moon shifts to Aquarius around 11:37 AM. This sets the stage for some point/counter point type of experiences when Mercury in Leo and Moon in Aquarius oppose each other around 4:34 PM. Make note of what is being said and what is being felt as they are keys to understanding the full moon on Friday.

Wednesday 8/14/19 I hear today could be a “Mexican Standoff”. I looked that up in the dictionary and here is what it said…Mexican standoff definition is - a situation in which no one emerges a clear winner; also : deadlock. Is the Universe telling us something by this message? I think it might be about changing focus from divisiveness to co-creating. We are better together than we are apart!

This message may be reinforced when Venus and Sun meet up finishing a cycle that began during the Venus retrograde last fall. Do you remember a longing of connection or intimacy somewhere in your life during the late fall of 2018? Did you then go seeking a greater sense of fulfillment or purpose? Today the message is received and your connection with the divine is strengthened. Indeed you WERE only waiting for this moment to ARRIVE!

We may be driven to act on a deeper impulse for change or action around 8:00 PM. Make sure the energy you are exerting now gets you to where you are meant to be. Don’t try to push the river at this time.

Thursday 8/15/19 brings the full moon at 8:31 AM. I am being told “last year” as I write. So it seems the Universe wants us to see this full moon in context of last year’s lessons around self-love and group participation. Who are we serving best when we serve ourselves? I leave you to answer that question. However I will say that with the 23rd degree of both Leo and Aquarius highlighted we might be pivoting between a certain fearlessness and sense of accomplishment. Perhaps this is about the audacity to hope the world can find a better tomorrow! We are so great when we are all tuned into the divine order of life brought through the Universal consciousness.  Today’s message is about co-creating through the cosmic heart to find “at-one-ment”.  If you are looking for a good musical reference may I refer you to “Who the Cap Fit” by Bob Marley.

This may seem to be an odd choice if you listen to the words at first but it speaks of how we are both good and bad. We aren’t looking for a savior but rather a healthy dose of understanding. Knowing who we are and seeing who someone is brings the understanding. Don’t judge or try to convert just observe and love. We are all the right spices in the stew of life.

Moon shifts to Pisces around 11:51 PM bringing some desire for surrender and compassion. Find the flow and immerse yourself there in the days ahead.

Friday 8/16/19 sometimes when you see one thing differently you can gain awareness or closure. Today is one of those days. At first what might seem odd or unusual serves to unlock our doorway into the kingdom of heaven within. We have firsthand knowledge of something so much greater than we could once see before.

Saturday 8/17/19 today mars sits at the highest degree of Leo. We are emboldened by our desire for love and trust.  Time to que up “Bold as Love” by Jimi Hendrix; it’s all there if you can go there and trust where it wants to take you. The challenge is whether you can shift your consciousness from self-concern or fear to compassion.

Sunday 8/18/19 mars moves into Virgo around 1:19 AM. Any regrets based on last night’s actions will find their way to you today. A sense of buyer’s remorse could surround us today. What seemed like an exercise in love might be an experience in healing over the 3 weeks. Did you bite off more than you could chew? If so you are going to have problems with your digestion!

Moon shifts to Aries around 12:34 PM. In our rush to get somewhere we might actually be damaging the ground we cover. Take time to analyze the situation before moving ahead and if you do Monday will bring better solutions and/or results.

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Don’t let fear quench your love. Love is the flame that brings light to the darkness.

Planet Flash Week of 8/4/19

By Nancy Foley

First thing I am shown is a person walking around trying to find their place. I keep hearing the pivotal place; the place where you can move in any direction and have a 360 degree view. Hmm…sounds like an astrological wheel or a mandala or any symbolic version of holism.

Perhaps this Mercury retrograde really had us questioning who we were beyond our past! It’s okay we have a bit of time to come up with an answer. Perhaps some kind of reset will occur around October and a whole new structure will be part of our focus late in December. All this year we are learning that in order to feel secure we need to listen to our feelings and honor our intuition. We are learning to be a gyroscope which is a device that uses Earth's gravity to help determine orientation.  

We are learning to find center while understanding the harsher realities of life. This is not a time of feel good America or even the world. It’s a time where we are shouldering the burden and becoming aware of situations that have a deadline that is just around the corner. Whether it’s climate change, politics, financial matters, health concerns, or relationship issues something is saying that we need protection. The question is whether the protection comes from trying to wall something off or welcome something in.

As we move from a more fire based response of Leo to a more earth based response of Virgo throughout the month we will come to a place of analysis and practical solutions. For now we are still trying to figure out how to get our demands met.

Sunday 8/4/19 moon shifts to Libra around 9:30 AM. The next couple of days we may need to rebalance our life or find better harmony in our social connections. As we go in a certain direction today we will find that if we attempt to dominate or dictate we will find something or someone standing in our way. Today isn’t about getting “your way” it’s about finding our way together.  The gyroscope of love and life is taking us for a spin.

Monday 8/5/19 holding hands, staying in step with others around us is part of the energy of today. Two heads ARE better than one at this time. Good day to practice your negotiation skills and find win-win solutions to even the littlest issues around you.

Tuesday 8/6/19 just because you don’t want to hear it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be said. This is when the conversations should take place because they can be the most helpful.  With moon shifting to Scorpio at 11:32 AM the topics might get a bit deeper than we first intended. How vulnerable we allow ourselves to be at this time reveals our level of trust with self and others.

Wednesday 8/7/19 the day starts out with a feeling of benevolence and good will. Enjoy this while you can because it won’t last long. By early afternoon we are in the energy of the first quarter moon. This is a challenge between someone playing God and another finding God. As I watch Marianne Williamson now on my television it seems she is actually playing both roles or at least showing us both sides of this energy. She has valid points about many subjects and then you have the critics saying she is denigrating the human spirit through the self-help movement. This week might be a period where listening to her has us pondering how much control we have in this life experience. Do we celebrate our inner spirit in a win and denigrate it in a loss? How much responsibility and control do we really ever have in our life experience; are we meant to be supermen or women?

 Perhaps we need some remedial education around what is really winning and what is really losing. With clear vision or clairvoyance perhaps we can see it’s all part of the whole 360 experience. We really can’t live life purely on our terms and by early evening we are finding the blocks to our will or personal hang-ups.

Thursday 8/8/19 if you take a step back and spend some time alone in the morning you may feel the day takes you on a magic carpet ride. Your intuition empowers you for at least part of the day. Strength and power come your way through silence and connection to your deeper feelings.

Life may treat you well today and shower you with small gifts or pleasures. Good time to pay it forward and give thanks for what comes your way especially in the afternoon.

Moon shifts to Sagittarius around 4:35 PM. We are operating under some pretty good fire power at this time with Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars in fire signs. Dramatic presentations get a lot of mileage or coverage for the next several days. Quiet time is over and play time is here!

Friday 8/9/19 the rambunctious energy of yesterday faces some resistance today. We might have some regrets for how far we took things last night. Don’t live in regret but rather find a new awareness or understanding of what might really be lacking in your life. This is prep work for the 11th when Uranus goes retrograde (what we can change) and Jupiter goes direct (where we go far or too far).

Just ask yourself why it is this way and wait for the answer to come through in the following days. Jupiter is bringing great self-knowledge through our experiences especially while it resides in Sagittarius until early December. Once it goes direct on the 11th we can work with our current level of understanding.

Saturday 8/10/19 the day goes along pretty well but the evening brings a feeling of weakness or disappointment. Perhaps we have been going in too many different directions or have too many irons in the fire keeping success just out of our reach.

Moon moves into Capricorn very early Sunday morning. Perhaps we will be dreaming of how to reach goals and find success after all.

Sunday 8/11/19 as I think about today’s energy I am reminded of Scotty in Star Trek; “I am giving it all she’s got”. Today may be one of those days where we are testing our own limits by overload or misperception. Self-assertion based on the changing terrain around us has us quite conflicted.  

Today Jupiter stations direct at 9:37 AM which is very good news for all you Sagittarians but perhaps a bit too much for you Pisces. Jupiter has been retrograde since April 11th and is about midway through the sign leaving it to complete it’s mission over the next  4.5 months.

Along with planet of optimism and greater experience heading toward greener pastures once again Mercury (communication) moves into bold Leo. This means Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all in the element of fire along with Jupiter. We have some great ideas coming our way and lots of encouragement to get out there and get going.

That is unless the fire planets are hit with water suppressing their leaps and bounds or earth tamping down their reach. Pisces (Neptune), Scorpios (Pluto) and Capricorns (Saturn) might not be the best ambassadors for their energy during this time as their sensitive or realistic influences are a real buzz kill for the fire folk.

The other game changer for today Uranus (now firmly in the sign of Taurus) is about to go retrograde for the next six months. From 10:27 PM today through January 10th 2020 we make important inner changes or shifts in our personal values, assets, or talents. What seemed so worth investing ourselves in might not be what we thought it would be or hold to our personal standards anymore.

Funny as I write this last paragraph I am being shown a scene of the three little pigs building their houses. Since Taurus is all about real estate this might be an apt story to read now. Options and reasons for the choice of building materials in our life might be a very good way for us to understand our sense of worth or purpose. To review; the three pigs chose from straw, wood, or brick what sources or materials are you choosing from these days?  

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