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Planet Flash Week of 6/9/19

By Nancy Foley


The theme for this week is question and doubt. We are now taking our concepts from the drawing board into the workroom. What isn’t sound or viable will be able to be reviewed, reconstructed, and edited over the next week prior to the shadow of the upcoming Mercury retrograde which is 6/21-7/6.

During the pre-retrograde shadow phase we will have the opportunity to see what is meant to be noticed, questioned, and filed away for review during the actual retrograde period. So from now till then if something seems odd pay attention. If something isn’t working question why and give some time for the answer to emerge. This is not the time to duck and cover or avoid what’s being said, rather it’s time to listen and learn from a gut level assessment.

Sunday 6/9/19: Today we feel a bit off but it’s a great day to take it all in and just go with the flow. Acts of love and small empathetic gestures go a long way. Welcome people into your world and feel the connection for we are all on the same wave length in an intuitive vibration. Shift from the mental differences into the emotional harmony and unity as we “swim” through the day.

Monday 6/10/19: Getting out of the “depths” back onto dry land might be the challenge early in the morning. Around 2:01 AM we are in the energy of the first quarter moon in Virgo. Critical assessments of friends and our current messaging might bring some anxiety or tension into our waking hours.

Work stoppage, delays in traffic, and general misdirection may confront us in our morning routines or commutes. You might want to ask why this is happening and look at what you are being shown with this. Perhaps we see something that we wouldn’t  otherwise  see or miss entirely if we didn’t have these disruptions.

It’s possible we could get caught up in defending our views or explaining ourselves as we feel under attack; don’t get caught up in this trap. Instead look at where you are able to see another point of view that just might bring an alternative solution or explain a process that confused you until now. Today is about the learning curve not the insecurities that stop you from trying!!

Moon shifts to Libra around 8:30 PM, time for the social hour! Don’t be surprised if you find new friends or spend hours conversing with your current friends as you seek to catch up on the latest gossips or trends.

Tuesday 6/11/19: I hear something about a count down from my spirit forces. They say stay with it and develop stamina around a certain situation don’t jump too quickly before all the facts are known. This seems to suggest a day where rash reactions or sudden changes could cause a tilt in our equilibrium so try to stay in center if you can. I am being shown the image of a big top or gyroscope and the challenge to stay the course.

Wednesday 6/12/19: Mercury is back in bounds so there may be a more balanced energy around our conversations or thinking. The past few weeks things may have felt a bit too much or a little over the top someplace in our life. I get the feeling things are settling down and a more grounded feeling might be present.

Placement and positioning seems to be the theme today. We feel something isn’t right but not sure we have the authority to bring the necessary changes. If we are waiting for someone else to take charge we might feel irritated or that offering complaints are our only outlet. Today could turn out to be one big team building exercise.

Thursday 6/13/19: Moon enters Scorpio around 12:03 AM intensifying our dreams and heightening our suspicions. Challenges could come from unexpected sources today as we consider what matters most. We may have trouble trusting others as they feel too superficial or flighty today. Perhaps we need to assess our situation before revealing what we have to say; still waters run deep now.

As the day progresses we fall prey to the puppet master mentality so we can protect our vulnerabilities. This is the kind of day where what is said is meant to push buttons or trigger certain reactions. Now you know the only people that can usually do that our people who see your weaknesses or vulnerabilities; i.e. those who know you really, really well. If you experience a leakage in your force field today now you will know why!

Friday 6/14/19: Your spiritual guides or those in spirit might drop in for a visit during dream time. They are there to help heal the energy leakage from the previous day. It’s a good thing because you will need their strength later this morning.

Mars makes two challenging aspects around the 11:00 AM time frame. One is a hard push against our limits or frustrations. This energy is best used to do work alone that requires focus and self-restraint.

The other aspect could have us tilting at windmills or zealously pursuing the wrong goal. With this energy it’s best to see what is truly inspiring us or guiding us in that direction. More of the same rarely provides a better outcome; sometimes we are better served to ease up and redirect our energy.

In the learning curves provided this week we come to see that personal experience is the best teacher. With this energy mistakes are important chapters in the lesson plan. If you can laugh at your mistakes and not get defensive when you are criticized you will master all the lessons life is teaching you know. Remember it’s all grist for the mill and as you refine the roughness you will be left with workable solutions.

Saturday 6/15/19: Jealousies and passions are rising throughout the early morning hours. As we feel our desires intensify make sure you have a place to go that shields you from the fallout.

Moon enters the sign of Sagittarius around 5:04 AM setting the stage for the upcoming full moon on Monday at 4:30 AM. Long distance travel or those who live at a distance might be the subject of conversation between then and now. With this energy we will be hitting the road and that means Planet Flash will not be written for the week for 6/16/19. Since I am the staff there is no one else to write this missive and so I task you with writing your own Flash for the week ahead.

 I will give you a clue…it’s a full moon on Monday and the theme is walking your talk. So what you experience in the week ahead will be your inner teacher and guide. Think about what has been going on in your life since April 10th when Jupiter went retrograde. Have you come up with a different perspective on how to teach or guide others? Have you seen your beliefs go through a revision or gained a new sense of understanding around your truth?

Sunday 6/16/19: This is one of the most important days relative to the con man influence we experienced back in January. By “con man” I mean where we have led ourselves off the path by blowing things out of proportion or believing what isn’t true. In order to fall prey to a con job we are either naïve or want to believe something so badly. Remember the old adage about if something looks too good to be true it rarely is true? This is now the time where we can see the supposition or lie that allowed us to be conned (by self or other). We are ready to “wake up and smell the coffee” or rise and shine. We have many ways to see things but fewer ways to believe.

Tomorrow’s full moon 6/17/19 will bring us to the place where we can see what’s truth beyond commotion or emotion. We now see where the road and the road map agree or diverge. Remember the days when GPS first was introduced and we found ourselves on the road to nowhere or worse yet made several unnecessary turns because the GPS couldn’t translate new construction or road changes.

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Nancy and Tom 

Planet Flash week of 6/2/19

By Nancy Foley


Lots of words coming from the spirit side of life these days with Sun in Gemini. First I was given the term Sturm and Drang to investigate and incorporate into this week’s missive. From what I could find this was an 18th century literary movement that exalted nature, feeling, and the individual. Goethe was one of the writers that personified this period. Much of what was written at that time was insightful and perhaps incited revolt against society.  One of my favorite quotes of his is, “All truly wise thoughts have been thought already thousands of times; but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again honestly, until they take root in our personal experience”. 

His quote and that period of Enlightenment seem to be calling out to us this week. I feel collectively we are being tasked with the sense of gathering information (thoughts) and putting them to good use (integrating them into our daily activities and life philosophy). The new moon on Monday is all about self-expression, self-refinement, and accomplishment. Perhaps in some way this week we become a student looking for a new teacher or a wordsmith who inspires other to grow. When we ask the right questions we find the right answers and are drawn closer to the solutions that we are calling for!

I was given a picture of a forest that represents the mind unfocused and easily stumbled upon from time to time. Stepping in we feel a bit lost in a maze of moss, giant ferns, and gorgeous pines. Sometimes we feel calm and at rest while at other times as the wind gusts through the pines we hear whispering or see animals skittering about. As anxiety takes over we look for the clearing; the place where distraction can be minimized and perhaps sunlight can be seen directly overhead. We want to take back a sense of control and focus that was relinquished during our time in the forest; we long for certainty over doubt and control over our thoughts.

You might want to ask yourself, after you are out of the woods, how much did you long for or miss rational thought?  Where is the place we actually achieve peace of mind? Is it order or disorder that helps us feel focused and aligned? Some people thrive on chaos and others fall apart…why is that? Are you the one who seeks to ask the questions or find all the answers or both? Does every question have an answer or are there some questions that will always hang in the atmosphere like so many birds in the air? Lastly how many questions can you focus on at any given time?

Sunday 6/2/19 moon has moved into Gemini as of 7:49 AM. We are in the waiting room hanging out until tomorrow’s new moon. While we are here lots of strange thoughts and trivia pop up over the next 23 hours. Some of these are messages helping to guide us through while others are clutter trying to get out. Keep a note pad by your side now so you can determine later on what they all mean.

Mostly we are all story tellers today crafting our life story. We are what we tell ourselves but we are also who we show ourselves to be to the others around us. Are we a paradox or an enigma; most likely both!

Late in the evening we are aflame or inflamed depending on where the passions take us. The theme during this period is passion, power, and purpose. We see rational order in our life but find that divine will tempts us and taunts us to move beyond the known; peak into the unknown places.

Monday 6/3/19 the New Moon in Gemini arrives around 6:03 AM. This is the moon where ideas take wings and help us fly. We are the butterfly or the parrot when this new moon comes around. What’s the difference you ask? To me it’s about direction, intention, and how we focus our thoughts (fresh ideas or repeats). This is the best new moon for creating a vision board or chanting words of power. We need to see it or hear to believe it and the better way to do that is to write your own script?  As Goethe says,” doubt can only be removed by action”.

Interestingly enough, as I continue to write, the character Ed Norton from the Jackie Gleason show is saying, “alright Ralphie-boy”. He was the personification of the best friend, whipping boy, and side kick. Everyone needs someone like this in their life this month (sans whipping boy)! Today it might be the person who you are debating with while tomorrow it might be the person you stand shoulder to shoulder with to get the job done; you are on this journey together after all.

Tuesday 6/4/19 is a great time for writing and communicating as moon and mercury join up around 11:43 AM.  Friends, comrades, and allies are sought after and found. Moon shifts to Cancer around 12:18 PM and lots of buried feelings might surface around that time. Mercury shifts from Gemini to Cancer around 4:05 PM. We may a period of nostalgia coming around us over the next couple of days. Memories and sympathies run high.

During the evening a burst of enthusiasm and over eagerness takes hold. Don’t go overboard if you can avoid it. Unexpected family gatherings might be considered at this time. We feel the need to remind those we love of how much we value them. 19 years ago on this date Tom and I had our first date so I know that will be part of our evening’s focus.

Wednesday 6/5/19 this day feels to be emotionally charged and one where we should watch what we say. Words could be misunderstood or felt to be dismissive in some way. Sometimes silence holds a place that words can never fill. Tonight we say farewell to our brother in-law so I know our voices will be saying prayers and silent goodbyes.

Thursday 6/6/19 something deeper is pulling us toward a compulsion for power and control. Uncertainty and unrest can take hold easily at this time. Moon shifts to Leo around 3:17 PM. We may feel a bit more confident and creative as this energy takes hold.

Evening time Jupiter and Uranus create tension energy for all. The need to take a risk or cut corners might bring out the gambler in us but an unwise understanding of the situation can shock us now or later on. We didn’t really see all that was involved because we were blindsided by our beliefs. It kind of reminds me of when Pinocchio follows the bad boys to Pleasure Island. In some way our beliefs will be altered over the next several days whether it’s because we are confirmed by them or let down by them. We are being awakened to what our beliefs hold for us in potential or naiveté.

Friday 6/7/19 I hear who holds up the mirror? I feel that today is about seeing what only another can show us for in reality our friendships are mirrors. Great moments of awareness or awakening could happen now.

Today who or what we value responds in kind. We could feel great comradery and happiness throughout the day. The biggest challenge we could find is resistance to our bold approach later in the evening. Perhaps someone feels we are coming on too strong or being a bit over the top in some way. I guess it’s time to look within and find the inner flame.

Saturday 6/8/19 I hear shake, rattle, and roll seems like we are dice in the hand of the Universe. Whatever we land something good or bad could be seen. Perhaps it’s more about the experience and the chance rather than the final outcome.

Moon shifts to Virgo around 5:46 PM feels like this might be the time to watch your health and work routine. Venus shifts to Gemini around 9:37 PM and we could find our finances or friendships a little quirky for a bit of time. We are more interested in the immediate connection over the long term value. We just want to be stimulated in new and different ways so we flit or flirt with a range of situations.

Sunday 6/9/19 the day feels like it’s going side-ways and it’s only just started!  This could be the day where we feel over stimulated and underserved. Double check your plans before heading out the door and make sure you have tended to the simple tasks that are easily overlooked at during stressful times; like feeding the cat, watering the plants, or turning off the stove.

It’s also a day where we could forget our manners or ignore someone important in our haste to get where we are going. So take a breath and make time for those key little moments that mean so much; don’t forget to touch base before moving ahead!

Midafternoon we could feel a bit lost or confused. What we anticipated or planned for may not turn out as expected. Our will is weakened and our faith tested but hope might be the thing that gets us through. By night’s end we have pulled together whatever was felt to be unraveled earlier in the day.

As we question and examine our life story this week look at who has been the storyteller during your life. Have you outgrown your role as cast and now must be the writer or observer to update things? Where have you coasted along for far too long and now must rewrite or edit your character’s lines? There are Lots of questions ahead that aren’t meant to be answered too quickly or dismissed too soon. Take your time walking through the forest to reach the clearing ahead. Be confident that all will be revealed in its time for all our guaranteed our place in the sun!

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Planet Flash week of 5/27/19

By Nancy Foley



The parent starts the story, “Once upon a time”. The child interrupts with a thousand questions such as how long ago, where are they, is this a magic kingdom or for real? The curious mind wants to take us all over the place and many times can cause confusion or disrupt the flow. You have met this child at bedtime. They suddenly start looking for reasons the story shouldn’t end or unmet bedtime needs that have yet to be addressed (such as the glass of water or favorite snuggle pal currently absent from their arms). I would say the more we anticipate these needs beforehand the less likely they are to come up later on but kids are ingenious and they can outwit even the best parent at times always finding some new delaying tactic.

Many times we are drawn to the delaying tactic in our adult lives too. We know something is reaching toward a deadline and try to find one reason or another to avoid what we are called to do. This week might have that kind of energy more than once.

Sunday’s last quarter moon (yesterday) might have shown us where we are procrastinators at times. It may have revealed where our dissatisfaction is at present. So I ask you to ask yourself, in this week ahead, where does the myth fall short. What were you expecting to be happening at this point in the year or in this point in your life? In some way are you looking for that unmet need to be addressed before you can settle down to work or sleep?

Monday 5/27/19 Happy Memorial Day. We may feel a bit out of sync today. As much as we enjoy a holiday it does throw off our routine. This might be a time where we feel required to do too many things all in the same day and falling a bit short as a result. Resolution for today: plan less, enjoy more.

Tuesday 5/28/19 moon shifts to Aries around 2:32 PM. I feel that might be when we feel back in our life or more connected to what is going on around us. So if you have important work to do try to plan in for the afternoon.

The evening period brings a great sense of comradery and we feel drawn closer to certain people or situations.  Intentions might be set or plans made for more socializing in the weeks ahead; perhaps its feeling good to be connected to others after the previous weekend’s events. Being around a diverse group of people helps us to see things we hadn’t seen or considered in that way until now.

Wednesday 5/29/19 how you see yourself will be how the day plays out. Today is a time to see where your head is at and how you interpret your experiences to reinforce your own script. This can be a very good day or a very challenging day as a result. The theme for today is to believe in yourself and see any resistant you encounter as grist for the mill. The more you examine your illusions or assumptions the less inclined you are to suffer today.

Thursday 5/30/19 we are in an adjustment period today. Take the temperature in the room before engaging. Look to others around you for options or previously held opinions which could now gain some ground. Time could drag in the later morning hours. Slow down your pace and wait for the tide to turn on Friday. This is the day where entanglements and confusion bog things down perhaps perpetuating one delay after another.

We are filled with enthusiasm and grand plans late in the evening. Since you can’t act on them right now perhaps you want to write them down for use later on say around June 4th.

Friday 5/31/19 we’ve reached the end of another month, seems the energy of the year is speeding up now! Opportunities that present themselves can be acted on immediately; projects are green lit. If things start to get a little out of alignment a bit later today make sure you are available to keep them going.

Moon shifted to steady Taurus energy around 12:43 AM. This may help us focus on what is worth our energy and time for the next several days. It may also have us confront what shakes our confidence because of instability or uncertainty of the great idea or insincerity of the people involved.

You may find yourself working with mental puzzles or mulling over some private information before heading off to bed. It’s best to keep things to yourself and allow things to transform over time. Was that Freudian slip an important sign of what’s ahead? Something is telling us to keep watch and pay further attention to something now.

Saturday 6/1/19 we are so drawn to the beauty of a person or thing that we forget ourselves. This is the day where we could throw caution to the wind but regret it a bit later on. It is hard to fend off this energy as we respond quickly to our desire nature.

Around lunch time we feel a more disciplined kind of energy take hold. Perhaps we are recognizing that we are over indulging in one place in our life because we are under indulging in another. What is really worth it and what only seems that way; this is the question to ask today.

Sunday 6/2/19 moon shifts to Gemini around 7:49 AM. Curiosity and attitude adjustments are on the menu for the next couple of days. For most of the day people may be very chirpy just like our feathered friends. But don’t be surprised if you hear some squawking by the end of the day. Sometimes we can get a bit over stimulated by all that is going on around us.

Late in the evening we find our passions intensifying. We are mesmerized by our connections as the evening draws to a close. We definitely know what we want now and it empowers us in some way.

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