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Planet Flash week of 2/8/21

By Nancy Foley


Looking ahead to this week we are coming up to the midpoint of the current Mercury retrograde. At this time we are asked to open our heads and our hearts to what really matters to humanity not just a select few. The way we acknowledge or experience others in our lives reflects  back on who we feel needs our protection as well as our support; both collective and individual.   

As we come to terms with what divides us we encounter the reflection of what unites us. For in essence division and unity are two heads on the same coin. We will always ask for each in our life but learning how to get both successfully and be our best self is always the challenge.

Monday 2/8/21

I hear it’s all about state of mind as I begin to look at the energy of today. This makes a certain kind of sense for today Mercury retrograde reenters the energy of the Sun (also in Aquarius) at 8:48 AM. As I said to a client recently, it seems to me that Mercury is the wake-up call and the opening act for Jupiter’s move through Aquarius from 1/11/21-5/13/21.

 Like a good tour guide Mercury is preparing us for the journey ahead with Jupiter. In order to recognize and realize opportunities we must be open to the experience on an intellectual level. Mercury in Aquarius enjoys exploring a concept and theorizing various outcomes. Self-analysis could be a big theme for the week as we acknowledge our unique perspective on some area of life. Celebrating our differences could bring us to a place where we no longer feel alien but unique and self-accepted.

Tuesday 2/9/21

Saturn and Chiron bring some mutual support on our path to healing at 5:59 AM. This aspect reveals where we can, for a time, feel competent, effective, and self-assured. Reclaiming our right to be an individual and celebrating our own quirks allows us to see how we can make a contribution to the world at large.

Moon in Capricorn meets up with Pluto at 12:22 PM before going void of course until 8:20 PM. During this 8 hour period it is best to revisit old ambitions and goals. What have you been seeking to accomplish that still has you feeling oppressed or overwhelmed? Remember all great tasks or projects are completed one step at a time; take this time to review your checklist or reprioritize your agenda based on where you are now.

The moon shifts into Aquarius at 8:20 PM. Since the moon is now in the balsamic phase you are inclined to go back to the past (last new moon in Aquarius was 1/24/20) as you prepare for the future. We have a new moon in Aquarius in two days!

Wednesday 2/10/21

Mercury squares with Mars at 7:16 AM. At this time we are facing a challenge between our concept of the future and our incentives to maintain a certain life style. A quick change of plans might cause us to derail if we are given little or no forewarning. We tend to like to keep the momentum going with Mars in Taurus!

Moon in Aquarius will connect up with all of the Aquarius planets over the next day. First it will encounter Saturn limiting our freedom for a time. It will then square up with Uranus provoking us to break free perhaps costing us something we once valued or desired. Pay attention to what the morning events reveal because the moon is revealing the tension between what changes we are repressing and what ones we are accepting in our lives now. Social reform is a big theme this year in February, June, and November. The moon may be attuning us on an emotional level to what is ahead.

 In the evening Moon will meet up with Venus and Jupiter bringing new interests and opportunities our way. We may come to see what financial freedom could bring our way in the year ahead. We are all gypsies in the making as we seek to move beyond the restraints of last year.

Thursday 2/11/21

Venus and Jupiter join up one day after their lunar connection. At this time we are looking at our values and talents from a different context. The ability to work at home could have us considering a move or next step in the remote location experience. We could also understand the benefits of autonomy or altruism. Life style choices or changes that come from this period are seen as blessings.

At 2:06 PM we are in the energy of the New Moon in Aquarius. We will spend the next four weeks exploring the psychological impacts of change. The time has come to evolve and look toward the future. In order to do so we must surrender to the unknown and realize in so doing that we have all the tools necessary to get us where we are being drawn or led. The clairvoyant energy helps us to visualize what is ahead even if we can’t quite grasp the full meaning yet.

Now is the time to embrace synchronicities and the telepathic connections that remind us how plugged in we are to not only each other but the universe. We spend some time looking at the wizard behind the curtain! We are given the gift of foresight that we can cloud in secrecy or come out in the open and share freely with those around us.

If we have faith in the future we are more inclined to show the world who we are rather than look for praise or a platform in which to operate. Self-awareness and authenticity has us putting down the props and external validation that shored us up when weren’t feeling ourselves. In some way we are all the idea whose time has come; mavericks and pioneers in our own way and in our own right.

A theme related to social conditioning and change will be building energy from now through 2/17/21. The chaotic year of 2020 now requires a new sense of order and investment of resources. We are all looking to rebuild some part of our life while acknowledging what is still being deconstructed; right timing and appropriate resources will determine success or failure. Don’t rush judgment on what this year is all about; just keep an open mind and observe what’s happening around you.

Friday 2/12/21

Today the Moon moves into Pisces at 2:23 AM. Here we find a bit more empathy and sensitivity than we have experienced over the past few days. A favorable Moon Uranus aspect at 3:30 PM urges us to work on our social safety net using radical ideas or unexpected intuition as our tools. A sudden awareness of those people or things we once overlooked could have us now embracing their value. It’s a good time to count your blessings while blessing others who come your way; they bring unexpected gifts or validation. 

Today is also the beginning of the Lunar New Year; the year of the metal ox. This cycle ends the year of the metal Rat and the onset of the Covid virus. I do feel that you will find the virus story falling into the background as a new story begins to unfold. This may be a steady as she goes year without a lot of big announcements. Since Jupiter is moving out of Aquarius by May I expect what news comes our way will be mostly about science and technological advancements. Then with Jupiter in Pisces we may be looking at helping the downtrodden get back on their feet and embracing the teachings of redemption. We could be drawn to a Guru or Prophet as we gravitate toward universal oneness and the divine.

In times of change and uncertainty it seems that we look for rational explanations (science) and hope (mysticism). This year we will most likely work with both kinds of energy as Jupiter moves from Aquarius into Pisces and back again.

Saturday 2/13/21

Mercury and Venus join up at 2:48 AM raising our social consciousness. We may find that a kind of telepathic connection is happening with those who share our point of view. We could see our greatest love connection is now through the head rather than the heart. It’s all about the brainwaves and the ability to create our vision of the future.

Moon and Neptune join up at 3:11 PM a good time to follow your bliss or escape into your own cocoon. We are ultra-sensitive at this time and it’s good to stay clear of people who can dispirit you or pollute your auric field.

Mars and Neptune are in a harmonious aspect around 9:13 PM. With this energy it’s a good time to pursue your dreams of a rich and rewarding life. It’s also a time where you could find generous and compassionate people looking to share the wealth. Social responsibility is heightened but so is a certain kind of desire to be one with the source and pursue the spiritual path using the body as the temple.

Sunday 2/14/21

Happy Valentine Day!!! This year it should be a good one. In the early morning (2:29 AM) Moon and Pluto are in a compatible energy providing a powerful draw towards fulfilling your dreams. Than the moon is voice of course until 10:54 AM. At that time the moon has shifted into Aries encouraging us to go for it! We could be seeking a thrilling connection or a fresh start to the day.

Then Mercury and Jupiter join up around 4:40 PM bringing new possibility thinking. We could get carried away by a new friendship or thought form. We are easily excited by radical or unusual experiences or philosophies. We are open to hearing about astrology or ancient knowledge that seems relevant in this time; we are ready to tap into the Universal consciousness.

Moon in Aries joins up with Chiron at 11:36 PM. We may feel anger or frustrated if we aren’t happy with our self-image or the way we acknowledge our needs. This is a good time to find a way to challenge yourself so you can feel your own power; the fire in your belly!

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Planet Flash week of 2/1/21

By Nancy Foley


As I begin to write I am given this message by my guides. “Sometimes the hard fight on one level eventually gives way to another level. When it’s time to let someone go or something go we have to open our mind to the greatness of the Universe over the greatness of the physical form. We are always being introduced to entropy and succession as part of the cycle of life”. In a lifetime we are called upon to witness the transformation of spirit to matter, matter to personal will, personal will to spiritual will, and spiritual will into universal consciousness.  This is the process illustrated by the yearly cross quarters or the four fixed signs in astrology.

 The first law of thermodynamics states that the total amount of energy in a closed system can neither be created or destroyed though it can however be changed from one form to another. Yet so often we think that once something is gone it’s gone; that is until we gain awareness of its existence in a different energetic form. The last quarter moon is focused on just this; how to give it up to God in preparing ourselves for the future.

This week the moon takes us from self-improvement and healing (Virgo) to the need for fairness or justice (Libra) and releasing that which is no longer ours to take care of or to hold on to (Scorpio). By Friday we are more than ready to move forward on our path with a renewed sense of belief or further exploration into the meaning of life as it is now. Sunday gets us more certain of our role in life now but unclear as to how it may change in the weeks ahead; we could actually fear change on one level while embracing it on another level.

Monday 2/1/21

The early morning hours bring an anxiety laden moment as Moon and Mercury are in a pattern that challenges our daily grind through radical visions of the future. We will have to adjust to make things work. We can start by considering what is making us anxious NOW and how best to handle situations that could go in a very different direction than we once thought.

 Moon and Venus make one last aspect together at 6:10 AM before they both change signs; this makes them both void of course for some part of the day. Moon will shift into Libra some fifteen minutes later while Venus won’t be moving into Aquarius until 9:05 AM. Since Venus rules the Libra moon I suggest you hold off on doing any kind of compromising or negotiating until after this time. Otherwise you might feel like you sold yourself out instead of anticipating  changes on the horizon.

Around the same early morning period Sun and Mars will square off around 5:34 AM. A certain fight for what is tangible and real will be surpassed by what is meant to be changed or altered in some way. The inevitability of change surrounds us today and the week ahead.

I am being told by the guides it’s bringing an awareness of where science cannot save us all the time. A great example of this is the weather! Yes science can predict or track a storm but it has yet to be able to obliterate it or redirect its course. In some way today we feel the effects of a storm in our “safe harbor” with this energy pattern.

Venus will now reside (as of 9:05 AM) in Aquarius for the next four weeks. During this period it will meet up with Saturn and Uranus on Saturday and Jupiter on the 11th.  We are drawn or attracted to those people who are unique or different during this time. We see love through our intellectual or idealistic compatibility and sense of brother or sisterhood. Financially we may spend our resources on new technology or interesting gadgets at this time. In some way we may be looking to invest in our future and upgrade our interests or get free of what no longer holds our interests.

Tuesday 2/2/21

Today our social instincts and concerns may have us going in the wrong direction if we aren’t careful. The Moon in Libra is directing us toward relating to others needs while Mars in Taurus has us acting on our own self-interests. With Venus (the ruler of both signs) now in Aquarius we desire to rise above the anger or angst this situation creates.

The Moon will work well with the Sun today so for most of the morning we may experience harmony and support. Team work and group interactions are highlighted up until 3:10 PM. At that point things could get a little confusing or disappointing as expectations surpass outcomes.

Wednesday 2/3/21

The Libra moon finds a difficult situation when it comes up against Pluto at 1:15 PM. The obsession to be in charge or in control is confronted by the relationship patterns we are in now. Can we find a way to stand up for ourselves without deferring to other’s needs or compromising our position; this will be the day to find out!

The moon is making a harmonious aspect with Mercury at the same time so perhaps we can find a new concept or strategy that will allow us to circumvent the usual situation. The open minded nature of this transit could have us seeing past the old power structures that impede or delay progress.

Moon is void of course after this until 9:15 AM. The best use of this time is to re-examine the hot button issues that are affecting you. Mercury is now retrograde so some of the dialogue or decisions could be coming from past ideas or thought originated at the last new moon (1/13). Things related to our power base or performance then could be up for further negotiation or renegotiation between now and the next new moon (2/11).

The moon moves into Scorpio at 9:15 AM and then challenges both Venus and Saturn in Aquarius. During this afternoon into early evening we are tasked with determining what must be purged or transformed in order to allow us to be liberated from old secrets or manipulations. Suddenly the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, and we are exposed to our deeper needs and desires. We thought we could just suppress them but with the current jolt of lightening, via Mars in Taurus and Sun in Aquarius, the shock factor is just too much. The Tower card is the theme of this period as the band aid is ripped off exposing the wound (our wound) to the light.

Thursday 2/4/21

Any tension or volatility that started to build yesterday comes to the surface today. Moon and Mars oppose each other prior to the last quarter moon at 12:37 PM. During this period we are looking at what we must sacrifice in order to find common ground and open our minds to a new vision of the future. Self-actualization comes from understanding our own deeper passions and motivating forces which keep us striving to hold on long after others would let go. We will have a hard time releasing until we see there is something new ahead and the best way to find this is through the transcendental connection.

Once we can connect to the Universe we no longer feel alienated or outcast; we have arrived. This brings to mind the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. There are several different scenes in that movie that highlight the Universal connection or telepathic mind. We, at a certain vibration, are all linked in and able to send and receive each other thoughts.

This is the period of Future Shock written about by Alvin Toffler back in the 70’s. Technology is advancing rapidly and the world of tomorrow is overtaking the world of today. Everything is instantaneous and the learning curve is marginal at best. We are pressed into using new technologies without even knowing how they will impact our lives and left to worry if we have left ourselves exposed to some kind of undiscovered threat. Who we let in our lives and who we chose to leave out comes as a reaction to so much coming at us at once.    

I don’t know about you but I am finding this period where Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius as very fast passed and a bit chaotic at times. We are being shifted into a place that doesn’t synch with the ways things once were. Trying to hold on to the status quo isn’t an option but acknowledging our sense of personal vulnerability is. We are coming to a place where mental breakdowns are happening as quickly as mental breakthroughs.

This last quarter moon today will bring a period of reorientation based upon the manipulating or confusing directions life is currently taking. We are beginning to see where the money, power, and politics of life have kept us held down for too long. In order to be psychological free and no longer oppressed by the values that we once held we are now called upon to reinvent ourselves throughout the coming year. How do we do this? For now it’s by paying attention to the Mercury retrograde in Aquarius (1/30-2/20) and opening your mind to achieve a certain sense of connection through the third eye (or second sight). The information is swirling around you now just waiting for you take it all in.

Friday 2/5/21

Moon in Scorpio brings a cooperative energy from Pluto today around 1:20 AM and then goes void of course until 12:16 PM. During this period it’s a good time to dig deep into life’s mysteries and use your intuition for guidance. It may seem like everyone is resisting the urge to express themselves and still waters run deep. So you may get great insights but it will be hard to get feedback from others right now; trust what you are getting anyway.

The Moon moves into inspirational and far reaching Sagittarius at 12:16 PM. This may be the time to seek higher ground and release old outworn beliefs in preparation for the next new moon. Perhaps in this way the teacher even becomes the student once again.

Saturday 2/6/21

Venus is the predominant energy today. First it meets up with Saturn at 2:07 AM. This is the time where we focus on our changing desires and future attractions. We may find that we are ready to cut and run if things aren’t going as we wish but hopefully we take a deep breath and step back before doing so.

Venus squares Uranus around 10:33 PM. This is a cathartic moment in our social or financial interests. We may find we are anxious and edgy around our tribe doing things that normally we wouldn’t do or want to do. We crave excitement more than caring or compassion. We can be abrupt, distant, or just a little crazy in our desire nature as we seek to liberate ourselves from the rut we have gotten ourselves into. A female could bring some exciting moments tonight or into tomorrow acting as the harbinger of change.    

Sunday 2/7/21

Moon and Mercury are in a compatible mood around 1:66 AM before the moon goes void of course. Once the moon moves into Capricorn at 3:52 PM it will be heading towards the dark of the moon from 2/9-2/11. This will be the time to take stock of your life and re-establish your goals based on highest priority in anticipation of the Aquarius New Moon (2/11) at 2:05 PM.

For the early part of the day it’s a good time to get your message out and see where you can generate some excitement or enthusiasm for possible new launches timed for the next new moon.   I hear “pathway to progress” and promotional or educational speculation or research could be part of today’s focus. Don’t worry if you get a little overzealous or carried away because the Capricorn moon will help calm things down. For now it’s more about the possibility; what can be carried forward into the next cycle ahead and what’s no longer plausible at that time.

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Planet Flash week of 1/25/21

By Nancy Foley


This week we are at the half way mark for the first New Moon in January (1/13/21). Where last week brought challenges this week may bring new or unexpected feelings about our self-confidence, trust, and will power. We are weighing in on what this “future world” is all about for us personally. Is technology or unexpected change your friend or foe; only time and the experiences of this week will tell.

Monday 1/25/21

We start the week with the curious Gemini moon conversing with Mercury in Aquarius early this morning (2:17 AM). Expect some new ideas to pop up in your dreams or early waking hours. Then the moon confronts Pluto at 4:12 AM before going void of course until 1:52 PM. This period is a good time to reflect on what messages cut to the root of the situation. Perhaps we now see where we need to buckle down and finish what we started earlier in the month. Don’t let excuses or distractions take over as you feel your power being overshadowed by deeper thoughts or darker forces for a time.

Sun and Chiron are helping us to build strength as they cooperate with each other around 5:29 AM. Perhaps there is a new or different way for us to heal the wound that keeps us from getting our needs met. The rebellious nature we have recently been witnessing in the world at large could now come back as a quest for authenticity rather than acting out or platform for tribal behavior.

Moon shifts into Cancer at 1:52 PM shifting the mood around us and heightening our sympathetic or patriotic urges. We want to protect those we care about and yet with the Sun in Aquarius the closer we get to them the more distant they might become. No one wants a smother mother this week.

Tuesday 1/26/21

So as I began to write this I heard lines from the Rolling Stones song entitled Get Off My Cloud. “Hey you get off of my cloud; don’t hang around cause two’s a crowd on my cloud”. Sometimes the best thing we can do today is give each other some space.

Last Wednesday Mars triggered Uranus and today we have the Sun doing the same thing. Perhaps clarity comes through this exchange of energy between air (technology) and earth (material resources) or some dirt begins to get stirred up that stands in the way of progress. One thing to consider from today’s experience is the current revival and consequences of technocracy.

We are coming to a place in our society where expertise only gets you so far if you don’t have the right platform or connection. I imagine it’s like my router that provides so much bandwidth and connection as long as it is working correctly. Once it’s broken or disabled I have nothing to work with and no quick answer on how to make it work again; only the expert knows and he or she may be very hard to find. Those who hold the knowledge (technocrats) are the key to our future and if we can’t gain access to that knowledge we are left out in the cold prevented from fully integrating or connecting to the process that carries us forward. We saw this with Twitter or Facebook bans but also with selective news and reporting. Most people aren’t stupid but rather left with a shadow of doubt or misinformed. While Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn are all in Aquarius for the next month let’s focus on what the Universe can tell or show us over the small minded one directional rhetoric. We have instant access to Universal knowledge at this time and can transcend the usual middle man we call upon.

Wednesday 1/27/21

The moon in Cancer highlights our sense of familiarity and emotional needs in our various relationships today. The most challenging energy comes in the early afternoon when Moon opposes Pluto taking us on an emotional roller coaster ride for a couple of hours. Then Moon and Mercury create some concerns for our future based on fear of what we don’t yet know or haven’t really been able to see until know. Perhaps we are ready to consider what’s relevant for our own family or mankind based not on our past but with an eye towards moving past the status quo or comfortable rut we cling to out of need or habit.

The moon moves into Leo around 9:54 PM bringing some fire back into our life. We need to express our creative energy over the next several days and have some fun.

Thursday 1/28/21

In order to feel happy during a period of isolation we may need to focus on our inner world over the outer world today. This morning rather than feeling cut off from the world we can feel encouraged to do things that make us feel alive and heart centered.  

Being focused on what makes life great we can begin to re-assert ourselves into those corners of life that we previously disconnected from or temporarily abandoned. Get out your purple crayon like Harold and draw in what you need to get reconnected to your own best day. Avoid dramatic flare-ups or outbursts by honoring yourself rather than demanding attention from others.

Venus and Pluto join up around 11:18 highlighting resources in relationships. We may experience an obsession around security and authority at this time. I hear the “bill has come due” but it might also be possible the debt has been paid. We are empowered by what we hold dear to us and feel very jealous or disturbed if someone threatens to take it away by force or manipulation. Some kind of cost accounting is apt to be part of what we are wrestling with around midmorning as relationships in the business world feel the pressure to measure up to a certain standard.

The full moon in Leo takes place at 2:16 PM and within a half hour the Moon opposes Jupiter as well as the Sun. We are looking for underlying conditions that have caused us to be too wrapped up in our ego and not connected enough to the outside world. Our true happiness now comes from acknowledging the needs of those we love along with ourselves. Changes that came up in August of last year now are reworked or reconciled with our sense of will and pride.  Did we learn to trust ourselves when it came to dealing with others or did we deny their love or help out of false sense of pride? Now is time to redefine ourselves based upon what others ask of us and how our ego handles the challenge. How much we trust others is going to be based on how much we trust ourselves. Jupiter in Aquarius will reinforce the theme of brotherhood and equality.

The Sun and Jupiter join up at 8:40 PM. I keep thinking about those concepts and beliefs of universal harmony; we see it come to life at times of crisis in the world. Now could be one of those times where we are given the message regarding universality through the news of the day. In looking up the definition one particular line caught my eye, it was “the quality of being true in or appropriate for all situations”. This isn’t about political correctness; it’s about the golden rules!!!

Friday 1/29/21

Today the moon is very active and creating certain turf wars or shoving matches as we try to dominate what is around us. We crave excitement and attention to the point that we might just demand the spotlight and take center stage. We backslide a bit from we are the world to I am the world at moments throughout the day.

This is the last day before Mercury goes retrograde, pay close attention to what messages are coming through. The links that keep us connected may break down or need upgrades. Back up your computers, check your electrical appliances, and pay attention to what is or isn’t in circulating well right now. Circuits could break, things could fry, and too much energy could leave you frazzled if you can’t step back to process what’s happening. Don’t over react; it’s easy to do now. Wait to see what comes from any unexpected or chaotic moments you experience over the next several days.

Moon is in a challenging aspect with Venus at 9:39 PM before going void of course. This is the time you discover how much you need to trust the Universe and feel that love is yours. The more you encourage others and support their efforts the more you will find the kind of generosity Leo can bestow upon all.  

Saturday 1/30/21

Moon moves to Virgo at 3:02 AM. It may bring a certain static energy into your life over the next several days. Changes that are happening around you may leave you questioning what you can do to improve your life or keep ahead of the confusion. The pace may feel just a bit too quick now for you to feel comfortable in your work or routines. The learning curve is almost nonexistent at this time and you must learn as you go over the next several days.

 Of course with this you might acknowledge your own inner MacGyver and ability to think on your feet. Turns out you are a lot more adaptable and inventive than you gave yourself credit for!!!! While Mercury is retrograde it takes us back from 26 Aquarius through 11 Aquarius. The theme for this journey is if we are properly anchored during crisis we can see opportunity over chaos. Those who are walking their path may need to reach out to their fellow man to lend them a helping hand; we are all in this together.

Mercury is officially retrograde at 10:52 AM. We will be reinventing ourselves through our work or ideals over the next 3 three weeks. Any ideas whose time has come may swirl around us just waiting for us to tune in and acknowledge their relevance as we pluck them out of thin air. Thoughts around the future may be criticized and analyzed for workability throughout the day.   

By day’s end we may come to see where profit and profitability come from fine tuning our talents and skills. The upgrade we seek comes from seeing what is prudent and purposeful; the simple things in life are valued more than ever tonight.

  Sunday 1/31/21

The moon in Virgo takes us from disappointments in our relationships to a new sense of purpose all within the next 24 hours. We are seeing where our insecurities and anxieties are a force field that can oppose our own progress. Mental health and a healthy outlook on life are part of today’s wellness message.

The key to handling today’s energy is to try things out. Test your theories and see what can be improved upon and what just is deadwood standing in your way. Not everything is meant to go the distance somethings are just temporary solutions; often failure is the first step to success. We aren’t here to be perfect rather it’s to seek to perfect that which we can and allow the rest to be what it is.  

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