$ 125.00 USD

If you are interested in discovering the point of intersection between tarot, astrology, and numerology contact me. I am offering a three session course on this very subject for $125. These private sessions will be arranged around your schedule.

Projects with Tom/ The Wood Whisperer

$ 50.00 USD

If you are seeking a woodworking guru or mentor Tom is here to assist you in your project. This hourly rate gives you access to his vast knowledge and expertise as a cabinetmaker and fine furniture craftsman for the 40 years. He has a lot to teach you and some great tips for how to get the wood to whisper to you.

Astro-Tarot 6 week intensive

$ 360.00 USD

This series of hour classes is designed for the tarot student who wants to expand their knowledge of astrology. We will use tarot as the platform for introducing and working with astrology. These private sessions will be designed for your schedule and based on your favorite tarot deck. Please text or call Nancy if you have questions 781-447-3993,

Private Tarot Class Series

$ 125.00 USD

You will be receiving three one hour weekly sessions that take you through the tarot step by step. Each session will offer insight, guidance and homework to work on before the next class. This is an excellent time tested program for learning Tarot.Classes forming weekly contact me for dates and times.

Private Astrology Tutoring

$ 75.00 USD

These one hour sessions give you the opportunity to learn astrology in your own pace and your own way. I will act as your mentor and guide as we assemble the basic astrology building blocks to create a solid knowledge of astrology.


Woodworking Zen 2hr.

$ 85.00 USD

Woodworking Zen

There is a certain meditative quality to working with your hands and wood. For years, my clients have said they wish they could do what I do as they watched me go through some of the steps to craft their ideas into a solid result. There is a woodworker spirit in all of us just waiting to be asked to come out and connect with wood again.

While I can’t turn you into an instant woodworker I can guide your woodworker spirit to join us in crafting an idea into material form through a working meditation. The transformative part of this experience is yours as you take hand to wood and wood to soul.  I will guide you through a simple project that you can take along with you at the end of our time together.  Both wood and spirit will be transformed.

One hour session is $60

Two hour session is $85.




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 How the planets can affect us in subtle and not so subtle ways:

Where your moon is strong, Cancer rising, Cancer sun, Cancer moon you will experience changing moods every 2.5 days and have new emotional themes every 2.5 years.
Where your sun is strong, Leo rising, Leo moon or sun you will experience shifts every month and every 30 years.
Where Mercury is strong, Virgo or Gemini rising, sun or moon you will experience shifts every 4 months when Mercury retrogrades.
Where Venus is strong, Taurus or Libra rising, sun, or moon expect major shifts in your life during Venus retrogrades. These occur approx. every 18 months.
Where Mars is strong, Aries or Scorpio rising, sun, or moon expect major shifts in your life during Mars retrogrades and when Mars changes signs. Mars retrogrades every 2 years so you might want to consider where things only seem to last about 2yrs. in your life.
Jupiter rules Sagittarius and co-rules Pisces so here look for 12 year cycles and 4 year shifts.
Saturn rules Capricorn and co-rules Aquarius...this is the seven frustration pattern. Saturn changes signs every 2.5 years. In fact it's changing signs this fall!
Uranus rules Aquarius. Where Aquarius resides in your chart is the place of change/chaos/reinvention. The seven year itch comes from Uranus!
Neptune rules Pisces. Neptune tends to dissolve what it touches so look for subtle awareness, greater connection as barriers dissolve, and a loss of security. This is a fourteen year cycle.
Pluto rules Scorpio. It tends to eliminate what is no longer productive. Pluto tunes us into our greater mysteries and places of deeper transformation. Pluto is most prominent in our lives at 38-40 and beyond.