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Events for 2014 

Blessings to all on Passover and Easter!

Lunar Eclipse @3:43 am 4/15/14

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Acushnet Senior Center

59 1/2 South Main St.

Acushnet, MA 


April 17, 2014
Navigating Through Your Stars
7-9 pm
- practitioner Nancy Foley 

Each part of our energetic composition is represented by a planet pairing. Knowing where our Sun is located by house and sign we come to see our self-esteem and ego strength; how and where we shine. The Moon represents our insecurities and comfort zones. Mercury is the way we translate our identity and needs. Venus is our personal preferences in relationship to people and things.  Mars is how we compete or pursue our desires.

With just these five planets we define our core being and our personal interests. We can stand back observe our self through the archetypal energies and come to know why we do what we do. Then we can take this information to another level by seeing how others in our lives represent these energies as well. The Father or Husband is our Sun, the Moon is our Mother, Mercury our associates or coworkers, Venus our sister or female friends, Mars the brother or male energy around us.

Each planet will be discussed in a two hour workshop presented by Nancy Foley from 7-9 PM at JLJ Healing & Wellness Center! The first workshop is coming on April 17, 2014. Sign up now so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more on this very important topic, YOU.  A natal chart will be presented to you on the day of the workshop. Please provide your birthdate, time of birth and location when you register so your chart can be ready for you on the night of the workshop!

To register click here http://www.jljhealing.com

Turning 50 during any of these dates: 2/8/11-4/17/18, you have Chiron in Pisces.

Chiron returns are monumental moments in our lives. If you would like to know more about this contact me.
  I would happily host a workshop on the subject at my location or yours.
 Want to know more about where the triggers are in your life currently?  
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